Snyder scores; Reichert keeps going by ProQuest


Other event winners were David Rampy (Comp), Jeremy Duncan (Super Stock), Chris Stephenson (Stock), Corey Glidewell (Super Comp), Steve Hoyt (Super Gas), Louis Murray (Super Street), Robert Cireddu (Top Dragster), and Marco Abruzzi (Top Sportsman). Michael Ruff, of Orlando, Fla., made his way to his first money round of the season by picking off three consecutive breakout opponents before using a better reaction time to beat Bryan Richardson and then using a speedy .008 launch towards ending Craig Anderson's weekend in the quarters and collecting the semifinal bye run.

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									                      NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series • Race 6 • Beech Bend Raceway Park

                      Snyder scores; Reichert keeps going

     Division 3 Director Jay
     Hullinger, far left, joined
     Beech Bend Raceway
     Park’s Dallas Jones to
     congratulate the winners of
     the Division 3 NHRA Lucas
     Oil Drag Racing Series
     event in Bowling Green, Ky.

by Kelly Wade                                     Other event winners were David
photos by Brian Epps                           Rampy (Comp), Jeremy Duncan (Super
                                               Stock), Chris Stephenson (Stock), Corey

T    op Alcohol Dragster pilot Bill
     Reichert edged ahead of Jim
Whiteley in the national points and
                                               Glidewell (Super Comp), Steve Hoyt
                                               (Super Gas), Louis Murray (Super
                                               Street), Robert Cireddu (Top Dragster),
padded his points lead in the division         and Marco Abruzzi (Top Sportsman).
with a victory at the North Central
Division NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing            Top Alcohol Dragster: Reichert’s
Series event, the final of six in the          road to the final round began by
division. No. 1 qualifier Reichert, the        stopping Brian Mans in the first round.
defending event champion, defeated             Mans had a slight advantage off the            Bill Reichert, near lane, defeated Brandon Booher in the Top Alcohol Dragster final for
Brandon Booher in the final round at           starting line, .042 to .054, but Reichert      his fourth divisional event win of the season and second in Division 3. Reichert ran a 5.38
Beech Bend Raceway Park, 5.38 to 5.65.         made up the difference by the time they        against Booher’s tire-spinning 5.65.
Booher was first off the starting line by      reached the 60-foot timer. The reigning
a bunch, but traction issues set in before     national champion lit the scoreboards          Ill., racer had three-thousandths on his       different parts provided a tune-up
the 330-foot mark, and Reichert piloted        with a 5.47 to Mans’ 5.57. In the semi’s,      opponent at the Tree and drove through         challenge on race day, and although he
his Rislone rail to victory in his fifth       Reichert was again second off the              tire shake and around his troubled             ran well, Bohl burned a piston in his
final round of the season.                     starting line, this time to Dave Hirata,       opponent for the win.                          semifinal win over Bobby Martin.
    Mick Snyder got the nod in the Top         but he sailed ahead with a quick 5.34                                                         Something may have been left in the
Alcohol Funny Car final when Andy              when his opponent smoked the tires at          Top Alcohol Funny Car: After                   engine during the trash or was broken
Bohl broke during his burnout. It is           the hit of the throttle.                       kicking out a rod during the final             during the previous run that caused
likely that Snyder’s single run left a            Booher’s runner-up finish was his           qualifying run, Bohl and his crew              Bohl’s engine to burn up during the
sour taste in Bohl’s mouth when the            best outing of the season, and he              worked until early morning to repair the       burnout in the final.
event winner rattled the tires off the         garnered enough points to move around          damage. Fortunately, the rod exited the            The top three points earners in the
starting line and shut it off early. Bohl      Mans and Denny Hummel to the fifth             oil pan as opposed to the engine block         division are separated by one point. Bohl
scored the track record for speed with         position in the division standings.            and did no significant damage to the           and Snyder both have 299 points with
his semifinal defeat of Bobby Martin at        Booher took a single in the first round        crankshaft, allowing Bohl to piece his         Bohl owning the tiebreaker, and Chris
257.28 mph, which Snyder reset the             when Robin Samsel broke on the                 engine back together with used rods and        Foster is only one point behind with
pair before with a 255.68-mph blast.           burnout, and in the semi’s, the Urbana,        pistons and a borrowed camshaft. The           298. The showdown will likely continue
                                                                                                                                             at the Division 5 event in Earlville, Iowa.

                                                                                                                                             Comp: Memphis divisional winner
                                                                                                                                             Rampy scored again, but this time he
                                                                                                                                             took the easy win over Chad Voges, who
                                                                                                                                             red-lighted by a thousandth in the final.
                                                                                                                                             David Billingsley left on Rampy in the
                                                                                                                                             first round, but the seasoned racer drove
                                                                                                                                             around his opponent for the win, and in
                                                                                                                                             the second round, Rampy was three-
                                                                                                                                             thousandths later off the starting line
Mick Snyder scored his first win of the season in Top Alcohol Funny Car with an uncontested final-round victory after Andy Bohl broke        than Charles Watson but took a .01 hit
on his burnout. In the semi’s, (above left) Snyder, near lane, stopped Steve Harker, and (above right) Bohl, near lane, beat Bobby Martin.                                     to page 86
46   ✦ National   DRAGSTER
● Division 3                                  .015-second to Duncan’s .021 and dead-
   from page 46                               on 9.79. In the semi’s, Duncan beat
                                              Division 7 standout Jimmy DeFrank,                        RECORD BREAKERS
                                              who broke at the top end.                      The following NHRA national records were set at the Division 3 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing
to his A/EA index with a (-.51) 7.86 to                                                      Series event at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Ky.:
Watson’s (-.48) 9.25. In the quarters,        Stock: The heads-up Stock final                   Class                    Driver                       E.T.                   MPH
Jenny Treadwell’s .008-second red-light       pitted H/SA drivers Stephenson                     A/ED                  Bob Bailey                     6.61
advanced Rampy to a semifinal match           against Brent Robbins. The two were               A/SMA               Ernest Watson Sr.                 8.00                  170.47
with Glen Treadwell, in which he had a        dead even out of the gate with
.013 green light start to Treadwell’s .037    identical .041 reactions, but                                                                             (Left) David Rampy, near lane,
and earned the win with a (-.50) 7.85 to      Stephenson steadily pulled away to get                                                                    scored his second divisional
(-.45) 8.47. By the time Voges pulled to      the win, 11.36 to 11.41. Stephenson,                                                                      event win of the season in
                                                         who runner-upped in                                                                            Comp with an easy final-round
                                                         Norwalk at the divisional                                                                      victory over Chad Voges, who
                                                         event earlier this season,                                                                     red-lighted by a thousandth of
                                                         nabbed his first win of the                                                                    a second. (Below) Jeremy
                                                         season, and at the conclusion                                                                  Duncan edged Charlie
                                                         of the event, he was 33                                                                        Bohannon in the Super Stock
                                                         points behind division points                                                                  final for his first win of the
                                                         leader Edmond Richardson.                                                                      season. Duncan, near lane, was
                                                            Stephenson began                                                                            better on the Tree and won by
                                                         eliminations with a victory                                                                    six-thousandths of a second,
                                                         in a heads-up match with                                                                       9.78 (9.77 dial) to 9.85 (9.85).
Chris Stephenson defeated Brent Robbins in a Perry Simpkins. Ellis Buth,
heads-up Stock final. After identical reaction times, Gregory Hill, and Gary
Stephenson, near lane, pulled away for his first win Summers each went red                  Edmond Richardson in
of the season, 11.36 to 11.41.                           against Stephenson, who            the division standings
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