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Corruption targeted                           Jersey, said the state should have an
                                              elected comptroller, who would be
                                                                                          the creation of an estimated 37,500
                                                                                          permanent jobs
                                                                                                                                     its effect on clean-energy efforts.
                                                                                                                                           treasury spokesman tom
at Republican hearing                         elected in a different year than the        and 42,500 con-                            Vincz said the money was used for
                                              governor. Meanwhile, Franklin town-         struction jobs,                            a “one-time purpose in an extraordi-
The Republican Policy Committee               ship Mayor Brian D. Levine said mu-         Corzine said.                              nary budget year.”                                    “Getting the
heard proposals from a mayor and a            nicipalities are given too much room             Indepen-                                    Lyle K. Rawlings, president                     electorate to
former police officer, among others,          to pick redevelopment projects, so          dent candidate                             of Advanced Solar Products, in
in its second hearing on public cor-          that an official’s “friend can get a nice   Chris Daggett                              Hopewell, said it wasn’t productive
                                                                                                                                                                                            register its
ruption, held last week.                      plum project, complete with eminent         gained some                                to fight with treasury on the matter,              disapproval of the
      Douglas Wicks, of the basking           domain.” – Andrew Kitchenman                ground in one           Chris Christie     but he expressed disappointment                   campaign’s conduct
Ridge section of bernards, said New                                                       poll and trailed in another as the         with the move.
Jersey needs a version of the federal
False Claims act, in which those
                                              Candidates battle                           campaigns for Christie and Corzine
                                                                                          target each other.
                                                                                                                                           “We see it as a violation of the
                                                                                                                                     purpose of the fund,” Rawlings said,                after Labor Day
who identify fraud can financially            over economic plans                              a poll by Public Policy Polling       adding that the bPU was established                    is truly an
benefit from it.                                                                          of North Carolina found Christie had       to maintain separate funding from
      Wicks also said officials should        as Chris Christie maintained a lead in      44 points, Corzine had 35 points and       treasury, and that officials assured
only be able to receive campaign do-          more polls last week, both major-party      Daggett 13. a Monmouth University/         clean-energy advocates that the fund
nations from people eligible to vote for      candidates focused on the economy.          Gannett New Jersey poll listed Christie    wouldn’t be used for another reason.
them, not corporations and unions.                  Christie, the Republican chal-        up 47 to 39 over Corzine, while Daggett          Vincz said the fund, which still               Pollster Patrick Mur-
      Rich Rivera, a former West New          lenger, linked his plans for the econ-      lagged at 5 percent. – Andrew Kitchenman   has $460 million, won’t be impeded in              ray, of the Monmouth
York police officer, said he lost his job     omy to increased funding for higher                                                    reaching its goals. He said the state’s            University Polling Insti-
after he exposed corruption. He said
authorities fail to pursue corruption
                                              education, while attacking Gov. Jon
                                              S. Corzine’s record on the economy.
                                                                                          $30M fund transfer                         budget shortfall is unprecedented.
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