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									                                     Rome, NY 13440
                                     401 Turin St.
                                     Parent/Infant Program
                                     New York State School for the Deaf
                                                                             Please contact The New York
                                                                          State School for the Deaf with any
                                                                           questions regarding the Parent/
                                                                                                                        Parent /
                                                                                 Deaf Infant Program.                  Deaf Infant
                                                                            We take pride and pleasure in               Program
                                                                          helping those children in need of
                                                                                    our services.
                                                                          315-337-8400 ext. 8411 or 8445
Rome, NY 13440
401 Turin St.
Parent /Infant Program
New York State School for the Deaf

                                                                                     or by mail

                                                                                                               For Deaf and Hard of hearing Babies
                                                                                                                    (0-3 Years) and their families

                                                                                                               New York State School for the Deaf
                                                                                                                         401 Turin St.
                                                                                                                       Rome, NY 13440
                                                                                                                315-337-8400 Ext. 8411 or 8445
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  Why are early services            Full home - based services for families

  important for babies
                                      with deaf and/or hard of hearing babies,
                                      birth-3years of age.
   with hearing loss?               Family focused, home-based program                                    Program
                                      emphasizing each family's priorities and
  A baby’s ability to acquire       Specialized services for ALL modes of
 language begins in the pre-          communication (COCHLEAR IM-
natal stage and develops from         PLANTS,HEARING AIDS, SIGN LAN-
birth. Hearing loss interferes

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                                    Parent support groups & Family get –                                Write your name, address and
with normal speech and lan-
                                      togethers.                                                        phone number below. Cut off this
  guage development. With                                                                                 page and mail to us so we may
                                    Playtime & Music class incorporated with
         early training,                                                                                 contact you regarding the needs
                                      preschool students at the New York State
   families learn about their         School for the Deaf.                                                        of your child.
  choices for their child and     Additional Support Services available at
what they can do to develop         NYSSD for families including: Audiology,
     their child’s language.        and Psychology .
                                  Consultation Services if your child is in
                                    another program.                                                                 Name:

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