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									                                           N E W S O F T H E Q U I C K P R I N T I N G I N D U S T R Y AT A G L A N C E

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  “Over one-in-four                     education awards, respectively.          Yours, #4141; and Fred and Suzette
dollars of digital sales                               Albrecht, Proforma Albrecht & Co.,
growth is a transfer                      JOHN R. BERTHELSEN,           
from conventional ink-                  president and CEO, Suttle-Straus,
on-paper.”                              and CARLOS HERNAN AGU-
                                        IRRE VARGAS, director and
   From PIA’s “Economic
            Flash Report”
                                        general manager, Quebecor World             CALENDAR
                                        Chile S.A., are PAF’s 2010 Graphic
                                        Arts Leaders of the Americas (GALA)        NAPL Critical Trends Summit
                                        Award recipients. They will receive        Chicago, IL
one of the City of Plymouth’s 2009      their awards during a reception at         September 14
Business Environmental Champi-          Graphics of the Americas.        
ons by the Plymouth Environmental
Quality Committee.                                                                 Print 09                                                          Chicago, IL
                                                                                   September 11-16
  KATHY MURCHISON, presi-                                                
dent and CEO of DocuSource of NC,
is the recipient of a 2009 Women in                                                Mutoh Hands-On School of Wrap
Business Award, presented by Triangle                                              Elkridge, MD
Business Journal.                                                                  September 23-25                                                 

  DOT Thermography of Ad-                   JOHN R.         CARLOS HERNAN          PIA Orientation to the Graphic Arts
dison, TX, took home eight Fred-          BERTHELSEN        AGUIRRE VARGAS         Sewickley, PA
die Awards from the 2009 Excel-                                                    October 5-8
lence in Thermography contest,                                           
including three first place entries.                                                            NAQP Owners Conference
                                                                                   Austin, TX
  MARK J. LEVIN, president of                         
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