Individual Analysis In the Field, Good Form, Field Trip

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					           Individual Analysis: In the Field, Good Form, Field Trip
In the Field
1) What event does this story follow?
2) Why is the young soldier unidentified?
3) How does Jimmy Cross feel about what happened?
4) What, according to Azar, is ironic about Kiowa’s death?
5) What do the men think about who is responsible?
6) What do we learn about Jimmy Cross?
7) What does Cross want to write to Kiowa’s father?
8) What was the experience of the young soldier? How does he feel?
9) How do the men feel after they find Kiowa? What guilt accompanies this?
10) What does Bowker mean: “Nobody’s fault . . . Everybody’s?”
What truth does Cross think he’ll write to Kiowa’s father?
11) Who can be blamed?
Good Form
1) What is the point of this piece?
2) What alternatives does he offer to “The Man I Killed” & “Ambush”?
3) What is the difference between “happening truth” and “story truth”?
4) What can stories do?
5) What does the end mean?
Field Trip
1) Why does O’Brien return to Vietnam?
2) How does the “shit field” look now?
3) How does O’Brien respond to Kathleen’s questions? Significance?
4) What “business” does he have here?
5) Why does he bury the moccasins?
6) What happens in the end of the story?

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