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TriZetto Web Development by ztb16782


									TriZetto Web Development

     TriZetto Transformation Services
 Outsourcing Makes Sense
“Outsourcing Web content and technology] should be the
low-cost strategy for most hospitals, physician groups and
health systems. For any provider that intends to offer
more than a simple directory of services or doctors,
outsourcing content and technology is the way to go…
Few companies have the expertise or hardware to
operate their own Internet sites.”
                           Scott Kirsner
                           Feb 2001,
                           Russ Coile’s Health Trends

             TriZetto Transformation Services
Web Development COE Focus
  Web Development Solutions
    Complete Internet Technical Powerhouse, Skill Sets
    Large to Small Scale Projects
    Adoption Format (Sensitivity to Human Factor)
     Generates Immediate ROI
    Outstanding Track Record of Highest Quality Work

  Technical Staff Augmentation
    Top Web Engineering and Internet Project Management
     Skill Sets Immediately Available

             TriZetto Transformation Services
 Internet Application               Staff Augmentation
  Development                          Languages: JAVA, C++
    Multi-Tier, Thin Client           Database: Oracle,
    Wireless                           Sybase, Informix, SQL
    Objects, Tools, and                Server
                                       Internet: Java Script,
    OO Methodologies, CMM              DHTML, CORBA, JDBC,
    Transactions                       VB Script, Web Design,
    External Integration               Application Servers, JSP,
    Architecture and Engineering       ASP
    JAVA or MS Technologies           Integration: HL7, XML
    Full development production

                TriZetto Transformation Services
 Can Utilize In-house or Customer’s Methodology
 Scalability: Ability to Expand to Meet Needs
 Combined Onsite/Offsite Resources
    Stay close to customer requirements
    Accelerated development
    Cost effective
 Integration with TZ to Deliver Total Solution

            TriZetto Transformation Services
          Depth of Experience
 Clinical Systems               Interface Design and
  Migration - Internet            Development
 Administrative Systems         Portal Development
  Migration – Internet           Integration of Legacy Apps
 Internet Software               on the Internet
  Development                    Management Outsourcing
      Multi-tier
      Wireless
      Java                         CIO, Dir. eBusiness
      EJB
      Java Script
       C++

                TriZetto Transformation Services
    Web Development Team
 Industry Experience (Clinical and non-Clinical)
    RNs, Medical Technologists, and HIS Professionals
    Enterprise Systems, Clinical Systems, Hospital Information
     Systems, Interface Engines, Decision Support Systems, and
     Ancillary Systems
 Project Managers, Systems Analysts, Software
  Engineers, System Architects
 Trivandrum Technology Center
    Internet Development Expertise
    Object Oriented Development

             TriZetto Transformation Services

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