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                                                                                OCTOBER 2009        Renal & Urology News 31

       Sling Eases Male SUI Following Surgery
      Retrourethral transobturator sling associated with a treatment success rate of 77.1% at one year
       THE RETROURETHRAL transob-                for the retrourethral transobturator   thra,” the authors noted. “The retro-    lowing adequate function of the
       turator sling is an effective, safe,      sling with a three-month follow-up.    urethral transobturator sling offers a   sphincter, they explained.
       and minimally-invasive option for           “All currently marketed slings for   noncompressive functional therapeu-        “The data illustrate that the retro-
       treating male stress urinary inconti-     the minimally invasive treatment of    tic approach.” This sling exerts its     urethral transobturator sling achieves
       nence (SUI) after radical prostatec-      male SUI that are implanted in the     function on the posterior (membra-       similar results to devices that achieve
       tomy (RP), German researchers             region of the anterior (bulbar) ure-   nous) urethra by fixing it into the      continence mainly by compression of
       have concluded.                           thra induce compression of the ure-    “normal” anatomic position, thus al-     the urethra,” the authors wrote. n
         Ricarda M. Bauer, MD, and col-
       leagues at the Ludwig-Maximilian-
       University in Munich, studied the use
       of the sling (the AdVance sling) in 124
       patients with mild to severe SUI after
       RP. The mean interval between RP
       and sling implantation was 44 months.
         The AdVance slin
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