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Steer employees to safe practices
                                   threat of malicious activity.      Just as honest communica-          Motivating employees to
                                   However, the most secure         tion is an essential compo-        practice safe computing is
                                   companies are also focusing      nent of motivation, so is data.    most often accomplished
                                   their security efforts toward    Many security organizations        when these individuals
                                   the employees and others         have used fear as a tactic to      understand the potential
                                   who may unintentionally put      motivate individuals. While        impact on them of poor
                                   data at risk.                    fear may motivate for an           security habits, as well as safe
                                      But changing behavior         instance, it almost always has     computing practices.
                                   requires communication that      a negative impact over time,         A growing number of
                                   is open, honest and based on     and may ultimately destroy         consumers and businesses
A highly                           data rather than fear. It also   the organization’s credibility.    have already experienced
motivated                          requires dialogue that enables     Using facts from reputable       a serious data breach. But
                                   employees to understand how      sources to help justify secu-      these devastating events can
workforce creates                  security – or the lack of it –   rity activities and recommen-      be leveraged to make secu-
a protection                       impacts them personally.         dations is very effective in       rity a pressing and personal
                                      Communication skills are      driving behavioral changes.        concern for employees and
system, says                       often not the expertise of       These sources might include        others. As individuals begin
Justin Somaini.                    information security pro-        appropriate metrics from           to perceive security practices
                                   fessionals. Nevertheless, if     data generated by internal or      as an essential tool that could
                                   security organizations are       customer sensors. They might       protect their own interests, as

        he last 15 years have      to be effective in motivating    also include reports on laptop     well as their company’s assets,
        brought a lifetime of      employees to change behav-       losses. By providing such          they are more likely to take
        changes in information     ior, they must expand their      metrics, employees begin to        necessary steps to keep their
security. The protection of        skill sets to include com-       understand that it is not fear     information safe.
information has never been         munication. The most suc-        or
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