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									S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir
    Stockholm, Sweden
S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir was founded
in 1980 and consists of approximately 32 singers. Gary
Graden has been the choir’s conductor since 1984. The
choir performs regularly at services and concerts in S:t
Jacobs church in the center of Stockholm. Reknowned
for its church music, former musicians in S:t Jacobs
church include the conductor Eric Ericson and organists
such as Anders Bondeman and Waldemar Åhlén. The
S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir tours regularly and enjoys an
excellent reputation all around Europe. The choir has
won several prestigious choral competitions, such as
Tolosa, Spain (1991) and (1993) (25th anniversary com-
petition), Gorizia, Italy (1992), Arezzo, Italy (1989) and
Debrecen, Hungary (1988).
      The choir has been invited to appear at many
national and international festivals and conventions. In
2001, the choir inaugurated the famous Tolosa Choral
competition in the Basque region of Spain, and per-
formed the final concert at the Chamber Music Festival
in Stenungsund, Sweden.
                                                                            S:t Jacobs church, Stockholm, Sweden
                                                                                  In 2002 the choir performs at the Sixth World
                                                                            Symposium on Choral Music in Minneapolis, USA,
                                                                            and contributes to lectures on the thesis ”The Swedish
                                                                            Choral Miracle” with Richard Sparks and Eric Ericson.
                                                                            The choir’s repertoire consists of a cappella works from
                                                                            a wide range of national styles and periods, as well as
                                                                            larger works, such as Bach's Mass in b-minor, St. John's
                                                                            Passion and Magnificat, Mozart's Requiem and c-mi-
                                                                            nor Mass, Haydn's Theresien Mass and Nelson's Mass,
                                                                            Duruflé's Requiem, Bruckner's e minor Mass, Stravin-
                                                                            sky's Mass, and Pärt's St. John's Passion. The choir has
                                                                            commissioned and premiered many new works, includ-
                                                                            ing compositions by Sven-David Sandström, Thomas
                                                                            Jennefelt, Georg Riedel, Bo Hansson, Gunno Södersten,
S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir, 2002                                              Johan Hammerth, Kjell Perder, Joakim Unander, Javi
                                                                            Busto, Urmas Sisask, Edward Thompson, Anders Pauls-
                                                                            son, Jonas Bohlin and Johan Jeverud.

1982, Fano, Italy - Concert tour; 1985, USA - Concert tour; 1986, Croatia - Concert tour; 1987, Tours, France - Tours International Choir
Compeition, 2nd prize: mixed choir; 1988, Debrecen, Hungary - Bela Bartok International Choir Competition, 1st prize: mixed choir, 1st
prize: youth choir; Caen, France - International Choir Festival; Sweden - Scandinavian Youth Choir Competition, (Swedish Radio), 1st prize;
1989, Arezzo, Italy - Concorso polifonco "Guido d'Arezzo", Grand Prize, 1st prize: mixed choir, 1st prize youth; Sweden - "Let the peoples
sing" (EBU) 1st prize: mixed youth choir; 1990, Finland - Sympaati festival, XIX ISME World Conference; Tallinn, Estonia - Concert tour;
1991, Tolosa, Spain - Tolosa International Choir Competition, Grand Prize, 1st prize: polyphonic, 1st prize: folklore; 1992, Gorizia, Italy -
European Grand Prize; Fano International Choir Festival; 1993, Tolosa, Spain - 25th Anniversary Choir Competition, Grand Prize; Legnano,
Italy - International Choir Festival; 1994, Pescara, Italy - International Choir Festival; 1995, Raapla, Estonia - International Sacred Music
Festival; Porto Torres, Italy - International Choir Festival; Stockholm, Sweden - Arvo Pärt festival; Västerås, Sweden - Conference for Swedish
Choral Conductors; 1996, Skien, Norway - International Choir Festival; Göteborg, Sweden - Scandinavian Symposium for Sacred Music;
1997, Alba, Italy - International Choir Festival; 1998, Marktoberdorf, Germany - Musica Sacra International; Skinnskatteberg, Sweden - Choir
festival; 1999, Cagliari, Italy - International Choir Festival; Porto Torres, Italy - International Choir Festival; 2000, Ejea, Spain - International
Choir Festival; 2001, Stenungssund, Sweden - Chamber Music Festival; 2001, Tolosa, Spain - Inaguation of Tolosa Choral Competition; 2002,
Minneapolis, USA - Sixth World Symposium on Choral Music
                                                                                         The choir performs regu-
                                                                                         larly with orchestra and has
                                                                                         enjoyed collaboration with
                                                                                         the Stockholm Chamber
                                                                                         Orchestra (SNYKO), the
                                                                                         Drottningholm Baroque
                                                                                         Ensemble, the Estonian
                                                                                         Philharmonic Chamber
                                                                                         Orchestra, the Sundsvall
                                                                                         Chamber Orchestra, the
                                                                                         Swedish Baroque En-
                                                                                         semble, the Ensemble
                                                                                         Philidor, France, and the
                                                                                         Vega Brass Ensemble, and
                                                                                         has performed under the
                                                                                         direction of Eric Ericson,
                                                                                         Howard Shelley and Nicho-
S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir and Gary Graden, 2002

  The choir’s repertoire consists of a cappella works from a wide range of national styles and periods, as well as
  many larger works for choir and orchestra. The choir’s work is documented on a number of critically acclaimed
  CD-recordings. They have also made several recordings for the Swedish Radio.

Gary Graden is the choral director at S:t Jacobs           Fondazione Guido d´Arezzo in Italy. He is in demand
church (Stockholm’s Cathedral Parish) in Sweden. He        as guest conductor, lecturer, and adjudicator throughout
is also on the faculty of Stockholm’s Musikgymnasium,      the world, and is the recipient of the ”Johannes Norrby
a secondary school specializing in choral singing.         medal” for excellence in choral conducting.
The S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir and the Stockholm’s
Musikgymnasium’s Chamber Choir have, under his
direction, won grand prizes and first prizes in several
of Europe’s most prestigious competitions, including
Debrecen, Arezzo, Let the peoples sing, Tours, Tolosa,
Riva del Garda, and Gorizia (European Grand Prize).
Together with these choirs, he has also participated in
a large number of national and international festivals.
His work as a conductor and singer is documented on
a number of critically acclaimed CD recordings (BIS,
Proprius, Phono Svecia, Gehrmans).
      He was born in the USA and studied at Clark
University, the Hartt School of Music, and the Aspen
Summer Music Festival. Graden studied orchestral and
choral conducting at the Royal Academy of Music,
Stockholm, 1983-85, under the legendary Eric Ericson.
He has guest-conducted the Ave Chamber Choir in
Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as the Köln and SWR Radio
      In 1999, he conducted the IFCM World Youth
Choir. Among other teaching positions, he has taught a     Gary Graden, 2002
3-year course for professional choral conductors at the
                            Andetag                                                                       Spirituals
                            Contemporary romantic music                                                   ”Spirituals and other
                            for choir and instruments                                                     related stuff ”
                            music by Bo Hansson
                                                                                                          S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir
                            S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir                                                      Anders Paulsson, soprano
                            Lena Willmark, Bo Hansson, guitar                                             saxophone, Andrew Canning
                            Nilsgunnar Palm, double-bass,                                                 organ, Steve Dobrogosz, piano
                                                                                                          Marymal Holmes, soprano
                            Conductor Gary Graden                                                         John Williams, baritone
Proprius PRCD 9026 (1990)                                                 BIS NL-CD 5006 (1997)
                                                                                                          Conductor Gary Graden, tenor

                            Maurice Duruflé                                                               Sonority
                            The Complete Music for Choir                                                  Swedish contemporary
                            S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir                                                      choral music a cappella
                            Peter Mattei, baritone
                                                                                                          S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir
                            Paula Hoffman, mezzosoprano
                            Mattias Wager, organ                                                          Conductor Gary Graden
                            Elemér Lavotha, cello

                            Conductor Gary Graden

BIS-CD-602 (1993)                                                         BIS CD-789 (1997)

                            Welcome Christmas                                                               Mass and chamber music
                            S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir                                                        Portrait of composer Steve
                            Vega Brassensembl                                                               Dobrogosz
                            Peter Mattei, baritone
                                                                                                            Steve Dobrogosz, piano
                            Anders Bondeman, organ
                                                                                                            S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir
                                                                                                            Stockholm Chamber Orchestra
                            Conductor Gary Graden and
                                                                                                            Annika Skoglund
                            Andreas Hanson
                                                                                                            The Yggdrasil Quartet
                                                                                                            The Vadaux Quintet
Proprius PRCD 9138 (1995)                                                 PSCD-107 (1998)
                                                                                                            Conductor Gary Graden,

                            Vindens Barn                                                                   Michael Haydn
                                                                                                           Sacred Choral Music
                            ”Kärnord” by Margareta Melin
                            arrangements Bo Hansson,                                                       St Jacobs Chamber Choir
                            Ensemble from S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir                                         Ensemble Philidor (France)
                            Steve Dobrogosz, piano                                                         Miah Persson, soprano
                            Anders Paulsson, soprano-saxophone                                             Katija Dragojevic, alto
                                                                                                           Fredrik Strid, tenor
                            Conductor Gary Graden                                                          Lars Johansson, bass
                                                                                                           Conductor Gary Graden
Gehrmans CGCD 7343 (1996)
                                                                          BIS CD-859 (1998)

                            Fri som en fågel
                            Music composed by Georg Riedel
                            S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir
                            Adolf Fredriks Music School
                            Jeanette Lindström and Camilla Tilling
                            soloists, Georg Riedel, double-bass
                            Stefan Nilsson, piano, Joakim Milder, sax
                            Jan Allan, trumpet, Mats Bergström, guitar   Photos of the choir on page 1,2 and top of page 3: PerÅke Byström
                            André Ferrari, percussion                    Photo of the church on page 2: Staffan Engwall
Gehrmans CGCD 7344 (1996)   Conductors Gary Graden and Sara Sjöholm      Photo of Gary Graden on page 3: David Pekkari

                                                   S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir
                                      Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2A, 111 53 Stockholm, Sweden
                                              +46 8 723 30 34, fax +46 8 20 97 92

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