DIPLOMA IN PUBLIC SPEAKING

        This is a one-year programme designed to prepare candidates for the diploma
examination in public speaking. This is the Associate diploma (ALCM) issued by the
London College of Music. This programme is ideal for serious amateurs such as Toast-
masters, or aspiring speech professionals, including teachers and trainers. The course
will be run on a four-module basis (ten lessons per module x 1.5 hours).

Module One: Presentation Skills

       Participants will be taught the basics of preparing a speech. This will include
voice and gestures, controlling nervousness, delivery styles, as well as speech forms.
Students will have the opportunity of making presentations, and having them evaluated
by both instructor and classmates. It will prepare each candidate for the actual practical
examination presentation.

Module Two: Phonetics & Pronunciation

        Learners will be introduced to the basics of phonetics and pronunciation. This
is an essential component of speech training as candidates will be required to explain in
the examination how words are pronounced. Key components will include voiced and
unvoiced consonants, articulation, diphthongs and triphthongs, stress and rhythm, weak
forms, clusters, and intonation.

Module Three: Speech Improvement

        In this module, instruction will be based upon the recommended text issued by
the London College of Music for speech training. This is A Guide to Practical Speech
Training by Gordon Luck. Mastery of the text will put the student in good stead for the
written examinations. Time will also be devoted to examination preparation via study of
past years’ papers.

Module Four: Practice & Rehearsal

      This is the “practice term.” Full attention will be given to rehearsal of actual
examination speeches. Requirements of the examination will include the following:
      • Two prepared speeches;
      • An impromptu talk;
      • Sight reading; and,
      • Discussion with the examiner (viz., on speech content, techniques,
          pronunciation and style, etc.).

Trainer’s Profile

        The instructor for the programme is Ng Seng Chuan, a trained professional with
thirty years of experience in public speaking, who is also principal consultant of Rhetoric
Speech Consultants. In addition to being a certified English teacher (CertTESL), he
holds diplomas in public speaking (ALAM, LTCL, FLCM) as well as Speech & Drama
(ATCL, LLCM). He is also a member of Toastmasters International, an organisation
dedicated to developing leadership and communication skills.

Course Details

        The class will be conducted on Wednesday evenings from 6.45 p.m. to 8.15 p.m.
at our office at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #05-54. Other details are as follows:

Date of commencement:         August 19, 2009
Size of intake:               6-12 participants
Course fee:                   $1,800 (single payment); or $495
Closing date:                 August 9, 2009

Places will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Please send in your
registration form and fee of $1,800/- or $495/- (by crossed cheque) to:

                             Rhetoric Speech Consultants
                          170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #05-54
                             Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
                                   Singapore 588179

                               REGISTRATION FORM

Name:                                                                       Male/Female


Telephone (O):                  Residence/HP:                         Pager:

Cheque No.:                           Amount:


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