Writing Project Planning Sheet

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					               Writing Project Planning Sheet
Complete the entire planning sheet before you begin writing your next document.

My Needs: Pinpoint your purpose for writing by completing these blanks
according to the instructions on the right.

I want this reader (or these readers):

                                              On these lines, identify your
                                               audience by name(s) or

To (do):

                                              Write the verb(s) that best
                                               describes what your reader
                                               should be able to do after
                                               reading your document. Then
                                               briefly describe the action.


                                              Now list your main reasons for
                                               wanting the reader to do what
                                               you described above.

My Reader’s Needs: In the blanks below, complete any questions you think the
reader would ask if the two of you were speaking face-to-face.

WHO                                                                            ?

WHAT                                                                           ?

WHERE                                                                          ?

WHEN                                                                           ?

WHY                                                                            ?

HOW                                                                            ?