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Team owner Don "the Snake" Prudhomme announced the loss of sponsor U.S. Tobacco at the end of the season, and Massey barely got into the show at the No. 16 spot before Prudhomme flew home on Sunday, then Massey upset Antron Brown and Shawn Langdon on Monday before having his worst reaction time of the season in the semifinals (his car smoked the tires anyway). August, a national event winner in the Top Alcohol Funny Car class, rented the Paul Smith-tuned entry for the event with help from longtime sponsors and friends Mike and Susan Lescure of California-based HVAC contractor Lescure Co. The deal may extend into Las Vegas and Pomona. Bob Bode had a massive explosion during the final qualifying session that threw his car's body more than 50 feet in the air and broke it into numerous pieces.\n Horne was especially proud of his reaction times, which led to a pair of holeshot wins over Eddie Krawiec and Smith in the first two rounds.

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									       55th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals, Sept. 2-7, Indianapolis

(Above) Suzuki ace Michael Phillips was gunning for his win in Pro Stock Motorcycle and his
first in Indy but fell just short against Hector Arana. (Right) Antron Brown, who was hoping
to become the first competitor to win the U.S. nationals in Top Fuel and Pro Stock Motorcycle,
qualified the Matco Tools dragster No. 1 but was upset in round one by Spencer Massey.

 Top Fuel                                                    Terry Haddock, whose car was decked in a spiffy new
 Spencer Massey had a roller-coaster weekend: Team           Brian Olson paint job, had his sometimes-driver Gary
 owner Don “the Snake” Prudhomme announced the               Densham on hand to help out and give advice when
 loss of sponsor U.S. Tobacco at the end of the season,      necessary. Haddock posted incredible incremental
 and Massey barely got into the show at the No. 16           times of .835 to 60 feet and 2.15 to the 330-foot
 spot before Prudhomme flew home on Sunday, then             marker on one
 Massey upset Antron Brown and Shawn Langdon on              of his qualifying
 Monday before having his worst reaction time of the         runs before
 season in the semifinals (his car smoked the tires          losing the
 anyway). Massey caught himself from double stepping         blower belt.
 the throttle but lost some reaction time in the process.
                                                             Larry Dixon left on all four of his race day opponents for
 Massey’s car appeared to smoke the tires and drive          the first time this season, and he did so against notable
 through it without a loss of pace in the opening            leavers Clay Millican, Morgan Lucas, clubhouse leader
 round. NHRA officials were in their pit immediately         Massey, and Tony Schumacher. The four holeshots put
 afterward to ensure there was no foul play. Crew            him above .500 in first-leave percentage. “We had a
 chiefs Donnie Bender and Todd Smith figured out             long Tree in the second round that threw Morgan off,
 that the smoke was not from the tires but from oil          and that was the first time I’ve seen Spencer [Massey]
 that escaped from the seal on the rear main cap that        look human all year,” said Dixon. “I’m still not as good
 burned up in the clutch.                                    as these kids, but maybe I’m getting closer.”

      Indy wins for Jeg Coughlin (three in
      Pro Stock, one in Super Gas, 1992)
   ✦ National DRAGSTER
                                              4     straight Indy finals
                                                    for Robert Hight         5     head-to-head matchups between Spencer Massey
                                                                                   and Larry Dixon this season (Dixon leads 3-2)   6   straight Ringers Gloves Pro Bike Battle
                                                                                                                                       wins for the Screamin’ Eagle team
                                                                                                Pat Dakin, whose first U.S. Nationals      Funny Car
                                                                                                appearance was in 1972, impressed with     Emotions ran high following the
                                                                                                several 3.8-second runs and booming        semifinal match between John Force
                                                                                                speeds. His reunited team of yore was      and Robert Hight. Cruz Pedregon, who
                                                                                                led by former crewmember and current       was knocked out of the Countdown to
                                                                                                tuner Scott “Scoots” Graham, who had       1 based on the outcome of that match,
                                                                                                the car flying after changing all of the   and his brother, Tony, were upset with
                                                                                                parts in the ignition system following     how the race played out. This led to a
                                                                                                the second round of qualifying.            heated exchange between Force and
                                                                                                                                           Tony in the shutdown area.
                                                                                                Dakin’s brother, Mike Dakin, also has a
                                                                                                new Top Fuel operation that was put        Hight’s win against his boss bumped
                                                                                                together by Graham. With intentions        him into the playoffs. “We did
                                                                                                to put son Chris in the cockpit, Mike      everything we needed to do, and the
                                                                                                parked the car before it hit the track     timing could not have been better,”
                                                                                                due to economic concerns. However,         said Hight. “It’s been a tough year,
                                                                                                the excitement over the performance of     trust me. At the beginning of the year,
                                                                                                Pat’s car has Mike pondering the idea      your biggest fear is not making that
                                                                                                of putting his dragster on the track       top 10. It was almost like a bad dream
                                                                                                this year. Tommy Johnson Jr. and           thinking we weren’t going to get in,
                                                                                                Melanie Troxel have offered their          but we pulled it out.”
    (Above) Matt Smith, left, had a pretty                                                      driving services.
     good outing in Pro Stock Motorcycle                                                                                                   Hight’s move into the top 10 left Cruz
      with all three of his Nitro Fish bikes                                                    T.J. Zizzo’s crew                          Pedregon and Matt Hagan on the
        qualifying. He was the No. 1 seed,                                                      chiefs, Mike Kern                          outside and understandably
        newly hired LE Tonglet, right, was                                                      and Tony Smith,                            disappointed. “We were 10th and had
        seventh, and Angie McBride 15th.                                                        did a remarkable                           control of our own destiny, but it didn’t
     (Right) For the 10th time in 18 races                                                      job of adjusting                           work out,” said Pedregon. “It came
   this season, Mike Edwards paced the                                                          to new (old) race                          down to one run in the second round,
    Pro Stock field but again fell short of                                                     parts. Zizzo, who                          and we smoked the tires. We can’t cry
the gold, this time losing on a semifinal                                                       had run second-                            over spilled milk. What’s done is done.”
        holeshot to Jeg Coughlin. (Below)                                                       generation Alan Johnson cylinder
       Bobby Martin not only surprisingly                                                       head
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