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self-taught trumpet player rose from a   is intertwined with reflections from fa-   numerous perspectives of Gillespie’s
poor but musically driven upbringing     mous Gillespie associates Cab Calloway,   early start on the road to fame and the
to become a jazz mastermind, founding    Count Basie, Miles Davis, Thelonious      spirited times that would follow.
the bebop movement and giving rise       Monk, Mary Lou Williams, Ella Fitzger-
to Afro-Cuban music. This biography      ald, and many others. They provide

                                                                                    Finale 2010
                                                                                       Finale 2010 music notation
                                                                                    software has been updated for 2010.
                                                                                    From Percussion Notation and Chord
                                                                                    Entry, to Rehearsal Marks and Mea-
                                                                                    sure Numbering, common tasks have
                                                                                    been automated and simplified to be
                                                                                    more user-friendly and save time. Fi-
                                                                                    nale 2010 features a streamlined user
                                                                                    interface; a Setup Wizard to instantly

                                                                                    configure scores; Band-in-a-Box Auto-
                                                                                    Harmonizing; and Exercise Wizard,
                                                                                    which generates practice pieces for
                                                                                    an en
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