School Fire Prevention

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					Fire Extinguishers &
Emergency Wash Stations
                                                  School Fire Reporting Law
                                                  MGL c.148 s.2A
527 CMR 10.02                                     OSFM Advisory 6/1/2006, 8/1/2006

Says where, how many and what kind                Requires schools to report all fires
of fire extinguishers and emergency                to the local fire department.
wash stations schools need.
Has testing and inspection requirements.
                                                  Requires fire departments to report all
                                                  school fires to the Mass. Fire Incident       in Schools
                                                  Reporting System (MFIRS).
Labs are required to have emergency
wash systems (showers) or fire
blankets and signage.                             No Smoking in Schools

Chemistry Labs                                    Fire Protection Systems
527 CMR 14                                        527 CMR 1.06, 527 CMR 11(Kitchen)
Permits and special storage arrangements          Requires schools to inspect, test and
may be required based on the type                 maintain fire alarm, fire sprinkler and
and quantity of chemicals stored.                 kitchen suppression systems.
Donʼt store chemicals alphabetically.
Think about the life cycle and                    Fire and Life Safety
hazardous waste disposal when                     Education
purchasing and storing chemicals.
                                                  MGL c.71 s.1
See 527 CMR 10 for emergency wash                 DOE Health Curriculum Frameworks
stations, fire blankets and signage.
                                                  The Student Awareness of Fire Education
                                                  or S.A.F.E. Program has trained firefighter-
General Housekeeping                              educators to work with classroom teachers.

Store cleaning chemicals in a safe and            Consider using fire safety topics for
secure area (not next to heat sources.)           practice MCAS essay questions.
Shut off the appliances in the                                                                                                                                            Kevin M. Burke
teacher/staff lounge each day.                            School fire prevention
                                                                                          Secretary of Public Safety

                                                        requires teamwork. Local


Teach kitchen fire safety to cafeteria staff and                                                    ���
                                                                                                                                                                          Stephen D. Coan

                                                      fire depatments want to work

                                                                                                                          S E RV I C E S

include them in fire drills. Kitchen fires are                                                                                                                              State Fire Marshal
                                                    closely with local school officials 


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one of the leading causes of fires in schools.

                                                                                                                                                                          P.O. Box 1025 - State Road

                                                      to create safe schools and to 




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                                                                                                                                                                          Stow, Massachusetts 01775



                                                        help keep them that way.

DFS/OSFM Mar ʻ07
A school is one of the most important
resources a community has. A fire                Place of Assembly                                Theatrical Special Effects
destroys costly bricks and mortars              (Theatres, Auditorium,                           527 CMR 2.09
but also the heart of the community.            Gym, Cafeteria)                                  OSFM Advisory 8/1/2003 and 1/5/2007
This pamphlet is designed to                    527 CMR 10.17                                    Need a permit from local fire department
give a quick summary of the fire                                                                  to use special effects and pyrotechnics
                                                Need a certificate of inspection
prevention regulations affecting                                                                 (including flash powder and flash paper).
                                                from the building official which
schools with directions on where to             will set the occupancy limit.                    Must be conducted by licensed individual.
find more detailed information.
                                                New severe penalties for violating occupancy     Failure to do so constitutes a violation of
Fire prevention laws can be found               limits and blocked egress, passed in the         MGL c148 s.34A with a $5,000 fine and/or
in MGL Chapter 148 and most fire                 aftermath of the fire at The Station nightclub.   2 1/2 years in prison - passed in the
prevention regulations affecting                                                                 aftermath of the fire at The Station nightclub.
                                                See School Wall Decoration
schools can be found in 527 Code of             regulations for proms, dances, etc.
Massachusetts Regulations (CMR)
10. The Department of Fire Servicesʼ            See regulations on drapery and curtains.         School Wall Decorations
website has these and many helpful                                                               (Uses of Paper Materials)
Office the State Fire Marshal (OSFM)             Upholstered Furniture,                           527 CMR 10.09 (5)

Advisories - and                                                                OSFM Advisory 10/21/2003, 11/1/2006

                                                Molded Chairs and Re-
look for OSFM Advisories under News                                                              DFS has an entire webpage devoted to
& Events and under Fire Prevention.
                                                Upholstered Furniture                            this topic: click on Fire
                                                527 CMR 29                                       Prevention then School Wall Regulations.
                                                OSFM Advisory 12/20/2002                          » FAQs
School Fire Drills
                                                Requirements are different for sprinklered        » Regulations Explained
527 CMR 10.09
OSFM Advisory 6/27/2001                         and unsprinklered buildings.                      » Overview
                                                Flammability testing                             Regulates how, where and how much paper
Fire Departments are required to conduct fire
                                                requirements for furniture.                      decorations may safely be displayed on walls
drills in schools four times a year including
                                                                                                 in sprinklered and unsprinklered buildings.
one within three days of the start of school.   Furniture should be resistant to fire. It
                                                can produce volumes of toxic smoke.              When building new schools, consider
                                                                                                 this regulation and include bulletin board
School Evacuation and                                                                            design to safely display paper materials.
Multi-Hazard Plans                              Decorations, Curtains,
                                                Draperies and Window
Section 363 of Chapter 159                                                                       Fire Lanes
of the Acts of 2000                             Treatments
                                                                                                 527 CMR 10.03
School superintendents are required to          527 CMR 21
meet with the local police and fire chiefs to                                                     Regulations on designation, maintenance
                                                Requires certification that these products        and preventing obstruction of fire lanes.
develop a multi-hazard evacuation plan.
                                                meet flammability standards.
                                                                                                 Keep clear at all times.