Beyond Tolerance: Searching for Interfaith Understanding in America by ProQuest


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									                                  ment in the Book of Isaiah: “The Word          future consideration. Others one wants         and eventually became a model for other
                                  of Our God will stand forever” (40:8).         to send along to somebody else right           ecumenical communities. The author
                                  Here, as in the rest of the book, the au-      away. I am going to send my copy of I’d        also discusses the community’s evolving
                                  thor makes the familiar unfamiliar; like       Rather Teach Peace to the people who di-       relationship with the Catholic Church.
                                  the Good Householder in the Gospel, he         rect Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic        (Brother Roger’s successor, Brother Alois,
                                  is able to draw forth old things and new.      Education (ACE)—and suggest that they          is a Catholic from Germany.)
                                  The Bible Is for Living is a fitting coda to   give a copy to every new teacher going off        Taizé is justly credited with having
                                  the career of this accomplished priest         from ACE to serve in Catholic schools          reintroduced the monastic charism to
                                  and scholar.                                   for two years. It doesn’t matter whether       twentieth-century Protestantism, but
                                                                                 they are teaching courses on peace and         it is also authentically ecumenical, in-
                                                                                 nonviolent reconciliation. In McCarthy’s       cluding Roman Catholics and Orthodox
                                  I’d	Rather	Teach	Peace                         book they will discover how a student’s        Christians as well as Protestants. The
                                  Colman McCarthy                                life can be changed by a great teacher,        community is well known for its “Taizé
                                  Orbis Books, $16, 160 pp.
                                                                                 and how a great teacher thinks.                Prayer,” which has spread throughout
                                                                                                                                the world, and for its special appeal to
                                     Colman McCarthy’s I’d Rather Teach                                                         the young who come from all over the
                                  Peace, which made its first appearance
                                                                                 A	Community	Called	Taizé                       world to deepen their Christian faith and
                                                                                 A	Story	of	Prayer,	Worship	and	
                                  six years ago, is now available in an af-                                                     hear the Taizé message of reconciliation
                                  fordable paperback edition from Orbis                                                         in Christ. Among the many good things
                                                                                 Jason Brian Santos
                                  Press. McCarthy, a longtime columnist for      InterVarsity Press, $15, 204 pp.
                                                                                                                                in this book is an excellent discussion
                                  the Washington Post, is both a contrarian                                                     of the development of the Taizé style of
                                  and a peacemaker. For decades he taught                                                       prayer and chant, with its roots in the
                                  courses on peace and reconciliation to            A few years ago, Jason Santos, a former     pioneering work of the French Jesuit
                                  students drawn from Georgetown Law,            youth minister who is now studying at          Joseph Gelineau.
                                  inner-city public schools, fancy private       Princeton Theological Seminary, decided           While this book is no substitute for the
                                  academies, and juvenile prisons. Fre-          to visit Taizé, the famous ecumenical          writings of Taizé’s members—especially
                                  quently, he taught those courses for no        community in France. At the first prayer       those of Brother Roger and the now-de-
                                  pay to students who were—at least to           service he attended, the community’s           ceased theologian Max Thurian—it is a
                                  begin with—less than eager.                    founder, Brother Roger, was stabbed to         worthy introduction to one of the most
                                     I’d Rather Teach Peace is a record of       death by a deranged woman. The hor-            interesting and edifying movements in
                                  those experiences, as well as a vade           rible event did not deter Santos from          the Christian world today.
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