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In an interview, Ronald Dick, assistant professor at Duquesne University, talked about his career. During his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers from 1982-1996, he had the opportunity to wear a lot of different hats in terms of his responsibilities, and one of those was getting out and speaking to college students as the guest professor for a day. The three components of a college professor's job are research, teaching, and service. Service was an easy adjustment; He was built to work 70-plus hours a week during the sport season. He added Bridging the Gap is a company comprised of Dr Richard Southall, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Jim Van Stone, VP of sales for the Washington Capitals; and himself. They identified a need for college students in the area of sport sales and revenue production. The single biggest change has been the marketing of the NBA globally with more players who were born outside of the US.

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									                                                  Sport Marketing Quarterly, 2009, 18, 123-125, © 2009 West Virginia University

                                                                                                                                  SMQ PROFILE/INTERVIEW
                                Name:             Ronald Dick
                                Title:            Assistant Professor, Duquesne University
                                Education:        EdD, Temple University; MBA, St. Joseph’s University
                                Career:           Assistant Professor, James Madison University
                                                  Associate Professor, University of New Haven
                                                  Assistant athletics director for ticket operations,
                                                   University of Houston
                                                  Director of athletics and assistant dean for student athletic
                                                   programs, Marian College (WI)
                                                  Director of sales, New Jersey Nets
                                                  Director of group sales, Philadelphia 76ers

   You have been on the academic side for about a                 Service was an easy adjustment; I was built to work
decade. What led you to make the decision to leave             70-plus hours a week during the sport season.
the practitioner side?                                         Teaching—the ability to communicate clearly and
   During my tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers from           interestingly—was also an easy adjustment. Once I
1982-1996, I had the opportunity to wear a lot of dif-         learned the science of writing a course outline and a
ferent hats in terms of my responsibilities, and one of        class lesson plan, the rest came naturally.
those was getting out and speaking to college students            However, the research component was more of a
as the guest professor for a day.                              challenge. I remember my first academic conference
   There was a growing curiosity among faculty and             was in June of 2001, the North American Society for
students about what goes on in the business side of the        Sport Management (NASSM) in Norfolk, Virginia,
sports world, and how a person gets his or her foot in         sponsored by Old Dominion University. I thought it
the door. A typical speaking engagement involved               would be like a trade show or expo. When I saw all the
explaining how I started with the Sixers, what a normal        academic research that was being presented, I was
day was like with an NBA team, and what advice could           floored. It was overwhelming, but exciting at the same
I offer a young person looking to break into the execu-        time. I wanted to present the following year at the 2002
tive sports field.                                             NASSM conference in Calgary, Canada. I presented
   Each and every time I came away from the experi-            research from my dissertation involving marketing
ence feeling good about being the guest professor for          techniques used to increase home game attendance
the day. I liked it immediately, but the decision to           that were used by NBA directors of marketing.
change careers was a gradual one.                                 That presentation led to a published referred journal
   What have the benefits been for you as a professor,         article. The articles I write are articles I would like to
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