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Rural Apparatus
4 Guys                                                                                                     Unruh Fire
The Garland, PA, Fire Department                                                                           Marco-Mertz by Unruh Fire has
took delivery of its fourth 4 Guys                                                                         introduced its newest high-pressure
fire apparatus. The new square                                                                             low-volume skid. This unit runs a
tanker is built on an Interna-                                                                             5.5-hp Honda motor and a nine-
tional 7600 chassis and powered                                                                            gpm pump that puts out 580 psi.
by a 470-hp Caterpillar C-13 diesel                                                                        The skid has a 50-gallon tank and
engine. The truck is equipped with                                                                         a Hannay reel that holds 125 feet of
a 1,500-gpm Waterous pump and a                                                                            half-inch hose.
2,500-gallon poly tank. The truck’s                                                                        Indicate 205 on the Reader Service
water can be dumped from the                                                                               Card.
rear or either side through electric-            Midwest Fire                                      

actuated 10-inch square dumps. Ladders and       Midwest Fire has delivered two of its
suction hoses are carried on the driver’s side   2009 PT2 2000 tankers built on a Freightliner
over the compartments, and a 2,100-gal-          chassis to the Springfield, NE, Volunteer Fire
lon portable tank in a manual swing-down         Department. The units have a Cummins 300-
bracket is mounted on the officer’s side. A      hp engines, Allison automatic transmissions
7.5-kilowatt diesel generator powers three       and 2,000-gallon Darley portable tanks.
quartz scene lights. The truck is equipped       Indicate 203 on the Reader Service Card.
with automatic snow chains.                    
Indicate 201 on the Reader Service Card.

                                                 This Contender Responder pumper from
                                                 Pierce Manufacturing is on duty in West
                                                 Lauderdale, TN, located north of Memphis.
                                                 The Contender Responder features up to 135
                                                 cubic feet of compartment space in as little
                                                 as a 195-inch wheelbase chassis. It also fea-
                                                 tures a rescue-style jump-off compartment
                                                 on the passenger side and a rapid response
                                                 compartment located at the rear of the truck.
                                                 Other features include a toug
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