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Big cig	M56                                         STUBBed cig And ASHTrAy                  M113        SMoking BlockS yoUr
Big	Cig	has	a	key	role	in	No	Smoking	Day	media	 Perfect	prop	for	photo	opportunities	for	No	             Blood VeSSelS MM49
events.	He	puts	the	‘tar’	into	‘star’	and	even	 Smoking	Day.	The	cigarette	is	flexible	and	can	          Artery	model	that	catches	red	blood	cells	in	the	
has	his	own	‘Oscar’	for	best	use	of 	Big	Cig	   be	stubbed	out	or	held	upright.	                         fat	deposits	on	the	inside	of 	the	blood	vessel.	
in	the	No	Smoking	Day	annual	awards.	
                                                    SMoker’S TAr in A JAr              M43               Simulates	arteriosclerosis.	
inFlATABle cigAreTTe              M13               Contains	the	amount	of 	tar	a	20-a-day	smoker	       SMokeFree BUnTing              M150
Cheap,	invaluable	prop	that	fits	in	your	pocket.	   takes	into	the	lungs	in	a	year.	                     Brightly	coloured	10	metre	lengths	of 	vinyl	
Sets	the	scene	for	a	press	photo	or	stall.	‘No	     Display	panel	sold	separately.                       bunting	to	decorate	No	Smoking	Day	events.	
Smoking’	one	side,	‘Quit	Smoking’	on	the	other.

                                                                                                                       SMokeFree BABy BiB            M17		
                                                                                                                       Velcro	fastening	with	‘smokefree	baby’.

WHAT’S in ToBAcco SMoke M47                TiPS To HelP yoU QUiT             M114       eFFecTS oF SMoking             M162
Best-selling	box	display	with	28	deadly	   Cheery	checklist	of 	tips	to	help	you	to	    3D	mini-art	gallery	of 	24	portraits	
toxins	in	tobacco	smoke	represented	in	    quit.	3D,	visual,	step-by-step	guide	to	     showing	the	effects	of 	smoking.
each	section	of 	the	box.	Humorous	and	    stop	smoking.	                               From	cancer	to	cash	flow,	coughs	
hard	hitting.	                                                                          to	concentration.

lUngS loVe SMokeFree           M172			            MinTy FreSH SMokeFree FreSH M144                       keyring – yoU’re STronger THAn
Compressed	sponge	that	springs	to	life	in	water.	 Pack	of 	10	bags	of 	sugarfree	mints.	                 THey Are	Pack	of 	10. M110	
no SMoko yo-yo          M143                        BloW BUBBleS noT SMoke                   M148        Encourages	smokers	who	want	to	stop.	
Pack	of 	10	yo-yos	to	keep	smokefree	hands	busy!	 10	mini	pots	of 	bubble	mix.	                          dVd QUiT TiPS (5mins)	MV2
                                                                                                         Short	film	offering	smokers	tips	to	quit	plus	
                                                                                                         interviews	with	ex-smokers	and	experts.	

                                                                                                         nicAlerT Urine WM8
100 gASP leAFleTS          NSD1                                                                          nicAlerT SAliVA WM30
Special	selection	of 	10	x	10	leaflets	to	hand	out	                                                      Fast,	easy-to-use	test	for	cotinine	with	CE	
at	No	Smoking	Day	stalls	and	events.	Includes:	                                                          approval.	In	vitro	diagnostic	for	semi-quantitative	
Easier	ways	to	quit,	50	tips	to	help	you	quit,	                                                          testing	of 	cotinine,	a	by-product	of 	nicotine.	
Can’t	quit	Won’t	quit,	Staying	stopped,	101	
reasons	not	to	smoke	today,	Hang	in	there,	Can	 SMokeoUT B3                                              ToBAcAlerT Urine WM31
Quit	handy	guide,	Stop	smoking	without	gaining	 Activity	pack	on	smoking	issues	for	teachers	            ToBAcAlerT SAliVA WM32
weight,	Coping	with	stress	without	a	cigarette.	    and	youth	workers.	Contain	38	activities	and	        Simple,	quick	and	accurate	home	test	for	
On	a	lighter	note	10	x	Joking	about	smoking!	       9	fact	sheets	for	5	–	18	year	olds.	                 cotinine	to	measure	exposure	to	nicotine.	

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Order	      Description	                                       Price	£	    VAT	       Qty		          Total	£	                     Total	£	
Code	       	                                                      	         	         	        non-VAT	products	              VAT	Products
M56	        Big	Cig	                                          295.00	       3	            	             	
M13	        Inflatable	cigarette	                              7.00	        3	            	             	
M113	       Stubbed	cigarette	&	ashtray		                     295.00	       3	            	             	
M43	        Tar	Jar	                                           29.50	       3	            	             	
M49	        Smoking	blocks	your	blood	vessels		                13.00	       3	            	             	
M150	       Smokefree	bunting	(10	metres)	                     8.50	        3	            	             	
M47	        What’s	in	tobacco	smoke	-	box	display	             85.00	       3	            	             	
M81	        Tips	to	quit	-	box	display	                        80.00	       3	            	             	
M162	       Effects	of 	smoking	-	portrait	display	            65.00	       3	            	             	
M172	       Lungs	love	smokefree	sponge	                       1.50	        3	            	             	
M17	        Smokefree	baby	bib	                                1.90	        5	            	             	
M143	       No	smoko	yoyo	(10)	                                6.50	        3	            	             	
M144	       Minty	fresh	smokefree	fresh	mints	(10)	            4.50	        3	            	             	
M148	       Blow	bubbles	not	smoke	(10)	                       4.50	        3	            	             	
M110	       Keyring	-	You’re	stronger	than	they	are	(10)	       7.00	       3	            	             	
	MV2	       Quit	tips	DVD	                                     25.00	       3	            	             	
NSD1	       Leaflets	-	pack	of 	100	assorted	designs	         25.00	        5	            	
B3	         Smoke	Out	-	activity	pack	for	teachers		
	           and	youth	workers		                                12.50	       5	            	             	
WM8	        NicAlert	(urine)	                                  12.50	       3	            	             	
WM30	       NicAlert	(saliva)	                                 13.50	       3	            	             	
WM31	       TobacAlert	(urine)	                                8.50	        3	            	             	
WM32	       TobacAlert	(saliva)	                               9.50	        3	            	             	

     PAcking & deliVery
                                                                          Sub totals
     			Order	Value							P&D	–	UK	Mainland                               Plus	packing	and	delivery	(See	left)	
     			£10	–	£15	               £3.50
     			£16	–	£50	               £7.50                                    Sub total for VAT calculation
     			£51	–	£100	              £9.50
                                                                          Plus	VAT	(17.5%)
     			£101	–	£300	            £14.00
     			£301	–	£1000	           £18.00                                    Plus	non-VAT	products
                                                                          ToTAl order	

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