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                                                                                         Certificate of
Company                                                     City                 State   Registration
A Quality Fire Extinguisher                                 North Brookfield     MA      CR 234
A. C. & M. Fire Equipment                                   Concord              MA      CR 36
A1 Restaurant Ventilation                                   Everett              MA      CR 4643
Adams Fire Suppression, Inc.                                Weare                NH      CR 4620
Addilex Fire Protection LLC                                 Bradford             MA      CR 4659
Advanced Safety Systems, Inc.                               Peabody              MA      CR 74
Alarm Applications, Inc.                                    Colchester           CT      CR 1103
Alert Fire Equipment, Inc.                                  Malden               MA      CR 118
Alert Fire Protection, Inc.                                 Cranston             RI      CR 4606
All State Fire Equipment Boston                             Wakefield            MA      CR 4612
All State Fire Equipment Co., Inc. of CT                    Bristol              CT      CR 1097
All State Fire Equipment of NH                              Windsor              NH      CR 4628
All State Fire Equipment of RI                              Barrington           RI      CR 4639
Allied Commercial Equipment                                 Charlestown          MA      CR 4611
Allstate Fire Equipment, Inc. (W Springfield)               West Springfield     MA      CR 4059
Allstate Fire Protection, Inc. of RI                        Lincoln              RI      CR 4629
American Fire Equipment Co., Inc.                           South Easton         MA      CR 158
ASAP Fire & Safety Corporation                              Tyngsboro            MA      CR 4608
Atwood Fire and Security                                    West Springfield     MA      CR 4644
Automatic Fire Systems, Inc.                                North Reading        MA      CR 65
Baker Fire Equipment Co., Inc.                              Worcester            MA      CR 071
Bay State Fire Protection Corp.                             Woburn               MA      CR 102
Beauchesne Fire Equipment                                   Attleboro Falls      MA      CR 4661
B-Lann Equipment Company, Inc.                              Troy                 NY      CR 4653
Boston Fire Extinguisher Co., Inc.                          Lynn                 MA      CR 116
Boston Fire Protection                                      Charlestown          MA      CR 4630
Boston Fire Systems, Inc.                                   Lynn                 MA      CR 123
C. B . K. Fire Systems                                      Holbrook             MA      CR 4650
Ceasefire Fire Protection Co.                               Fall River           MA      CR 4585
Central Maine Fire Pros LLC                                 Belgrade             ME      CR 4648
Cintas Corporation #2                                       Shrewsbury           MA      CR 4656
Cintas Fire Protection (CT)                                 Plainville           CT      CR 86
Cintas Fire Protection (RI)                                 Pawtucket            RI      CR 4605
Clinton Fire Protection                                     Clinton              MA      CR 237
Colby Fire Protection                                       Rochdale             MA      CR 190
CS Ventilation                                              Wakefield            MA      CR 240
Davco Security Systems Inc.                                 Saugus               MA      CR 4647
Dependable Fire & Safety, Inc.                              Greenfield           MA      CR 198
Dorchester Fire Patrol                                      Quincy               MA      CR 120
Downdraft Technologies Inc.                                 Greenland            NH      CR 4603
Eagle Fire Safety, Inc.                                     Tewksbury            MA      CR 1093
East Coast Fire & Ventilation, Inc.                         Wareham              MA      CR 4613
Eastern Fire Pro                                            Woonsocket           RI      CR 4626
Elite Action Fire Extinguishing Equip. & Service, Inc.      Huntington Station   NY      CR 4635
Environmental Fire Protection, Inc.                         Marlborough          MA      CR 4654
Extreme Fire Protection                                     Paxton               MA      CR 4660
F.M. Firecontrol Co., Inc.                                  West Roxbury         MA      CR 3
Fire & Safety Engineering, Inc.                             Holden               MA      CR 21
Fire Alarm & Safety Technologies, Inc.                      Pelham               NH      CR 192

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Fire Code Design LLC                                  Boston            MA   CR 4655
Fire Control Systems                                  Westfield         MA   CR 232
Fire Equipment, Inc.                                  Medford           MA   CR 75
Fire Extinguisher Service Co., Inc.                   Walpole           MA   CR 119
Fire Extinguisher Service Co., Inc. (FESCO)           Warwick           RI   CR 90
Fire Fighting Equipment                               Three Rivers      MA   CR 73
Fire Pro Tec N.E., Inc.                               Gardner           MA   CR 70
Fire Protection Services, Inc.- Fire Pro              Fall River        MA   CR 222
Firesafe Corporation                                  Woburn            MA   CR 4623
Firex, Inc.                                           Portsmouth        RI   CR 224
Framingham Fire & Safety Co.                          Framingham        MA   CR 223
General Fire Extinguisher, Inc.                       Taunton           MA   CR 22
Glynn Fire Protection                                 Plymouth          MA   CR 4627
Gorham Fire Appliance Co.                             West Quincy       MA   CR 112
Gorham Fire Equipment Co., Inc.                       South Boston      MA   CR 137
Graves Fire Protection, Inc.                          Lunenburg         MA   CR 13
Greasebusters                                         Concord           NH   CR 4649
Griffin Fire & Safety, Inc.                           Dedham            MA   CR 202
H.D. Mechanical & Welding                             Weare             NH   CR 4632
Hampshire Fire Protecton Co.                          Londonderry       NH   CR 4642
Hiller N.E. Fire Protection                           Wilmington        MA   CR 241
Hoodco Systems, Inc.                                  Tewksbury         MA   CR 4337
ICS Fire Systems, Inc.                                Tewksbury         MA   CR 43
Interstate Fire & Safety                              Greenwich         CT   CR 4622
Interstate Fire Protection, Inc.                      N Conway          NH   CR 227
Island Fire Protection                                Quincy            MA   CR 4617
Keane Fire & Safety Equipment Co., Inc.               Waltham           MA   CR 29
Liberty Supply, Inc.                                  Leominster        MA   CR 163
LRC Fire Safety, LLC                                  Manchester        NH   CR 4340
Mammoth Fire Protection Systems Inc.                  Lowell            MA   CR 4663
Marlboro Fire Extinguisher, Inc.                      Marlboro          MA   CR 49
Martell Fire Equipment                                Billerica         MA   CR 242
Martin Striker Services                               Webster           MA   CR 4640
Massachusetts Fire Technologies                       W Springfield     MA   CR 165
Mencia Fire Appliance Co.                             Lawrence          MA   CR 4634
Mercier Electric & Communications                     Dracut            MA   CR 4652
Metro South Fire Equipment                            Holbrook          MA   CR 233
Metro USA Fire Protection, Inc.                       Pawtucket         RI   CR 4329
Modular Protection Corporation                        Lenexa            KS   CR 4645
New England Fire & Safety                             Medford           MA   CR 187
New England Fire Patrol, Inc.                         Quincy            MA   CR 121
New England Fire Suppression                          Bennington        VT   CR 4631
North Atlantic Fire & Safety Equipment Co., Inc.      Hopedale          MA   CR 4332
North Attleboro Fire Extinguisher                     North Attleboro   MA   CR 51
North East Fire & Safety, Inc.                        Bellingham        MA   CR 1
North Shore Fire Appliance Co.                        Wenham            MA   CR 106
Northland Fire & Safety Co.                           Greenville        RI   CR 197
O'Connell Fire Protection                             Worcester         MA   CR 185
Perry & Sullivan, Inc.                                Hyannis           MA   CR 4333
Perry Fire & Safety, Inc.                             Bristol           RI   CR 239
Pittsfield Fire & Safety Co.                          Pittsfield        MA   CR 1092
Plymouth County Fire Extg. Service                    Brockton          MA   CR 83

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Prescott H. Peirce Co., Inc.                     Providence        RI   CR 96
Prime Fire and Ventilation                       New Bedford       MA   CR 4633
Quality Fire Protection, Inc.                    Haverhill         MA   CR 229
R.E. Lyons & Son Fire Equipment Co.              Rockland          MA   CR 44
Ralph J. Perry, Inc.                             Hyannis           MA   CR 17
Reliable Fire Protection                         North Oxford      MA   CR 153
Roybal & Sons Fire Equipment Co.                 Middlefield       CT   CR 1088
Simplex Grinnell L.P.                            East Berlin       CT   CR 4604
Simplex Grinnell LP                              Worcester         MA   CR 4651
Simplex Grinnell LP (NH)                         Nashua            NH   CR 16
Simplex Grinnell LP-RI                           East Providence   RI   CR 105
Southeastern Fire Equipment, Inc.                New Bedford       MA   CR 114
State Line Equipment, Inc.                       Blackstone        MA   CR 31
Steve E. Young Co.                               New Bedford       MA   CR 194
Suburban Fire Equipment                          Arlington         MA   CR 4637
Suppression Systems, Inc.                        Pennsburg         PA   CR 186
Tiverton Fire & Safety                           Tiverton          RI   CR 85
Tri State Fire Protection, LLC                   Nashua            NH   CR 4636
Wamsutta Fire Extinguisher Co.                   New Bedford       MA   CR 131
Yankee Sprinkler Co., Inc.                       South Easton      MA   CR 4602

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