Promoting Competence, Creating Capacity, Expanding Opportunities

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Promoting Competence,
Creating Capacity, Expanding

                       elcome all NASP members to our 2009–2010                                                                  Editor’s Note

W                      year! NASP’s mission of representing school
                       psychology and supporting school psycholo-
                       gists to enhance children’s learning and men-
                       tal health will be very apparent throughout
the year. Children, as well as their families and schools, are expe-
riencing significant, diverse pressures and a corresponding need
for school psychologists’ services. NASP will maintain its promi-
                                                                              Children are experienc-               S
                                                                                                                             chool’s in session, and it’s time for another
                                                                                                                             year of Communiqué. Whether we are newly
                                                                                                                             minted school psychologists or seasoned veter-
                                                                                                                             ans, we all know that the way we start the year
                                                                                                                    has a huge influence on how successful the rest of the
nence in responding to children’s needs and advocating for ef-                ing significant pressures              year will be. Building in positive habits and good com-
fective policy and practices to address these needs. At the same              and a corresponding                   munication right from the start offers the possibility of
time, threats related to the economic environment, job security,              need for school psychol-              preventing later problems and expanding our opportu-
credentialing of school psychologists, and other issues require our           ogists’ services. NASP                nities to use the full range of skills we possess.
sustained attention. NASP will devote strategic, coordinated ef-                                                        This month, Communiqué offers the resources to
forts to address these complex issues.
                                                                              will maintain its promi-              help jumpstart your year. One article, “First Things
    Fortunately, our many strengths and resources allow us to                 nence in responding                   First: Setting an Effective Communications Agenda,”
respond effectively and advance our important work for chil-                  to children’s needs and               provides some ideas about setting goals and a profes-
dren. NASP’s 5-year strategic plan and an infrastructure of dedi-             advocating for effective               sional agenda before day-to-day demands begin to take
cated, knowledgeable Delegate Assembly and Executive Coun-                    policy and practices.                 over completely. A handout, “Communicating Effec-
cil members, workgroup leaders, national office staff, and over                                                     tively With Administrators,” provides guidance for
25,000 NASP members result in a comprehensive foundation.                                                           working well with the people who are so critical to our
Collaboration with state school psychology associations, stake-                                                     ability to effectively serve our clients. Two handouts
holders, policy makers, and other professional organizations extends our capacity.                                  for parents that should be on the front desks of every
    Each year, NASP leaders and staff analyze needs and identify priority initiatives for the coming                 school are “Academic Motivation: Strategies for Par-
year. For 2009–2010, the presidential theme of “Promoting Competence, Creating Capacity, Expand-                    ents” and “Homework: A Guide for Parents.”
ing Opportunities” for children, families, schools, and school psychologists and the following seven                    You will notice that the handouts themselves are
broad priority initiatives encompass hundreds of planned activities:                                                in a new format. This year, they will appear in a spe-
    1. Equip school psychologists to protect and promote practice and title. NASP has an essential                  cial section of the paper and will be available online
voice at the national level and provides resources and assistance at state and local levels to ensure               for downloading in a format ready for distribution to
title and practice of school psychologists and access to our services. NASP resources include advo-                 parents and colleagues. Where do you find these hand-
cacy tools related to the impact on states of proposed revisions to APA’s model licensure act, clear                outs online? Ah! That is where it gets exciting. Com-
positions in the 2010 NASP standards revisions, and a comprehensive public awareness campaign.                      muniqué itself is getting off to an innovative start this
    2. Support school psychologists’ efforts with regard to changing roles and servic
Description: Welcome all NAS Pmemberstoour 2009-2010 year! NASP's mission of representing school psychology and supporting school psychologists to enhance children's learning and mental health will be very apparent throughout the year. NASP efforts will continue to ensure that school psychologists are essential and valued personnel within schools in an age of school budget cuts, family financial crises, three-tiered service delivery, and expanded provision of school mental health services.
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