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       “I have deep reservations about imposing a higher sales tax on people during these difficult economic
times, especially at the risk of costing the Commonwealth jobs and at a time when we can least afford the
trade-off. Doing so without meaningful results on the reform agenda is unacceptable.”

                                                         Governor Deval Patrick, 4/27/09

Governor Patrick’s Reform Agenda
Transportation Reform:
    Real Savings: Governor Patrick’s legislation saves the Commonwealth over $40 million
      annually – the House and Senate versions achieve significantly less savings.
    Consolidation and Accountability: Abolish the Turnpike Authority, merge all transportation
      agencies, and eliminate separate Turnpike state police unit. Work to move MassHighway
      personnel off the capital budget
    Reform of Pension Rules: Move Turnpike and MBTA employees into state healthcare system,
      end the “23 and out” perk for employees with less than 10 years service, implement tort

Pension Reform:
   End the Abuses: Close loopholes and abuses in current pension system, including tightening
      section 10, eliminating the “One Day / One Year” rule, and eliminating disability loopholes.
   Real Savings: Apply new reforms to both current and future employees.

Ethics and Lobbying Reform:
    Restore the Public Trust: In January, the Governor called on the Legislature to join him in
       passing a strong ethics bill in 30 days. That was over 100 days ago – the public can’t wait any
       longer to tighten current laws and implement stronger penalties and lobbying reforms.

Municipal Reform:
   Take the Pressure off the Property Tax: Eliminate the telecomm exemption, provide
      communities an easier path into the cost-saving GIC, and provide towns with the ability to
      pursue “local-option” meals and hotel taxes.

Budget Reform:
   Responsible Solutions: Limit earmarks, reduce long-term structural deficits by dedicating a
     portion of future capital gain increase to the rainy-day fund, continue balanced budget
     approach of cuts, reforms, new revenue and appropriate use of federal and rainy day funds.

Massachusetts Works
Governor Patrick’s reform agenda is a continuation of the partnership with the State Legislature that
has delivered, over the past two years, responsible, long-term solutions for the people of the
Commonwealth. Together, they have made a commitment to job growth and economic development
through a $1B life science initiative, passage of nationally-recognized clean energy and
environmental bills, and regional economic development and transportation initiatives. In addition,
Governor Patrick and the Legislature have maintained a commitment to education funding in
historically-difficult economic times, helped to bring affordable health care coverage to over 400,000
previously un-insured residents, brought lower rates and more competition in auto insurance
premiums for consumers, allowed for civilian flaggers at construction sites, and secured the right of
marriage equality for all MA residents.

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