; Case of Style Over Substance
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Case of Style Over Substance


The deal killer comes when a specific strength is overused. In the case of "Flash," the stereotype salesguy, he has confused looks with substance. But that's not the only type of person who is a Hyper-Pro. One is based on looks, that's for sure. Type two, however, is word bound: People who wrap themselves in jargon. And type three is a person who bases their image on looks as well as being word bound.

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									                                                                                                         by Tom Crouser

        case                   study

Case of Style Over
             inety percent of us inhibit our own success          wearing a sweater with elbow patches. Also there is a hole
             because of Sales Call Reluctance. Last month         in the sweater. And I see him as being word bound in the
             we discussed how owners hamper their perfor-         jargon of his discipline. Is he a Hyper-Pro? Quite possibly
             mance based on rejecting the role of selling in      he is. It takes a lot of time to look as he does.
the first place. This month, we look at a condition which is        Remember the hippie culture? Would a hippie wear an
similar but different. It is described by behavioral scientists   Armani suit? Of course not. They would be wearing beads,
George Dudley and Shannon Goodson as Hyper-Pro Call               beards, and affect certain mannerisms and speech pat-
Reluctance. This is an owner who works hard to create             terns. It takes work to keep that up.
and maintain an image of what they want to be, all the              Think of the high school Goths today. Do they wear red?
while secretly doubting their worthiness of that image and        No. They wear black, all black. Black shirts, black pants,
wasting valuable time and energy doing everything except          black sneakers, and often paint their fingernails black. It
what it actually takes to become what they want to be--           takes work to collect a wardrobe of all black like that, let
and that means selling.                                           alone stay that way all the time.
  One business owner in the Midwest said that he couldn’t           Now let’s bring it to our world. One owner in the mid-
possibly make a sales call on another business owner              1990s, who had every digital do-dad known to mankind
because that owner would think “we needed money.” And             at the time, told Pamela and me, “I want to only deal with
although the business needed sales and there’s nothing            customers who are digitally sophisticated.”And that was
wrong with asking someone to buy from you, here the               in the 1990s when no one was that digitally sophisticated.
need to maintain an image of a successful owner turned            There he was, limiting his sales because he had an image
deadly. The owner did not make sales calls because of it.         that he was trying to live up to: the digitally sophisticated
                                                                  print shop owner.
Wait a Minute!                                                      Watch two IT types meet for the first time. What do they
  If you are in business of any type, by definition, you sell     do? They are polite, but talk in jargon to see if the other
something to someone. Everyone knows that. But many               person can keep up. And that’s because if the other 
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