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                                                                                                            ISA Intech StAff
Keep your eye on the ball                                                                                        EdItor

By Gregory Hale, InTech, Editor                                                                             Gregory Hale

                                                                                                       SEnIor tEchnIcAl EdItor
                                                                                                           Nicholas Sheble

                                                                                                           ASSocIAtE EdItor
It could be a scene from a Norman Rock-            can do even better. Let’s position our-            Ellen Fussell Policastro
well painting: A father showing his son            selves to grow coming out of this down-  
how to hit a baseball on a bright sunny            turn, and when we hit the ground so fast,      ASSocIAtE ProductIon/coPy EdItor
spring day. The scene could show the fa-           the competition’s head will be spinning.”             Emily Blythe Kovac
ther holding the ball, voicing some words          Why not swing and hit the ball, instead of     
of encouragement to his son standing in            watching it go by.                                 EuroPEAn corrESPondEnt
the batter’s box waiting to swing his bat             Just take a look at some of the tradi-              Dr. Cris Whetton
and send the ball over the fence.                  tional petroleum companies. They are not          
   It is the typical father-son scene played       just sitting around dealing with the future               Art dIrEctor
out on empty lots and ball fields all over          of oil and gas. Yes, that is their bread and            Colleen Casper
the world. The advice the father is giving         butter, but they are getting more heavily      

                                                                                                         PublIShIng dIrEctor
Let’s position ourselves to grow coming out of this down-                                                       T.S. Lee
turn, and when we hit the ground so fast, the competition’s
                                                                                                             ISA PrESIdEnt
head will be spinning.                                                                                  Gerald Cockrell, CAP

is to just keep your eye on the ball and           involved in energy alternatives—wind, so-          PublIcAtIonS VIcE PrESIdEnt
swing away. Do not let anything else go-           lar, anything bio. Oil goes away, and bam,                Vitor Finkel
ing on around you distract you; just keep          they are fully diversified into a true energy       EdItorIAl AdVISory boArd
your eyes open, and watch the ball hit             portfolio.                                                   Chairman
your bat. After a few swings and misses,              How about the auto companies? The                        Steve Valdez
the son make
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