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       Producing Change                                                                                                                    OUTDOOR
       Side Project taps a range of
       sources for affordable eco-fashion.
                                                      ROWE SAMIEIAN CITES
                                                      climate change he’s ob-
                                                      served firsthand and the
                                                      importance of humans act-
                                                      ing now to stave off further
                                                      environmental damage as
                                                      two reasons he is concen-
                                                      trating on eco-friendly fash-
                                                      ion with his new footwear
                                                      brand, Side Project. “I think
                                                      people look at environmen-
       tal correctness only when it’s convenient for them, and it shouldn’t be like
                                                                                      Organic Movement
       that,” says the Los Angeles-based designer. “I really do believe that we’ve
       abused the system and are paying for it now.”
                                                                                      Spring Court purifies its sneakers.
          With his previous footwear brand, Ryan Rowe, put on the backburn-
       er due to his partner’s decision to take a break from the business, Sa-        LONG-LIVED FRENCH SNEAKER brand Spring Court is putting
       mieian wasted no time on moving forward with his pet project, which            a new spin on its original vulcanized tennis sneaker, which dates back
       he initiated in March and is already marketing in preparation for a            to 1936, by turning its already eco-friendly line as close to fully organic
       Spring ’10 launch. “As an individual, there is only so much I can do,”         as possible. “We feel it’s important to expose the original organic attri-
       he remarks in regards to fighting the eco battle. But as a brand—not to         butes of the shoe,” says Benjamin Vergnion, partner and chief creative
       mention one accessible to a large number of consumers due to its af-           at New York-based House of Brands, which holds the Spring Court
       fordable price range—the green message resonates further.                      license for the Western hemisphere.
          The first Side Project collection covers both men and women, and                The originals—a go-to favorite of John Lennon—have been manu-
       Samieian is straight up when describing the greenness of each style.           factured the same way since the line was born, Vergnion says, noting
       “I’m finding it easier to do men’s in an eco-friendly manner than wom-          that the natural hevea rubber soles, pure Egyptian cotton and authen-
       en’s,” he reports. The guys’ selection—a tight offering of clean, sophis-      tic vulcanization 
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