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									       New Products
        Custom Sublimated Crew Shirts                                                               Redesigned Rocker Arms
Impact Race Products’ new line of sublimated crew          Utilizing years of valvetrain design experience, the     enable the use of large diameter valve springs,
shirts are designed to stand out and bring attention       latest FEA stress analysis technology, and an            retainers, and locks without clearance or fitment
to your race endeavors and sponsors. Virtually any         exhaustive testing regiment, the Comp                                  issues. The new black oxide exterior
design can be transferred to these high-quality            Cams engineering team left no detail                                   finish offers a distinctive appearance
polyester shirts. Available in either standard polyester   to chance when designing its new                                       along with long term corrosion
fabric or a cool and comfortable no-hole mesh, these       Ultra Pro Magnum rocker arms. The                                      resistance. Other features include an
shirts come with a                                         most noticeable advancement with the                                   oversized trunion and precision-sorted
variety of options,                                        Ultra Pro Magnum rocker arms                                           needle bearings for use with high-load
including a hidden full-                                   centers around their nearly                                            valve springs, hardened roller tips for
snap or 1/4-zip front                                      unbreakable investment cast 8650                                       reduced friction, and elimination of the
closure, a Mandarin                                        chromoly body. The arched web-like                                     valve stem side loading that causes
(banded) or standard                                       design delivers a nearly 29 percent                                    premature valve guide wear, and a fully
collar (with or without a                                  increase in strength and rigidity while                                rebuildable design. The new Ultra Pro
snap-down option), and a                                   reducing the moment of inertia and optimizing the        Magnum rocker arms are available for most popular
chest welt-pocket. For                                     dynamic balance. The resulting rocker maximizes lift     Chevy and Ford performance engine applications that
information, call                                          and valvetrain control at high rpm. The increased        utilize stud mount rockers arms. For information, log
317-852-3067.                                              retainer and valve spring clearances of the new design   on to

  Dual-pattern Throttle Bodies
Quick Fuel Technology’s dual-pattern
throttle bodies allow your carburetor
to mount on both a standard 4150-
and a large 4500-pattern intake
manifold. These solid billet aluminum
dual-pattern throttle bodies are CNC
machined to exacting tolerances and
can be ordered with either 1 11/16-
inch or 1 3/4-inch stainless steel
throttle plates to best fit your
carburetion needs. Quick Fuel
Technology hand builds its throttle
bodies’ slabbed throttle shafts —
machined away for more flow — and
Teflon ribbon bearings for durability
and superior sealing. The throttle
plates are secured with low profile
Torx plate screws to help reduce air
turbulence. These throttle bodies
feature an adjustable secondary
pump cam bracket that allows for

secondary airflow adjustment. The
Quick Flow Technology spacer plate
offers a smooth transition and is
required for use on the large flange
4500-style intakes. Each throttle body
comes with an assortment of throttle
links to easily change the opening
ratio from soft progressive to
medium progressive or 1:1. All
attaching screws and gaskets are
included. For information, write to
Quick Fuel Technology, Dept. ND,
129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green,
KY 42101, or call 270-793-0900; Web

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         New Products
                Super Damper for LS9 Engines                                                         18-volt Battery Kit                                   Twin-plate Clutch
ATI Performance Products now                                                     Run your O2 sensors while saving voltage on your car’s            Ram Clutches recently unveiled its
offers its Super Damper for LS9                                                  battery with this 18-volt battery kit from Quarter-Max Chassis    new 10.5-inch twin-plate high-
engines, including the ’09                                                       & Racing Components. Compatible with all 18-volt (slide)          performance clutch and flywheel
Supercharged Corvette ZR1. ATI                                                   products and providing consistent fade-free power, this kit       assembly for the ’10 Camaro and
offers the OEM replacement sized                                                 includes and two 18-volt Lithium Ion batteries, charger, and a    other LS-powered vehicles. With
damper along with the overdrive                                                  billet aluminum battery mount. High visibility 360-degree LED     capacity to control up to 1,000 rear-
damper. The overdrive damper for
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