KM Supplier Looks to Gain in IVR Space

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     Antitrust Investigation                    spokesman, told Bloomberg, Philips                     AVAYA SEEKS TO BUY
                                                had “just a few million dollars of busi-
     continued from page 7                                                                             NORTEL’S ASSETS
                                                ness in the United States.                                Nortel Networks and Avaya have
     that “the biggest challenge is trying to     “[Philips] was not a significant com-                entered into a “stalking horse” asset and
     define what that marketplace looks petitor to Nuance or any other U.S.-                           share sale agreement that has Avaya
     like, because it’s evolving so much with based speech recognition company,”                       paying $475 million for Nortel’s global
     new enabling technologies coming into he added. “We do not see how anyone                         Enterprise Solutions business and
     the marketplace.”                          could think this combination reduces                   shares of Nortel Government Solutions
        Since December, the Justice Depart- competition anywhere.”                                     and DiamondWare units.
     ment has spoken to a number of fig-          That said, revenue in Nuance’s                          The agreement names Avaya as Nortel
     ures in the speech industry, far healthcare unit has been significant. In                         Enterprise Solutions’ preferred buyer, but
     outside the confines of just medical October 2008, Tom Beaudoin, Nu-                              the move must first be filed in U.S. Bank-
     transcription or Nuance. It’s not ance’s chief financial officer, stated                          ruptcy Court for the District of Delaware,
     known, however, if this means that that Nuance’s healthcare business                              along with a motion seeking the estab-
     the investigation’s scope has widened would deliver worldwide revenue in                          lishment of procedures for an auction that
     beyond Nuance’s acquisition of excess of $410 million in fiscal year                              would allow other companies to top Avaya’s
     Philips, or if the Justice Department is 2009. In the second quarter, Nuance’s                    offer, as required under Section 363 of the
     inquiring to get a handle on the revenue in healthcare totaled $105.2                             U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Nortel, which is
     speech technology space in its search. million, up 32 percent from the same                       based in Toronto, will make a parallel fil-
        In most cases, the Justice                          time last year.                            ing in Canada with the Ontario Superior
     Department begins its inves-      Nuance                  The Justice Depart-                     Court of Justice. The U.S. and Canadian
     tigations before an acquisi-      acquired             ment’s investigation has                   courts will have the final say in approving
     tion is finalized. However, at    Philips Speech       been ongoing for several                   the Avaya transaction or any others.
                                       Recognition in
     the time of the deal it did not                        months; Nuance says that                      Nortel, which filed for bankruptcy in
                                       October 2008
     deem them necessary.                                   it has been cooperating                    January, hopes to c
Description: EGain Communications, long known as a knowledge management software provider, has thrown its hat into an already crowded interactive voice response (IVR) systems market with the late-June launch of eGain IVR, a self-service solution. The IVR offering is seen by the company as an addition to a host of existing interaction management capabilities for channels like email, Web self-service, and Web collaboration. These build on top of the company's common platform, which includes a common set of business objects, workflows, and knowledge-based articles and analytics.
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