No. 2 matters in historic first for New Jersey government by ProQuest


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No. 2 matters in historic first for New Jersey government
“WHO AM I? Why am I here?”                  Association, over the last quarter cen-                                                                                                 ronment, infrastructure, education,
                                                                                                                   Corner             Office
      Those unforgettable words by          tury, 28 lieutenant governors have                                                                                                      health care system, etc.? Will they be
vice Adm. James B. Stockdale in             succeeded to the highest office in                Have a hard-hitting stance on a New Jersey business issue? If you are a               independent voices for all New Jersey
1992 at the vice presidential debate        their states. Odds are that New Jersey           business or policy leader with a strong opinion, we want to hear from you.             citizens, or constrained by the party
spurred many a chuckle and left             could continue the pattern: the Gar-                        Please send op-ed proposals to                         line to repeat the gubernatorial can-
an inaccurate impression. In fact,          den State has had seven governors                                                                                                       didates’ positions? Simply put, will
they were intended to highlight the         in Trenton in the last 10 years, not           responsibilities and roles; the posi-        Or, is this much ado about nothing?         they be mavericks or messengers?
importance of the second-highest            counting the hours or days that vari-          tion will have no fiscal impact and                you decide.                                 We may gain a few insights Oct.
office in the land, as well as the back-    ous attorneys general, transportation          there are very few qualifications for              What experiences are most             8, when the three major-party candi-
ground of an accomplished person            commissioners or other state officials         the office. Shouldn’t the people of          important for this new position? Can        dates for lieutenant governor debate
few knew despite being selected to          served in the acting capacity.                 New Jersey weigh in?                         talents and experiences be trans-           in a town hall-style format that will
run for vice president.                           In 2005, New Jersey voters                     In this $30 billion-plus corpora-      lated into actions and results?             be covered on the television, radio,
      Here in New Jersey, we eager-         approved a change to our state                 tion called the State of New Jersey,                                                     newspapers and Internet. We antici-
ly await our “Stockdale” moment             constitution to replace the revolv-            taxpayers are the stockholders who                                                       pate a spirited discussion. More
when, in January, we                                     ing door of governance            entrust our leaders with our future.         In this $30 billion-plus cor-               importantly, we hope for revealing
inaugurate our first                                     with the elected position         We have a right, as well as a respon-         poration called the State                  moments that will help voters decide
lieutenant governor.                                     of lieutenant governor.           sibility, to know more about our lead-                                                   the direction of our state.
                                                                                                                                          of New Jersey, taxpayers
No matter whom he or                                     Many thought we should            ers, as well as where they will take us.                                                       Before pulling the lever on Elec-
she may be, we’re in for                                 provide an opportunity                  Will our lieutenant governor be         are the stockholders who                   tion Day, think about these two ques-
a change. But are we                                     for up-and-coming lead-           an active member of the cabinet, or            entrust our leaders with                  tions, and apply them to yourself:
prepared?                                                ers to build experience,          a caretaker who attends funerals and            our future. We have a                    Who are you, and why are you here?
      Who are Frank                                      as well as visibility in a        waits for “the call”? Will the position                                                  your choice for governor and lieuten-
                                                                                                                                         right, as well as a respon-
Esposito, Kim Gua-                                       statewide elected office.         vary by inhabitant, or remain a con-                                                     ant governor is a reflection on what
dagno and Loretta                                             To date, though,             stant source of direction over the next         sibility, to know more                   you hold most important. And, it’s a
Weinberg? Why are                                        there is very little legisla-     few decades? Are there critical chal-         about our leaders, as well                 prescription for the future. Remem-
they there? Isn’t it               Tom Dallessio         tive or regulatory guid-          lenges the lieutenant governor should        as where they will take us.                 ber, you’re voting for two people.
enough that the candi-                                   ance for the soon-to-be           tackle, or should those be left to the                                                   And, in this case, No. 2 matters. u
dates picked them? After all, they’re       successor to the governor. Although            governor to decide? Is there a way                                                       -----------------------------------------
running as a team, and you only get         the governor and legislature saw               to reinvent government to create effi-             And, perhaps most appropri-           Tom Dallessio is executive director of
one vote for both positions.                fit to determine when the candi-               ciencies and save tax dollars, or will       ate for NJBIZ readers, what are these       Trenton-based Leadership New Jersey,
     Why does it matter? According          dates should debate, they have yet             the newly created bureaucracy add to         candidates saying about challenges          which is hosting the state’s first lieuten-
to the National lieutenant Governors        to describe the lieutenant governor’s          existing fiscal and regulatory burdens.      and solutions to our economy, envi-         ant governor debate.

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