Creating the 'Wow' Factor for Customer Retention by ProQuest


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									         SCOTT MANGHILLIS

Creating the ‘Wow’ Factor
for Customer Retention
        Intelligent automation puts the sizzle back into self-service
                his point in time will not just be remembered as the          Considering that attrition is the new customer feedback,
          T     global recession, but also as the relationship econ- proactive retention is needed more than ever. Convergys
        omy. Never before has it been so important to protect cus- research shows that 40 percent of consumers are willing to
        tomer relationships. The need to acquire new customers leave a company after one bad experience and never tell the
        has evolved into the need to increase loyalty to retain exist- company about it. Eighty-seven percent of customers tell
        ing customers.                                                     friends and family about their bad experiences, some using
           What better way to retain customers than by enhancing social media to reach thousands of potential customers.
        customer service channels with a “wow” factor—deploying               The challenge of automating retention is aligning the right
        an intelligent automated solution comprised of an enterprise business policies with the right actions based on real-time
        policy management engine integrated with an interactive intelligence across all back-office systems. Policy actions can
        voice response (IVR) system/voice portal—to take person- automatically dictate incentive offers, upsells, and cross-sells,
        alization to the next level?                                                                or priority route to a save desk.
           Consider the following customer                       What better way                        Following are questions to ask when look-
        inquiries. While the responses may be obvi-            to retain customers                  ing for an intelligent solution for effective
        ous, let’s create a wow factor by taking                  than enhancing                    automated retention:
        them to the next level.                                  customer service                       • Does it centralize and simplify busi-
           SCENARIO #1: A mobile customer with                    channels with a                   ness policy management across sales, mar-
        high mobile Internet use sends a business                  “wow” factor?                    keting, and the contact center?
        message with a multimedia attachment,                                                           • Does it drive consistent customer expe-
        but the transmission fails. RESPONSE: A network monitor- riences across all channels?
        ing system detects the failure, and an intelligent solution           • Does it drive proactive, automated, and simultaneous
        instructs the network to resend the message until it is real-time service, sales, and 
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