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Product Overview Of “Social Media Blitz” Video
Tutorial Series

Social media platforms, such as FaceBook, Twitter,
MySpace are getting so popular nowadays that you can
hardly find anyone without an account in any of these

Most people get onto these social media networks to connect
with their friends, family members, and also like-minded people who have the same
interests as them. Even celebrities have also gotten onto the social media platform so
that fans could “follow” their updates.

More and more companies (big and small) have also followed suit and jumped onto
these social media platforms to connect with either their customers or potential
customers – By providing customer service or take in feedbacks/suggestions from the
public, as well as announcing new product releases, as well as upcoming promotions
and discounts, etc.

All in all, there is something for everyone in the social media networks – Whether is it
for personal use, or for entertainment use, or for business and marketing use.

So, what does all these mean to you as an online entrepreneur? With the widespread
use of these social media networks by people from all over the world, you can make
use of them to connect with like-minded people – To share information on the niche
that you are in, as well as promoting products and services that will help them solve
any problems that they have in the particular niche. If used properly, you can get tons
of traffic to your websites, as well as generate massive amounts of cash just simply
relying on these social media networks.

In “Social Media Blitz“, you will discover a total of 22 step-by-step videos that will
take you through on getting started on tapping onto the social media bandwagon,
along with tons of tools and free services you can use to generate maximum amount
of traffic and sales in minimum time.

After going through the entire video tutorial series in “Social Media Blitz“, you will
discover that getting traffic from social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter is
much easier than you ever thought it was.

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Key Learning Pointers In “Social Media Blitz”

The following are the list of videos (along with a short
description of what’s in it) that you will discover in the
“Social Media Blitz” video tutorial series:

Video #01 – Twitter – Introduction to Using Twitter
In this video we explain exactly how Twitter works, and how to start using it.

Video #02 – Twitter – Inserting Short Links Into Posts
In this video we reveal how to convert long website URL’s into short ones, and how
to post them to your Twitter account.

Video #03 – Twitter – Creating Lists and Organizing Followers
In this video you will discover a smart way to manage information in your Twitter
account, by creating lists and organizing your followers.

Video #04 – Twitter – Using The “Retweet” Feature
This video reveals how to get more mileage and exposure from your Twitter account
using the “retweet” feature.

Video #05 – Introduction to Using Tweet Deck
In this video I reveal exactly how TweetDeck works and how to install it.

Video #06 – Customizing Your Tweet Deck Application
In this video I reveal how to customize your TweetDeck application, and how to add
Twitter and FaceBook accounts. Manage your social media activities easily, with just
a few clicks!

Video #07 – Introduction to TweetMeme
This video reveals how TweetMeme works, and how to utilize it to drive extreme
traffic to your blog or website.

Video #08 – Integrating TweetMeme with WordPress
In this video, we reveal how to integrate WordPress with TweetMeme, and make your
blog posts go viral!

Video #09 – Integrating the WordBook Plugin for WordPress
Post your latest blog entries directly to your FaceBook profile, and steal some of
FaceBook’s huge traffic! Double your blog’s subscriber list by integrating FaceBook
into your WordPress blog, using a special plugin called WordBook.
Video #10 – Introduction to FaceBook for Blogs
This video gives you a brief but important overview on FaceBook Applications, and
reveals why you need to get your own “app” set-up right away!

Video #11 – Creating Your Own FaceBook App for WordPress
In this step-by-step video tutorial, we reveal exactly how to create your first
FaceBook app and integrate it to your WordPress blog.

Video #12 – Customizing Your FaceBook Application
In this video we reveal some simple tweaks that you can do to take your FaceBook
application that you have just customized to make it more attractive to your potential
subscribers to the next level.

Video #13 – Adding a “Like” Button on Your Blog
In this video, we reveal how easy it is to put a “Like” button on each blog post and
encourage users to recommend your content to their FaceBook friends.

Video #14 – Adding a “Fan Box” FaceBook Widget on Your Blog
In this video, we reveal how to put a FaceBook “Fan Box” on your blog, and start
showing off your blog’s followers.

Video #15 – Promoting Your FaceBook Application
In this video we reveal three easy and fast methods to adding new users to your
FaceBook app.

Video #16 – Getting Social Traffic with Meebo
In this video we reveal how Meebo really works, and how you can increase traffic to
your blog or website using this free tool.

Video #17 – Integrating Meebo with WordPress
In this video, we reveal how to integrate the Meebo Bar into your WordPress blog,
and make your content instantly “shareable”.

Video #18 – Adding Buttons to Your Meebo Bar
In this video, we reveal how to customize your Meebo bar by adding more features
and buttons to it. Watch as I reveal the easy way to do this, even if you have no
technical skill whatsoever.
Video #19 – Introduction to Using FriendFeed
FriendFeed is another great social media service that is quickly gaining popularity. It
works well with other social media services too, so it’s important to factor in the role
of FriendFeed in your marketing efforts.

Video #20 – Overview of FriendFeed Functions
In this video, we reveal how to use FriendFeed, including how to make it work with
your existing Twitter account.

Video #21 – Google Buzz – Introduction and Overview
In this video we give you a brief overview of how Google Buzz works, and how to
start following people.

Video #22 – Google Buzz – Customizing Your Buzz Profile
In this video we reveal how to spice up your profile page and add your blogs, Twitter
account and other components into your Buzz profile.

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