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Differing opinions                              The physician survey also indicates               provinces still fall below those paid by
                                             that outside of a belief that far more               Canadian physicians midway through

         anadian physicians and the          must be invested in bolstering the                   the past decade, Executive Director Dr.
         general public don’t quite see      capacity of the health care system                   John Gray repeatedly stressed as CMPA
         eye-to-eye on whether doctors       (85%), there appears to be relative                  released its annual report.
should be evaluated — and the results        polarization within the medical com-                    Delegates were also informed that
made public — or on whether patient          munity as to the merits of many of the               the economic recession carved a sizable
satisfaction should be a measure of          specifics contained within the transfor-             chunk out of CMPA’s investment port-
hospital performance.                        mation blueprint.                                    folio, reducing its general reserves to
    These disparities are but two of the        Only 51% of doctors thought                       $201 million at the end of 2008, as
areas where physician and public opin-       “moving toward patient-focused care”                 compared with healthier bottom lines
ion differed significantly with respect      was a step in the right direction, while             of $930 million in 2006 and $859 mil-
to the Canadian Medical Association’s        48% approved of “accountability and                  lion in 2007.
proposed initiative to “transform” the       evaluation,” 51% endorsed “partial                      In 2008, the value of CMPA’s
national health care system, according       activity based funding for hospitals,”               investments dropped to $2.457 billion
to surveys conducted by IPSOS-Reid.          and 51% supported “protecting health                 from $2.631 billion in 2007, while out-
    But the comparative surveys of           care funding — arms length insur-                    standing claims liabilities rose to
2268 Canadian physicians and 1201            ance.” A scant 34% endorsed the                      $2.152 billion from $1.986 billion,
members of the general public do indi-       notion of more “competition and                      reported Stephen Campbell, director of
cate that both groups see the transfor-      incentives for quality care.”                        finance and investments.
mation initiative in a positive light           While there was general support for                  The CMPA’s annual report indi-
because it offers “something for             the transformation measures, the results             cates that of 884 legal actions com-
everyone.”                                   also indicated that they “will be met                menced in 2008, 88 went to trial but
    The two groups also generally agree      with resistance by Canadians because                 only 13 of those saw an outcome
that independent reviews of hospital         of fear of privatization, (and) by physi-            favouring a plaintiff. Some 341 actions
performance should be conducted (70%         cians because of fear of evaluation.”                were settled, while 574 were dis-
of physicians and 73% of th
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