A. Back up previous video card driver
   Before removing all VGA drivers, please keep a copy of previous VGA driver (the one before Diablotek VGA card)
   incase you need previous card back to work.
            For On board video card
            If you do not have drivers CD provided by motherboard manufacture, please check the motherboard
            manufacture’s website to download drivers.
            For Individual Video card
            If you do not have drivers CD provided by video card manufacture, please check VGA card
            manufacture’s website for driver, or Chip manufacture (www.ati.com or www.nvidia.com ) to download
            the latest driver version.

B. Access to BIOS
   With PCI VGA card installed and connected to a monitor, start your system
   into BIOS.
        B-1 Turn on your computer.
        B-2 While the computer is starting, watch for a prompt that tells you
             how to access the BIOS. Generally, you will need to press
             <Del>, <F1>, <F2>, or <F10>. For further details of accessing
             BIOS, please review motherboard manual.

C. Disable on-board VGA Card                                                     Above Picture – Generic BIOS Screen Shot
       C-1 Find on-board video card or primary VGA section under BIOS,
                                                                                 Below Picture – Screen Shot of setting up
            disable on board video or select PCI as primary VGA adapter.         PCI VGA card as primary display device.
            (Please review motherboard manual for further details).
       C-2 Save and Exit

D. Access to Safe Mode
   Access Safe Mode either by <F8> while system restarting or by below
        D-1 After system restarted, exit all programs.
        D-2 Click Start > Run.
        D-3 In Run dialog box, type the following text:  msconfig
        D-4 Click OK to access System Configuration Utility.
        D-5 Under BOOT.INI tab, check /SAFEBOOT.
        D-6 Click OK.
        D-7 When you are asked to restart the computer, click Restart.
              The computer now restarts into Safe mode. The process may take several minutes.

E. Delete VGA Drivers
   There are two ways to remove/delete drivers
        1. Click on Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs to remove all display drivers and related
        2. From Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manger > Display Adapter, right click on VGA adapter
             and choose Un-install to remove its driver.

F. Reboot system into regular mode, and install PCI VGA driver.
   If driver CD does not auto run, then choose co-responding application/driver from My Computer > CD/DVD Rom.

Note:   please remove/delete ALL display drivers to prevent further conflict. Most on-board VGA driver can be re-
        install back after this point and works properly. But it really depends on the on-board VGA chip.

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