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PRS’ New 305 Model
    Based on the PRS 513 model plat-
                                          Zuni Guitars’ Birdseye
form, the new Paul Reed Smith 305
model features three proprietary PRS
                                          Maple Series
                                             Zuni Custom Guitars’ Birdseye Maple
single-coil pickups offering five clas-    Series feature Birdseye Maple tops,
sic sounds and is said to offer a warm,   necks, and fingerboards. These guitars
clear bite. The 305 features a carved     are constructed out of high grade North
alder body, 22-fret rock maple neck,      American hardwoods with no imported
25 ½” scale length, banded melon          woods or plastic. Zuni cuts all their own
“513” bird inlays. Additional appoint-    woods from the forest of North America
                                          with their own sawmill.
                                              In addition custom guitars Zuni will
                                          return to selling instrument wood to
                                          the music industry, which will include,
                                          Hard Maple, Curly, Birdseye, Spalted,
                                          and Quilted Maple tops, necks, and
                                          fingerboards, as well as body woods
                                          such as Black Cherry, Cyprus, Syca-
                                          more, Basswood, Black, Green, and
                                          White Ash. Zuni will also be introduc-
                                          ing limited editions of the Robin Egg
                                          Blue collection in Quilted, Birdseye and

                                             w w w. m u s i c . u i u c . e d u
                                          A RFA S T L T Y

                                                                              ”Chip” McNeill

                                                                                                                                                        KARL KRAMER, DIRECTOR
                                                                              Ron Bridgewater

                                                                                                                                          • Consistently ranked among the best American
                                             T I C U

                                                                              Tito C
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