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									                                     On the Run                 with Jeg Coughlin
                             driver of the Jegs.com ’09 Cobalt Pro Stocker                                                  Maximum Effort
                                                                                                                             2618 Forged
                             N    HRA announcer Bob Frey recently shared a very
                                  interesting statistic with us. Generally, we’re not
                            into that, but this one was so neat that I thought I’d                                                        $
                                                                                                                                     From..   449 95
                            share it with everyone: We’re the only Professional                                                          Racer Net
                            team in NHRA history to win a national event from                                                    New Ford Stro
                            every qualifying position.                                                                            Applications! r
                                That immediately got me thinking about all of the
                            great people who have worked at Team Jegs since I                Only Howards Maximum Effort Pistons gives you the price of the competitors
                            began drag racing in 1990. I sure couldn’t have done             low dollar piston line, but the features of their high end race line. Features like
                            it without any of them, and I’m so appreciative of all           2618-T6 aluminum forgings for all pistons, flat top or dome. Forced pin oil-
the crewmembers, engine builders, chassis builders, and team owners who have                 ers, CNC turned skirts and exacting tolerances are all standard features.
helped me live my dream.                                                                     Aircraft quality wrist pins and double spirolox included.
   We’ve won 60 national events, and I can remember each one if I sit back and
think about the particulars. It’s certainly easy to remember the one we managed
to win from the No. 16 spot because it happened at the 2000 U.S. Nationals, the
biggest and best drag race on the planet. We started the race Friday night with a
qualifying run (7.020 at 195.59 mph) that placed us sixth overall. We were hoping
to steadily improve from there, but, instead, we started slipping backward. Every
                                                                                                      From..   57500
                                                                                                         Racer Net
round, we lost a few more positions, and by Sunday afternoon, we were down to
the bump spot holding on for dear life. In the end, we managed to secure that
final position, and I remember being very thankful just to make the show.                                                            Precision Dense Forged
                                                                                                                                        Connecting Rods
       “As far as we’re concerned, the                                                       The most technically advanced and reliable performance rods on the planet!
       playoffs have already started.”                                                       Dense forged metal technology features an extremely dense grain structure
                                                                                             when compared to a billet or conventional forging. Manufactured from supe-
   The guys worked overtime that night, and thanks to their exceptional effort,              rior ASTM 4260 blended specifically to meet today’s racing demands. Using
we somehow woke up the car and just absolutely got on a tear. Mark Osborne                   Finite Element Analysis, a computer program that accurately simulates stress
                                                                                             and reaction to stress, which allows redesigns for better strength and weight
was the top qualifier with a 6.976, and we knew we had to be perfect to have a
                                                                                             reduction in the correct places. Fracture cap technology insures correct cap
chance. Well, I got up on the wheel and squeezed off a .033 to .078 advantage at             alignment every time with no fretting. Finished off with ARP2000 215,000 psi
the Christmas Tree and managed to hold off Mark by a smidge; he ran a quicker                capscrews (up to 650 HP) or upgraded ARP L-19 260,000 psi (up to 800 HP)
6.993 to our winning 7.017.                                                                  capscrew fasteners. Available for 6.000” Chev SB large journal applications.
   The car, pictured below, got better and better as the day progressed, and we              Avg. weight 585g. All at a price anyone can afford.
ran in the mid-6.9s in upset wins over Allen Johnson, Mark Pawuk, and, in the
final, Ron Krisher (on another holeshot, no less) to win the trophy.                               1 Year Unconditional Warranty Against Breakage**
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