Key project planning questions

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       Key project planning questions

       Knowing the answers to these questions up front will help you successfully manage the
       e-Discovery process.

       Initial and ongoing questions                    Data questions
       1. What are we trying to accomplish?             1. Are there backup tapes included?
                                                           a. Model, software and version used to
       2. Who are the key individuals involved?
                                                              create the tapes?
       3. When is the final product due?
                                                        2. How many custodians are expected?
       4. Are there interim milestone dates to             a. Are they in any particular priority order?
                                                        3. What is the email format?
       5. Is opposition electronic discovery savvy?
                                                        4. Are there loose documents that are subject
       6. What is at stake in the case?                    to the discovery?
                                                           a. Microsoft Office files?
       7. How do individual stakeholders define            b. Design drawings?
          success?                                         c. Data in some other format?
       8. How do we make trade-offs to balance          5. Which data locations will be collected?
          Time, Scope and Cost and not sacrifice           a. Personal PC/laptop?
          Quality?                                         b. Network “Home Drive”?
                                                           c. Email from server?
                                                           d. Department share?
                                                        6. Are there foreign languages to consider?
                                                           a. Any unicode issues?
                                                        7. Are there collaborative or externally-based
                                                           document repositories?



                                                           a. SharePoint?


                                                           b. Google Docs?
                                  Quality                  c. Share Drives?
                                                           d. Some other non-centralized location?
                                                        8. Are there voicemail or audio messages?
                                  Scope                    a. Are they delivered via email to the
                                                              custodian’s inbox?
                                                           b. Would voicemail messages be considered
                                                              in scope?

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