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									Supply Management Services – Purchase Requisition Form

The purchase requisition form is completed to initiate the purchase of goods or services from external
Suppliers. A web requisition form (Excel format) is available on the Supply Management Services
website at www.sms.ualberta.ca in the Forms Cabinet.

How to set up the Requisition Form for use

The purchase requisition has macros enabled on the form. This is to provide an auto numbering
feature to create a requisition number. For technical assistance please see your LAN administrator.

Procedures for Completing the Requisition Form

The following list details the different fields on the requisition form. The Supply Consultant in SMS
will complete shaded fields on the requisition form. Those items that appear shaded below are also
optional fields.


Section                 What to enter

Requisition Number      The requisition number and date are automatically generated when you
                        click on the Create Requisition button on the top of the form. The
                        number represents the year, month, day and time the requisition was
Department              Optional. This field can be used for departments that do track system
Reference               generated numbers and create their own unique numbers for each
Date                    This is the current date. The date will automatically populate with the
                        current date.
Suggested               Supplier name, complete mailing address including postal code / zip
Suppliers/Supplier      code. If requesting a bid/quote, name(s) of suggested suppliers can be
Supplier Phone          Please include the phone number of the supplier if it is known.
Supplier Fax            Please include the fax number of the supplier if it is known.
Deliver To:             Complete all fields with internal departmental address and individual(s).
Department              This address is used for delivery of goods and also for mailing the
Room & Bldg             departmental copy of the Purchase Order.

Date Required           Indicate date materials or services are required.

GST Code                Include the GST code of “C” if 100% Input Tax Credit is applicable
Quantity               Provide the order quantity required. Please ensure that if you are
                       ordering material it corresponds with the package sizes.
Unit of Measure        Examples: package, each, box, grams, litre, pint, gross

Catalog               Give complete catalog descriptions and /or Suppliers’ catalogue
Number/Description numbers to fully identify your requirements. Attach any additional
                      information required to the requisition form. Please ensure that the
                      attachments reference the requisition number.
Unit Price /          Enter the Unit price if known (GST excluded). The extended price should
Extended Price        calculate automatically based on the quantity entered. Include the
                      estimated price per unit if the actual price is not known.
NOTE:         To ADD lines to the requisition select the last requested line and press Ctrl+I
              To DELETE lines on the requisition select the line and press Ctrl+D
For Information Call Departmental Contact Person and phone number

Charge to              Use the Speed code if one has been defined for the applicable Chart field
Chartfields            string. Also complete additional Chart fields if appropriate, i.e. if they are
                       not included in the Speed code definition. Also include the Account
                       Chartfield value that most accurately describes the item being acquired.

                       If more than one Chartfield combination is used, indicate the amounts or
                       lines (PRE-GST) to be charged to each Chartfield combination.

Department             Name of department authorizing the transaction – departmental (green)
                       copy of purchase order will be sent to authorizing department.
Authorized             Account holder or Delegate must authorize the transaction prior to
Signature              submitting to Supply Management Services.

We recommend saving the document on your computer for future record. The Authorized Signature
should be applied to the printed copy of the requisition form and forwarded to Supply Management
Services, 3rd Floor Materials Management Building. Purchase Requisitions can also be sent by fax to
492-0607. If you are sending your requisition via fax or email, do not send the original in the mail.

PLEASE NOTE:        The requisition from is also available as a preprinted two-part form. The preprinted form
                    can be ordered through the receptionist at Supply Management Services at 492-4668.

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