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       Par for the Course
       and Pavement
       Ecco Golf ’s new Street collection
       aims for crossover appeal.
        THE STREET COLLECTION for Spring ’10 by Ecco Golf brings
        crossover performance and fashion versatility to a whole new level.
        Taking its cue from the latest fashion trends, the men’s and women’s
        collections feature a classic vulcanized athletic silhouette backed
        with course-ready performance golf features.
           “You can wear this shoe all day at work and then go straight to play
        18 holes of golf,” says C.B. Tuite, general sales manager of Ecco Golf
                                                                                    Booting Up
        in Londonderry, NH. “It’s a fun fashion statement even if the wearer
        never steps foot on a golf course, but also fully functional from a golf-
                                                                                    Concave soccer cleats boost kicking
        ing standpoint.” Performance features include a TPU outsole with            power by up to 15 percent.
        pre-molded, durable traction bars that provide enhanced grip on
        the course; a low-profile, direct-injected PU midsole for lightweight        HISTORICALLY, SOCCER CLEAT technologies have focused on
        comfort; and full-grain leather uppers.                                     the outsole and midsole areas for improved traction and comfort. But
           Tuite notes that the Street collection has crossover sales potential     the newly launched Concave brand takes a top-minded approach with
        with both comfort and golf specialty dealers. “It’s a great incremental     the debut of its patented Concave Component this fall. The concept: an
        sales opportunity for a golf specialty dealer to be able to sell some       expanded “sweet spot” in the vamp that conforms to the convex shape
        fashion product. Similarly, it presents an opportunity for a comfort        of the ball, which according to accredited university studies increases
        dealer to get in on some golf sales,” he says, adding that the reaction     control by up to 30 percent and adds 15 percent more power.
        from retailers to date has been strong. “This is a versatile, crossover        Dave Frederick, U.S. sales manager for the Toronto-based company,
        hybrid product that is also very travel-friendly,” he notes. “It meets      likens the shoe’s expanded sweet spot to what Prince did for tennis
        a lot of needs and delivers on all of Ecco’s comfort and performance        rackets. “By increasing the sweet spot on top of the shoe, it improves
        platforms.”                                                                 accuracy, power and distanc
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