How to use Orthotics?

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By: Apple Osborne
How to use Orthotics?

              This article shows the proper way on how to use orthotics, what
    they are and how they work.

   * The word orthotic comes from the Greek ‘ortho’ – to correct. The correct
    term for orthotic is foot orthosis (plural: orthoses) which means a device
    designed to correct the foot.
   * Orthotic insoles are a device placed inside the patient’s shoes with the
    purpose of correcting faulty foot function.
   * Faulty foot functions includes, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Pain under the ball of
    the foot, Bunion, dis-alignment and many more.
Custom-made foot orthotics can:
* correct an abnormal walking pattern
* reduce pain
* provide support
* prevent or protect against worsening foot
* provide better positioning (foot alignment)
relieve pressure on a certain area of the foot
* improve the overall mechanics of the foot and
lower extremity
Guide on how to use your Orthotics
1. Start out wearing your orthotics for only one hour
the first day. Increase each day by increments of one
hour, so the third day wear your orthotics for three
2. If you experience any achenes, cramping or
bruising sensations, stop wearing your orthotics for the
day. There is no rush. Your orthotics are working to undo
damage which took years in the making. Your foot is
your best doctor and when it starts to hurt, listen. Some
people can only wear the orthotics for 15 minutes the
first day.
3. Be sure to use the correct size of shoe and style
with your orthotic. Your doctor will advise you on proper
shoe gear. It is generally best to wear shoes with deep
heel seats for best control and to reduce heel slippage.
Remove all arch supports or inserts from shoes before
inserting new orthotics.
4. Your health care provider will want to follow up
with an orthotic check in four weeks, which is when most
patients begin wearing their orthotics comfortably.
IMPORTANT: If you have persistent foot pain, ask your
doctor if foot orthotics would help you.

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Description: This article shows the proper way on how to use orthotics, what they are and how they work.