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South African wine industry and international trade


South Africa is one of the best producing wine countries in the world. It is among the top ten world wine producing countries. Wine is a vital export product for South Africa.

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									               South African Wine Industry and the International Trade

This article/paper seeks to give an analysis of SA wine industry importance in SA
economy and agric trade. As well as its share in SA world wine exports and its
export market destinations.

                                                  1. Overview
South African wine industry is one of the competitive industries in the world. It
produces one of the best quality wines in the world. It is among the top ten
leading wine producing countries with a share of 3% of the world wine. It plays a
significant role in SA agricultural trade and economy. Its contribution to the GDP
is 10% starting from 20031.Nearly to one billion liters (782, 2 million)2 grapes are
harvested per year and 65% of that is used for making wine3. Thousands of
people are earning a living from it4. The leading producing wine areas of South
Africa are Stellenbosch, Paarl
                                        2. SA wine industry trade
This sub-section presents the snapshot profile of the world wine leading
countries and their shares in 
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