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					                                       Meeting Minutes
           S:\BBR\BBRS\AGENDA\2009 Agenda\12_December\BBRS Minutes December 8 2009
A meeting of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) was held at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday,
December 8, 2009 @ the Ashburton Café, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA.
Alexander (Sandy) MacLeod (SM), Chairman - Registered Architect
Rob Anderson (RA) -Chief of Inspections- Buildings
Timothee Rodrique (TR) – Designee for Steven Coan, State Fire Marshal, DFS
Brian Gale (BG) – Building Official from a town
Jerry Ludwig (JL) -Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical)
William Middlemiss (WM) -Head of a Local Fire Department
Stanley Shuman (SS) -General Contractor of Commercial/Industrial Buildings
Harry Smith (HS) -One- and Two-Family Homebuilders
Gary Moccia (GM), Vice-Chairman- Registered Professional Engineer (Structural)
Douglas Semple(DS) -Building Official from a City
Membership Vacant -Representative of Building Trades

Tom Riley (TMR), Don Finocchio (DF), and Mike Guigli (MSG) from DPS were present as well as others as
indicated on the attendance sheet, which is on file at the Board. A table of acronyms is found below. These
minutes contain some record of discussion but essentially just motions, seconds, votes, and actions.

                                                                                  Board Approval

                                                                                                                          Time Stamp*
                                                          Motion by

                                                                      Second by

                       Subject                                                                     Action Item


                                               Public Hearing
The Public Hearing portion of the meeting was called to order by SM. at 1:06 p.m. This Public Hearing
was held in Boston at the Ashburton Café at One Ashburton Place. The attendance list is on file at DPS
and it is noted that the list may not have reached all attendees or that some attendees may have
chosen to not sign in. After SM read opening remarks DF briefly described the amendments including:
Chapter 1, 2 , and 51 deletion of HIC and temporary use for DPH issues, Chapter 4, movie and TV
production facilities, Chapter 34, various structural engineering provisions, and Appendix 120 G.
There was testimony on Chapter 34 by Curtis Meskus about the requirements for level 1 work. It was
noted that the comment period ends on January 11, 2009, and that some of these proposed
amendments are currently active temporarily under recent emergency votes by BBRS; and that a vote
was needed to ensure their continuity until BBRS votes them permanent after the comment period.
Motion made by BG to extend as necessary emergency amendments, seconded by TR, with unanimous BBRS
vote. At the end of this discussion SM closed the public hearing at approximately 1:20 p.m.
                                                  Old Business
Item #1. Meeting Minutes (when approved, minutes
                                                                                     Upload to
will be uploaded to the web): Board Vote requested on WM             HS     Yes                   MSG                    14.40
November 10, 2009 meeting minutes/action items.
                                                                                          Board Approval

                                                                                                                                  Time Stamp*
                                                                  Motion by

                                                                              Second by
                          Subject                                                                          Action Item

Item #4. CSL Continuing Education: Proposal on hold at A & F. RA noted that the DPS
Commissioner has requested a meeting with A& F to get them to release the document to hold                               RA      14.48
a public hearing.
Item #5. Sheet Metal Board Status. Board has been meeting twice a month and has developed
                                                                                                                         MSG     19.30
a regulation to go to public hearings; there will be four in January, 2010.
                                                      New Business
Item #1. Approval of New CSLs: Total = 71 between
                                                                  TR      HS     Yes                                     MSG     21.15
November 4, 2009 and December 3, 2009.
Item #2. Request for reinstatement of CSL beyond
the one-year expiration period:
- Randy Boyle, CSL #67667 w/ medical justification
- Joseph Roffi, CSL # 35393 w/ medical justification              HS      BG     Yes
                                                                                         MSG to initiate
- Mark Goetemann, CSL #55331 w/ medical
                                                                                           CSL license
                                                                                         process pending                 MSG     21.26
Request for approval of grandfather application for
                                                                                        receipt of original
specialty CSL.
- Mario Sabatine for roofing only CSL with medical                BG      HS     Yes
- Bert L. Mosher for roofing, windows, siding, and
demo CSL with medical justification
Item #4. ‘Special’ Qualifications for BBRS
Consideration in Sitting for the CSL Exam
 Steve Hodgetts recommended to sit for the restricted                                    MSG to issue                           22.35
                                                                  HS     WM Yes                                          MSG
     One & Two Family CSL exam.                                                               emails
 Daniel Phan, Lonn Beaudin, and David Naginewicz
     recommended to sit for the unrestricted CSL exam
Item #5. 8th edition, Chapter 34 Team
A brief presentation of the current status of the proposed 8th edition existing building code
                                                                                                                         MSG     26.08
covered these topics: Historic buildings, Substantial Renovation and Fire Protection
Requirements, Egress, and Structural Provisions
Item #6. 8th edition, amendment changes since last meeting.
A motion was made by TR, second by RA, to move the 8th edition with changes from the BCCC
December 9, 2009 meeting as discussed and presented by DF to February 9, 2010 public hearing with
the proviso that townhouses are covered by R-2 height and area requirements, and that seismic and fire
protection requirements are in accordance with the base code for R use, and that appropriate townhouse                           58.38
language is added to the One and Two-Family Dwelling Code and with a second proviso that the
language from the 6th edition pertaining to sections 121.6, 121. 7, and 121.8 replace 116.1, 116.2,
116.2.1 and 116.2.2, 116.2.3 in the 8th edition. BBRS vote was unanimous. DF to initiate 485 process.
Item #8. E-memo to building officials on MGL c. 148 s. 26G
In order to apprise the enforcement community of this new statute RA reviewed a draft of this                            RA
for BBRS discussion. Several edits were made. RA to issue final e-memo.
                                                                                       Board Approval

                                                                                                                              Time Stamp*
                                                               Motion by

                                                                           Second by
                         Subject                                                                        Action Item

Item #9. Concrete Test Labs for CY 2010
                                                                                           TMR to apprise
BBRS voted to approve all Labs on spreadsheet
                                                                                             BBRS of any
‘CONCRETE TESTING LAB APPLICATIONS 2010                            TR     BG       Yes                     TMR                1:06
                                                                                               CTLs not
BBRS 12-8-09’ with condition that staff review and
                                                                                              meeting R1
confirm compliance with 780 CMR 110.R1 regulation.
Item #10. DPS website update
MSG apprised the BBRS of two new FAQs. One ‘electronic seal and signature’ and another on MSG                                 1:17
‘useful www links’. MSG to forward to Tary Meas for posting to web.
Item #12. Vote requested to revoke Building Official Certification for failure to notify DPS of
forwarding address and/or for failure to maintain certification.
-Robert Bersani, Inspector of Buildings / Building Commissioner 94-03-001
-Frank DiPaolo, Local Inspector 99-12-1121
-Brent Getchell, Local Inspector 04-06-1353
-Brian Jeannotte, Local Inspector 00-09-1166
-D. Robert Nicetta, Inspector of Buildings / Building Commissioner 92-11-384
There was discussion based on changing language to expiration rather than revocation and
noncompliance of education hours. A motion was made WM and second by TR to rescind the certification of
the individuals above. BBRS vote was unanimous.
Item #13. Energy Code Training
At a previous meeting a proposal was made to increase the amount of training hours and
hours for code specific training on energy. The BBRS requested that the MA Federation of
Building Officials make a recommendation on the subject. MFBO issued a letter that addressed
several topics, but relative to energy code training their recommendation was as follows. ”The
hours required to get the appropriate training in the energy & stretch code should be placed on top of the
now 45 hours required for building officials to maintain our certification, but still count towards that
recertification.”                                                                                          TMR                1:25
Alissa Whiteman and Ian Finlayson gave updates on the training status. There was also
testimony on this subject with several suggestions on providing this training at low or no cost
to builders. Also testimony revealed the pushback from attending training that building
official sometime experience from appointing authorities. Each training session will be about 5
hours. At the close of this discussion it was suggested that a joint memo be sent by the DPS
commissioner and a MA environmental official to all cities and towns, stating that the training hours
are mandatory. RA action as required.
Item #14. Nomination and vote for BBRS chair and
vice-chair for year 2010.
                                                                  RA       HS      Yes                                        1:47
Nomination made to re-elect current chair and vice
chair, Alexander Macleod and Gary Moccia
Item #15. Other: Announcement: Brian Gale has decided to resign from FPFP due to a number
of missed meetings and has recommended Louise Vera, State Building Inspector to take his
                                                                                                           TMR                1:49
seat. SM appointed Ms. Vera to the FPFP committee seat. Also, TMR apprised the BBRS that the
IECC 2009 will be effective in January 2010.
Adjourn                                                                            Yes                                        1:50
         * Minutes by MSG and time stamp indicates location on digital tape recording.

                                               Table of Acronyms
  BCCC          Building Code Coordinating Council which is responsible for identifying conflict or duplication of CMRs
 BOWM                                              Building Officials of Western MA
  CMR                          Code of Massachusetts Regulation (780 CMR is the State Building Code)
   CSL                                              Construction Supervisor License
   CTL                                                 Concrete Test Laboratory
   DPL                                            Division of Professional Licensure
   DPS                                                Department of Public Safety
   EEA                                            Energy and Environmental Affairs
   ESR                                      Evaluation Service Report (issued by the ICC)
   HIC                                              Home Improvement Contractor
   IBC                                                International Building Code
  IECC                                         International Energy Conservation Code
   ISD                                             Inspectional Services Department
   LAC                                                Loads Advisory Committee
 MBCIA                           Massachusetts Building Commissioners and Inspectors Association
  MGL                                                      MA General Law
 NFPA                                            National Fire Protection Association
 OCABR                                  Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
OTFRSC                                  One & Two Family Residential Sprinkler Committee
SEBANE                                   Solar Energy Business Association of New England
SEMBOA                                    Southeastern MA Building Officials Association