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St. Mary 3/1


									MARCH 1, 2009 — The First Sunday of Lent
Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mary Fitzgerald whose funeral mass was celebrated at St. Mary’s this past week. We also ask for your prayers all those who are ill, particularly Sharon Cirone, Charlie Patterson, Jeff Ouellette, Billy O’Neil, Nancy C. O’Brien, Bryan Risi, Rev. Joseph Laughlin, S.J., Martina McDonald, Cole Pasqualucci, Kim Duffy, Paula Carroll, Stephanie Hastie, Kathleen Hewitt, Rev. Edward Cowhig, Sally Stebbins Grossman, Brother Jonah (Rev. Paul Trombetta), Peter Giordano, Mary O’Toole Donahue, Maggie Dorgan, Michael Matarazzo, Catherine Kotlik, Cheryl Bourn, Beth Sayer, Jimmy Meagher, Josephine Parnell, Richard Banis, Kristen Scotti, Michael McMunn, Patrick McDonough, Hugh Nawn, Peter O’Day, Lisa Duncanson, Fr. David Marcham, Jim Russell, Ricky Hoffman, Rita Beckman, Catherine Santosuosso, Mike Martin, Bob Popp, Christopher Sadler, Geraldine Donahue, John J. MacKay, Reese Harding, Donna Marie Burns, Bonnie McCarthy, Paula Evans, Lou Scotti, Catherine Fay, the Manduca Family, Teddy O’Brien, Kasey Seymour, Helen (Petie) Brown, Robert Wirth, Mary M. Kelly, Peter Smith, Eileen Mahoney, Michele Driscoll, George Maloney, Meghan Costello, Jeanne Gallagher, Agnes Langan, Kimm Murray, Christopher Johnson, Robert Beecher, Jamie Breen, Christopher Mullen, Roland F. Smith, Stephen F. Smith, Joan Mahoney, Albert Lennon, Theresa Martin, Monsignor Eugene McNamara, Brenda Gotter, Patricia Gallup, Vincent Kalishes, Joan Larsen, Mary Wattendorf, Carol Burke, Christopher Vannata, James Callanan, Eileen Driscoll, Tony Carlino, Carolyn, Jack & Blase Rutkoswki, Pat and Rick Hoffman, Paul Hickey, Savine Manduca, Jim Rice, John Whalen, Margaret McInerney, Frank Wilkins, Josephine Donahue and Agnes Laughlin Collins.

FROM YOUR FINANCE COMMITTEE Offertory Collection: Electronic Funds Transfer: Total: $ 8,847.00 978.50 $ 9,833.50

Thank you for your continued generosity! Next weekend, March 7-8, will be Catholic Appeal Weekend here at St. Mary’s. Cardinal Seán is asking every Catholic household to participate. The Appeal is to our Archdiocese what the weekly offertory is to our parish, so your participation and support are critical. Those of you that gave to the Appeal last year should be receiving a letter from the Cardinal this week. We invite all others to take home an information packet from at the entrance of the church this weekend. Please bring your completed pledge card and pledge envelopes with you to church next week to place in the collection basket. Thank you! The 2nd half of our Fuel and Maintenance Collection will be taken up next weekend, March 7-8. Thank you to those who have already given so generously. Your personal contribution is needed and appreciated in assisting our Parish in its Mission and Holy Work. Thank you.


Michael B. Pforr & Jeannette E. Hannon

Stations of the Cross will be said every Friday evening during Lent at 7:00 p.m. in the main church. Lenten Penance Service - Tuesday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m. in the main church. We hope you will join us. We will have several priests here for you to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH IS FIRST FRIDAY. Every First Friday there is a basket for personal petitions for those who trust in His Mercy. The basket is placed on the gift table before Mass. The petitions are brought to the priests along with the gifts at Offertory time. The petition basket remains before the altar throughout the day.....our petitions to Christ. You may put your petitions in the basket anytime during the day. Adoration and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will follow the 7:30 a.m. Mass and end with Evening Prayer and Benediction at 4:45 p.m.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) Our RCIA candidates will be attending the Rite of Election at the Cathedral today. Please pray for them as they journey during this Lent to become fully initiated Catholics. Divine Mercy Service Tuesday, March 10, 2009 7:30 p.m. St. Mary’s Chapel Chaplet & Benediction Come spend some time with Jesus!
(postponed to 2nd Tuesday this month due to Lenten Penance Service)

REMINDER: A fund has been established for the families of the Turner Road explosion at Rockland Trust Bank. Anyone wishing to donate may do so at any branch. Please continue to keep the families in your prayers.

Pastoral Reflections:
In the scriptures this weekend, we are reminded that the trouble has passed. The flood waters have receded and new plants are growing. A rainbow spans the sky and connects heaven and the cleansed and renewed earth. God is present in covenant and promise. This knowledge can hold us fast and set us moving all at once. This is the beginning of Lent. It helps a lot to see the end or purpose of Lent, and this Sunday gives us the boost we need. The opening reading from Genesis is surely among the most often told and well-loved. But, for all its charm and easy adaptation for children, the story of Noah carries deep meanings for mature people of faith. This reading tells the story of God’s first covenant with the chosen people. The covenant comes as something of a surprise. It is not just a small arrangement between God and Noah’s little family. This covenant is explicit, unilateral, and universal. What a great new beginning! This covenant, unbidden and unexpected, is made with Noah after the known world had drowned itself in its own willfulness and sinfulness. Noah, a just and good man, escaped with his family and a pair of each living creature. Rarely must one begin all over again, but this seems to be the lot of Noah—and of God, too. The reseeded world is the story of a second chance given by a patient God to a faithful man and his family, and alas, his menagerie. The ark floating on the water is a miniature, saved world. Everything that is needed is present. The first letter of Peter, which is our second reading this Sunday, refers to the story of Noah and uses it to illustrate a new understanding of water in salvation history. Noah’s small and sufficient ark escaped “through the water.” Peter sees this image of water not as a killing deluge, but as water that supports and sustains. The water to which Peter refers is the water of salvation, not of death. The Gospel proclamation is so brief we almost miss it. Mark’s Gospel assumes a world view that sees Jesus as the Savior, Son of God, and bearer of the Holy Spirit. This Spirit drives Jesus into the waterless desert, where he encounters and no doubt struggles with Satan. This struggle is a cameo of his entire mission of struggling with and finally overcoming the power of evil. For forty days, that is, for a sufficient time, Jesus takes on and subdues the power of evil. Jesus then emerges, almost explodes, into the unsuspecting and relatively tranquil world of Palestine. He comes among a people going about their daily business and announces a time of fulfillment. A fresh, new day is upon us, he announces. God is here and seeks our repentance and our faith. Jesus tells the people of his homeland that the reign of God is at hand. That is the main issue. He doesn’t first remind them of their destructive ways. Jesus is definitely not the hell-andbrimstone preacher the self-righteous seem to think most of us deserve to hear. Jesus does not spend his time bawling us out, as it were. Rather, he first sets before us promise and fullness, and only then does he ask us to take it in and take on the work of conversion. The reign of God is at hand, and we need only to open our hands to seize it. Our hands cannot be shaped to fists, and though a kind of dying must occur, we need not face it with whiteknuckle determination, as if everything depended on us. We begin well when we focus on what is to be gained, not on what is to be given up. Only by focusing on the end of the lenten journey—Easter—will we be able to muster the courage and persistence needed for renunciation and repentance.

Father Brian

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Grade 9 meets on Sunday, March 1 and Sunday, March 8 at their regular class time. Grade 10 meets next on Sunday, March 22 at their regular class time. Grades 3 - 10 Advent Penance Services will take place on Tuesday, March 3 in the church.
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Through the Waters of Baptism, we are so pleased to welcome into our parish community the following little parishioners who were baptized recently: Alyza Maria Tavares William James Roman Jack Kenneth Grybauskas Audrey Patricia Sears Kristen Emily Grybauskas Ryan Jason Tullish Jason Christopher Corcione Grace Virginia Mary Harrington Liam Franklin Leonard Barnes Congratulations! PINE STREET INN THANK YOU! A belated thank you to all the children in our religious education classes for their very generous response for toiletries for the ladies at Pine Street Inn. One hundred bags were filled with 8 different items. Special thanks to Kathy Gaughan for collecting hundreds of chapsticks at St. Paul’s School in Hingham. A huge THANK YOU to Mary Ferriter for sewing 100 gingham cloth bags. We greatly appreciate all her time and effort.

Grades 3, 4 & 5 from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Grades 6 - 10 & Adults from 7:00 - 7:45 p.m.

Children will be dismissed after receiving the Sacrament. We ask all parents to join us or wait at the back of the church for your child. Please feel free to join us for the Sacrament! There will be no classes this week for grades 3 - 8...They are to attend the Penance Services in place of class. Grade 10 Confirmation retreat will take place on Saturday, March 7. Please pray for all our Confirmation Candidates on this day!

It’s not too late! Season Two of ARISE Together in Christ begins this Sunday, March 1, 2009. We encourage all parishioners to sign up for ARISE and be part of small faith sharing groups that are forming here at St. Mary of the Nativity. Even if you did not participate during the first season of ARISE held in October, we invite you to participate during this Lenten Season. You can sign up by completing a card (in the church pews or they are available at the Parish Center) and dropping it by the Parish Center. Come and join us as we “Change Our Hearts” and Arise Together in Christ. Please contact Michelle at 781-545-3335 ext. 217 for more information. Please help stop the Freedom of Choice Act. This act would repeal many of the legal restrictions on abortion and would take away freedom of conscience protection for health care workers opposed to performing abortions. See for more information. There are pre-printed cards at the entrance to the church and chapel that you may fill out and send to your senator and congressman.

Sacred Heart Information Night at St. Mary’s Parish Center You are cordially invited to attend an Admissions Information Reception for students interested in Grades 7 thru 12 for the academic year 2009-2010 on Thursday evening, March 5, 2009 from 7:00-8:00PM. The meeting will be held in St. Mary’s Parish Center in Classroom 4. Sacred Heart is a private, Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school located on the Kingston/Plymouth town line. An educational ministry of the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence, Sacred Heart has been educating young men and women of the South Shore and Cape Cod for over a half century. Families are welcomed to stop by the Parish Center and meet the faculty and staff of Sacred Heart and answer any questions you may have regarding the admissions process.
The Vocation Cross Program: The Vocation Cross is available for any and all parishioners interested in praying for an increase in religious vocations. To reserve the cross for one week, please sign the sheet at the entrance to the church. The Vocation Committee

Saint John’s Seminary invites you to its first annual Rev. Daniel J. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Mass and Dinner, March 7, 2009. Join Fr. Dan’s family and friends for an evening of remembrance. Mass will be celebrated in the Saint John’s Chapel and a reception and dinner will follow in the seminary refectory. For more information, please contact the seminary at 617-746-5422 or email Kathleen Heck at St. Joseph Retreat Center, 339 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset invites you to the following programs. Besides scheduled events, the retreat house is often available for individual or group private retreats. For more information and to register, visit our website, or call 781-383-6024/6029.
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2009 BOSTON CATHOLIC CONFERENCES CONTE FORUM BOSTON COLLEGE, CHESTNUT HILL, MA 2009 Men’s Conference - Saturday, April 18, 2009 “In the Footsteps of Christ” - Speakers include Jim Caviezel (pending), Coach Jerry York, Curtis Martin, Jim Stenson, Cardinal Sean O’Malley and many others 2009 Women's Conference - Sunday April 19, 2009 (Divine Mercy Sunday) "Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart” - Speakers include Kerri & Jim Caviezel (pending), Johnnette Benkovic, Sr. Nancy Keller, Dr. Mary Healy, Dr. Karen Bohlin and many others. Premium Tickets Available - The first 1500 seats sold for each Conference earn premium (floor tickets) for Conte Forum. For tickets and more information, see their website: Come to the Sea: A Women’s Weekend March 20 - 22, 2009 Mount Carmel Villa, Nahant, MA Are you about 20 - 40 years of age? Are you looking for time for quiet, listening and praying with other women? Then, this retreat is for you. The Sisters of St. Joseph invite you for the day or for the weekend. Call 617-7462045, email: marytheresa.o’ or visit: for more information. Curious about annulments? The staff at the Marriage Tribunal wants to answer your questions! We are available Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm, whether it is to answer general questions about the annulment process, to assist you with the necessary paperwork or to offer you a referral to a priest, deacon or pastoral associate in your area who can help. So, please call 617-746-5900 if you or someone you love would benefit from this ministry. MASTER OF ARTS IN MINISTRY: Clergy, pastoral staff, pastoral council members and other lay leaders are invited to participate in the 2009 Co-Workers in the Vineyard Conference scheduled for Friday, March 20th from 9:30 - 3:30 at the Campion Renewal Center in Weston, MA. The topic is "Hope for the Parish of the Future." This conference is sponsored by the Master of Arts in Ministry Program and the Office of Clergy Support and Ongoing Formation and co-sponsored by many of the Archdiocesan pastoral offices with support from Our Sunday Visitor. This is an excellent opportunity for a day of updating/renewal for parish pastoral staffs and pastors. Register with Ruth Cox:

Morning of Prayer: Monday, March 16, “Praying the Celtic Way”, 9:00-11:45. Days of Prayer: Sunday, March 15, Day of Prayer For Those Experiencing Separation or Divorce, 9:003:30; Saturday, March 21, 12-Step Spirituality, 9:004:30; Sunday, March 22, A Day of Healing for Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse, 9:00-3:30. Weekend Retreats: March 20-22; March 27-29, Directed Prayer Weekend or Private Retreat; March 68, Quiet Lenten Weekend. Holy Week Triduum, April 9-12.



HEALING MASS this Tuesday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s, Hingham. Fr. Chris Palladino will be the celebrant. Those who have serious illnesses or who are awaiting surgery may receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Others are invited to come forward at the end of Mass for the Laying On of Hands for their own or others’ needs. Project Rachel is the post-abortion ministry of the Catholic Church to help those dealing with the pain of abortion. Project Rachel will offer a “Come to the Waters” postabortion healing retreat on Saturday, March 21. For more information and registration, call 508-651-3100 or help@ All calls are confidential. South Shore Brain Aneurysm Support Group meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:00 - 8:30 pm Norwell Visiting Nurse Association 91 Longwater Circle, Norwell, MA

March 11 April 8

May 13

For information, contact Laurie Galvin at 781-659-2342 or Tom Quirk at 617-513-3578 or

PRAYER FOR OUR TROOPS: Almighty God and Father, hold our servicemen and women in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior. Amen. Please pray for the safety of our loved ones serving our country on active duty: 2nd Class Petty Officer Sean Walsh, USN; Sgt. John J. Joyce, USMC; Cpl. Joseph P. Joyce, USMC; Cmdr. William Devine, Navy Chaplain; Corp. Dennis P. Harrison, USMC; Carl Jesse Knight, Jr., USN; Sgt. Craig DeCosta, USMC; Lt. Col. James Fitzgerald, III, US Army; Specialist Matthew Paulin, US Army; Airman Ross Hendrigan, USAF; CPO Frederick Lieder, Jr., USN; Staff Sergeant Edward Ford; Cpl. Collin Sullivan; Lt. Douglas Healey; Sgt. Philip J. Fernandes; Capt. Peter Denis Murphy, USN; CPL Justin T. Yanosick, US Army; LTC Glenn Walsh, US Army; Sgt. Joseph D. Slater, US Army; LTJG Patrick J. O’Brien, USN; Michael Daly, USMC; Pvt. Nolan P. Redden, USMC; Petty Officer Jeffrey Yeaton, US Navy; LCPL Tyler Domingos, USMC; Major John F. Donahue, USAF; LTC David E. Thompson, US Army; Pvt. 1st Class Keeghan O’Brien, USMC; Pvt. Andrew McElroy, Ranger, E2 Scott J. Gustafson, USN; Lt. Col. John B. Atkinson, USMC; Spc. Kevin Bowker; AFC Michael McCarthy, USAF, WO Patrick Russo, US Army, 3rd Class Petty Officer Joseph G. Obert, Jr., USCG, Spc. Sean Brosnan, US Army, 1st Class Petty Officer Paul Campagna, USN , Lt. Aaron R. Bomar, USN, Major Neil B. Doherty, US Army, Major Kevin M. Doherty, USMC, CW02 Ian Hamilton, US Army and Sgt. Christopher Kilduff, US Army.

Saturday, February 28 8:15 Christina Rossetti (Birthday Memorial) 3:30 Confessions 4:30 Jim, Margaret & Agnes Dwyer (In Loving Memory) Sunday, March 1 7:00 Stephen Eggers (In Loving Memory) 8:30 Carole & James Francis (In Loving Memory) 10:00 Judy Snelders (In Loving Memory) 11:30 Kathleen Martino (8th Anniversary—In Loving Memory) Monday, March 2 7:30 Tuesday, March 3 7:30 4:30 Grade 3, 4 & 5 Penance Service 7:00 pm Grades 6 - 10 & Adult Penance Service Wednesday, March 4 7:30 Salvatore Maulucci (In Loving Memory) Thursday, March 5 7:30 Friday, March 6—First Friday 7:30 Ruth Moran (In Loving Memory) 4:45 Evening Prayer & Benediction 7:00 Stations of the Cross Saturday, March 7 8:15 Enrique, Guilhermina, Luis & Floripa Ribeiro (In Loving Memory) 3:30 Confessions 4:30 Joseph Pallotta & David Olson Sunday, March 8 7:00 8:30 Marguerite Tondorf (In Loving Memory) 10:00 Margaret O’Neill (In Loving Memory) 11:30 Frank & Stephen Hanlon (In Loving Memory) Our Church is open: Monday ~ Friday 7:00 am ~ 6:00 pm Saturday 7:00 am until after the Vigil Mass Sunday 6:45 am until after the 11:30 am Mass The Rosary is said every weekday morning after the 7:30 am Mass and also on Saturday after the 8:15 am Mass. On the First Saturday of every month after the 8:15 am Mass, the rosary is said in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

CALLING CARDS FOR SOLDIERS IN IRAQ I have been collecting $10 calling cards for my son, Spc. Matthew Paulin and his unit FBtry, 109th FA from PA for the past year. Each soldier received a calling card with their name on it and a small token for the holidays so they could call home. Matthew returned home October 14, 2006. Over 400 cards were sent to his unit. Since Matthew and his unit are home safely, it’s time for me to adopt another unit and continue my mission. If you are interested, please call Allison Voelger at 781545-6730, or you can email me at Calling Cards can be purchased at Walmart or grocery stores. Thank you for your support. PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS In the Spirit, we pray for vocations, remembering the words of Pope John Paul II: “A vocation is a grace and a gift of God in Jesus Christ. This awareness of the divine gift gives our vocation its deep meaning, in the perspective of our whole life.” Open our life to this gift. Amen.

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