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                Decon lotion offers protection against                           Making immobilization
                chemical agents                                                  easy
                RSDecon, a business of Bracco Diagnostics, Inc., offers          Trauma Technologies, Inc. makes
                a proven, safe, fast-acting and easy-to-use form of              immobilization easy. Offering three
                protection against all known chemical warfare (CW)               different backboards, a variety of
                agents with its RSDL product, a broad-spectrum liquid CW         patient safety straps, head immobilizers
                agent decontaminant that removes and neutralizes CW              and our very own PRO-TECH Gel
                agents and T2 toxin from skin within two minutes. Unlike         Pads, we have what it takes to make
                water- or powder-based technologies, which can smear or          your life easier in rescue situations.
                spread the CW agent, RSDL decontaminates or removes the          Trauma’s products have been developed
                contaminant from the skin. For more, visit www.RSDecon.          with patient comfort, as well as first
                com, or call 888/773-3266.                                       responders’ needs in mind, from the
           Circle 53 on Reader Service Card                                      raised handles of the backboards to
                                                                                 the placement of the gel pads along the
           CELOX Trauma Gauze stops blood loss and                               patients’ body. Each of our boards cater to pediatric, as well as
           protects burns                                                        adult patients, and range in weight capacity from 450–1000 lbs.
           SAM Medical Products has launched CELOX Trauma Gauze, a               Visit us at www.traumatechinc.com, or call 814/774-8219.
                    new dual-purpose hemostatic gauze used to control            Circle 57 on Reader Service Card
                    traumatic bleeding and cool and protect first- and
                    second-degree burns. Unlike some hemostatic gauze            Fast healing with BURNSTAT
                    products on the market, CELOX Trauma Gauze is not            BURNSTAT from Medex Americas, LLC, was developed for use
                    impregnated or coated with a hemostatic agent; 100%          in EMS, disaster management,
                    of the chitosan-derived gauze material is used in the        urban conflict, combat and
                    treatment of the wound, not just as a delivery system        terrorism response. BURNSTAT
                    for the hemostatic agent. The new product uses a             immediately draws dirt, toxins and
                    proprietary manufacturing process to create a soft,          chemical residue, stabilizes PH and
                    compliant and hemostatic gauze that is similar to the        maintains a moist environment for
           look and feel of standard cotton gauze. For more, visit www.          fast, scar-free healing. BURNSTAT
           sammedical.com, or call 800/818-4726.                                 rapidly reduces swelling, reversing
           Circle 54 on Reader Service Card                                      burn progression and avoiding hard
                                                                                 eschar formation. Call 832/533-
           Public Access Resuscitator eliminates CPR                             2892, or visit www.medexamericas.com.
           concerns                                                              Circle 58 on Reader Service Card
           During cardiac arrest, rescuers may be unwilling to perform CPR
                   because of panic, fear of doing harm, or fear of cross-       Women’s TDU pant
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