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									              By: J. Harold “Jim” Logan, BPS, EMT-P/IC

             unique educational
           A unique educationall
                 i     i Tennessee—
           experience in T
           complete with cadavers—
           brought all the domains of
           learning together
           Larry Coleman was my high school
           history teacher. Back then I wasn’t
           easily impressed or inspired when
           it came to education. But Mr.
           Coleman taught differently than
           what I’d been exposed to before.

                                                cadaver lab

  Keep in mind, this was before           the Vidacare Corp. and Precision
PowerPoint, SMART Board and               Surgical, the local distributor of
videoconferenced guest lectures from      Vidacare’s EZ-IO intraosseous
subject matter experts. Mr. Coleman       infusion system, TEMSEA was
had a chalkboard, handouts and a          able to take conference partici-
textbook. History and government          pants into the classroom of the
can be boring subjects, especially for    future.
a group of 17-year-olds. Mr. Coleman        Now, cadaver labs and autop-
realized this, and instead of sitting     sies are nothing new as teaching
behind his desk or standing at the        tools in medicine. However, in
chalkboard with a pointer, he engaged     EMS, opportunities to participate
his students—he performed. Think          in such events don’t come around
historical recreations—standing on        very often. Even when they do,
the desk, reciting a famous oration       they’re frequently “look but don’t
by Kennedy or Lincoln, bringing tired     touch” types of situations, held
textbooks to life with engaging tactics   in conjunction with conferences
that gave his students glimpses into      at major universities or off-site
historical events and made the            hospitals. Attendance is usually
contents of the text veritably jump       limited by a small number of
off the page. Thank you, Mr. Coleman.     available seats. TEMSEA leaders
  EMS providers can be similarly          realized this and wondered
difficult students to reach. They are      how they could take this type
some of the hardest people in the         of instructional tool to the next
world to impress and inspire. Most of     level.
that is because they’ve seen so many        They assembled a team and
things most folks haven’t. As well,       began planning. Within a few
many EMSers are “Type A” person-          months, TEMSEA educators found
alities: intense, competitive and         themselves at the University of
impatient. In their off time, they’re     Texas Health Science Center in
often involved in activities most folks   San Antonio. There, under the
wouldn’t want to be a part of.            guidance of EMS educator Scotty
  And EMS educators are worse.            Bolleter, the idea of a procedural
They’ve been there, done that, and        anatomy lab came to fruition, and
now are teaching it. As they mold         we began the process of creating
young minds, educators may fall into      an experience that would impress
a rut, using the same old methods
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