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									                            Program Management Services
                                MWH Progress Report
General Services

DURHAM, NC 27701
P 919.560.4197
F 919.560.4970
                                  City Council Work Session
                                        May 21, 2009
MWH’s Engagement with the City of Durham
•   Assessment of Project Delivery Capacity and Business
    Processes – over 120 Recommended Improvements
•   Recommended Improvement Initiatives
    - Interdepartmental Process Improvements
    - GSD-PM Project Delivery Manual
    - GSD-PM Organizational Changes
•   Supplemental Staff Support
    - Project Controls and Reporting
    - Project Delivery Support
    - On-call Services as Requested by GSD-PM
        Where We Started
  ü Staffing shortfalls – recruitment and
    retention challenges
   ü Training deficiencies
   ü Project Managers overwhelmed with
     administrative requirements
   ü Need for appropriately skilled staff to lead
     project delivery teams
         Where We Started
  ü Lack of comprehensive and standardized
    business processes for project delivery
  ü Incomplete Forms and Templates
  ü Staff training deficiencies on current
    business practices
  ü Multiple reporting requirements
  ü Need to improve interdepartmental
    coordination and support
          Where We Started
  ü Under utilization of existing tools
  ü Lack of standardized scheduling template
  ü Need for improved automation of project
    status reporting
  ü Lack of integration with financial
    management systems
  ü Staff training deficiencies on use of
    existing tools
  ü Need for more robust tools to support
    project delivery requirements
       How Far We Have Come
   ü New GSD Director on board – extensive project
     delivery experience
   ü Staff vacancies have been filled
   ü Working to implement organizational changes
   ü Development and rollout of the Project Delivery
     Manual (PDM)
   ü Standardized Forms and Templates
   ü Staff Orientation on use of PDM
         How Far We Have Come
   ü Development and implementation of standardized
     schedule templates for GSD projects
   ü Staff training conducted for MS Project and Prolog
   ü Improved and automated reporting for monthly
     status reports
   ü Proceeding with transition to Primavera’s P6.0 and
     Contract Manager PM Tools
   Where Do We Go From Here?
   ü Continue to implement recommended organizational
     changes in GSD-PM
    ü Standardize project delivery business processes
      through use of the Project Delivery Manual (PDM)
    ü Ongoing City-wide training through “University of Project
    ü Complete transition to Primavera’s PM Tools - work
      towards enterprise-wide implementation and integration
      with financial management system
    ü Schedule and conduct regular training on use of PM
      Tools and PDM
    ü Fully implement approved interdepartmental project
      delivery improvement initiatives
      Quality staff, improved processes and robust tools
                   The “Payoff”
   ü New organizational structure is more efficient and
     reduces administrative load on PM’s
    ü Improved “customer service” to project owning
    ü Better planned projects – fewer “budget busters”
    ü Improvements to interdepartmental activities that impact
      and support project delivery – continuous process
    ü Reduction in the time to deliver projects – a more
      efficient project delivery lifecycle
    ü Increased staff capacity – improved training,
      standardized business processes and utilization of more
      robust PM Tools
        Bottom Line – Improved delivery timelines and
                        reduced costs!
Status of Interdepartmental
Working Group Initiatives

• Primavera Tools Implementation

• Contracting Issues

• Site Plan/CD Review Processes

          Refer to Handout
    The Status of MWH’s Services

ü MWH’s engagement with the City ends June 30, 2009
ü All major deliverables are complete
ü Supplemental staff transitions are complete
ü We have exceeded our SDBE utilization goals for
  Task Orders # 1 & 2
ü Continue to support Working Group activities as
ü Transition “facilitator” role for Steering Committee

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