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									                 How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

                 Installing Your New Blog/Website

Before we can get started, you need the following:

   •   A domain name – make sure the domain name include the keywords
       you want to rank for. I recommend using to
       check/purchase domain names.
   •   A web hosting company – this is where your website will be
       installed. I recommend, they are very affordable, and
       have an excellent reputation.

For more information on choosing a domain name and hosting company,
check my Website Tips & Tricks page.

Most hosting companies offer a program called cPanel to access and manage
your account and websites. We will be using cPanel to install our WordPress

When you get an account at a hosting company, they will provide you with
your cPanel information. This information will be delivered on your Welcome
e-mail, and will contain the following information:

   •   cPanel address (something like http://12.34.567.89:2000)

   •   Your cPanel username

   •   Your cPanel password

   TIP: If you’ve totally lost your welcome letter, just contact your
   web host and tell them you need the above 3 pieces of information.

                How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

Fire up your computer and internet connection, and in the URL bar of your
browser, type your cPanel address, and hit “Enter.” A popup will prompt you
for your username and password. Enter your information and you’re in!

For the example on this book we are going to create a website called Note the use of the keywords “coin collecting” on
the name of the website. These are my two main keywords.

After you login on your cPanel account, you’ll see the main screen:

                 How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and look for the “Fantastico De Luxe”
icon. Click on the icon.

Next, click on “WordPress” on the menu listing to the left.

                 How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

Slide on over to the right and click on “New Installation”

On the first section, enter the domain where the website will be installed, for
our example we chose (this had been setup previously).

If you want your new blog/website in the root domain (usually the case),
leave the “Install in directory” box blank. If you want to install the website
as a subdomain, type the name you want in the blank box.

                 How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

Below this section, you’ll find the Administrator setup area. Enter the
administrator username and password.

On the next section enter the administrator nickname (I usually use the
same username for both the name and nickname - for simplicity), the
administrator email, the Site Name and Site Description (make sure to use
keywords on the description - this can be changed later).

After you enter all the necessary information, click on “Install WordPress”.

                 How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

Click on the “Finish Installation” button to start the installation. After the
installation is completed you will see the final screen:

                 How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

The installation is complete, you are done! If you want an e-mail sent to you
with the installation details, enter the email and click on the “Send E-mail”
button at the bottom of the screen (this is optional).

To check the installation, go to your favourite web browser and type the
address for the new website, in our example You
will see the following screen:

                 How to Build Killer Websites with WordPress

The site is currently showing up with WordPress’ default blog theme applied.
Not very exciting, is it?

You’ll most likely want to choose a new template – but we’ll get to that

Now to make your brand new WordPress blog look more like a static


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