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									New Titles for the      The Accidental Library Marketer
                        By Kathy Dempsey
                                                                                                         Library Mashups: Exploring
                                                                                                         New Ways to Deliver Library Data
                        Foreword by Judith Gibbons                                                      Edited by Nicole C. Engard
                        The Accidental Library Marketer fills a need for                                Foreword by Jenny Levine
                        library professionals and paraprofessionals who                                 As web users become more savvy and demanding,
                        find themselves in an awkward position: They                                    libraries are looking for new ways to allow patron
                        need to promote their libraries and services in the                             participation and keep their websites dynamic-
                        age of the Internet, but they’ve never been taught                              ally and collaboratively up-to-date. Mashups—web
                        how to do it effectively. This results-oriented A-to-                           applications that combine freely available data from
                        Z guide by Kathy Dempsey—long-time editor of                                    various sources to create something new—offer a
                        the Marketing Library Services newsletter—                                      very powerful way to meet patrons’ expectations
                        reveals the missing link between the everyday                                   and provide exemplary web-based service.
promotion librarians actually do and the “real marketing” that’s guar-             In Library Mashups, Nicole C. Engard and 25 contributors from all over
anteed to assure funding, excite users, and build stronger community            the world walk readers through definitions, summaries, and practical uses
relationships. Combining real-life examples, expert advice, and check-          of mashups in libraries. Examples range from ways to allow those without
lists in a reader-friendly style, this is the complete how-to resource for      programming skills to make simple website updates, to modifying the
successful library marketing and promotion.                                     library OPAC, to using popular sites like Flickr, Yahoo!, LibraryThing,
2009, 304 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-1-57387-368-0, $29.50                         Google Maps, and Delicious to share and combine digital content.
                                                                                   This essential guide is required reading for all libraries and librarians
                                                                                seeking a dynamic, interactive web presence.
                        Library Partnerships:                                   2009, 352 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-1-57387-372-7, $39.50
                        Making Connections Between
                        School and Public Libraries
                        By Tasha Squires                                                                 Virtual Worlds, Real Libraries:
                        Foreword by Gail Bush                                                            Librarians and Educators
                        Connecting to share ideas, resources, and programs                               in Second Life and Other
                        offers school and public libraries an exciting means                             Multi-User Virtual Environments
                        of achieving their own goals as well as those of the                              Edited by Lori Bell and Rhonda B. Trueman
                        community at large. In this timely guide, young                                   Foreword by Stephen Abram
                        adult library consultant Tasha Squires delves into                                This fascinating book is designed to help librarians
                        the many possible avenues fo
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