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									                                                               Leveraging People, Processes, and Technology

     Management Consulting/Program Management Support
     Improving performance and gaining efficiencies

     Catapult Technology’s Management Consulting                     Management Consulting Services deliver:
     services help your agency provide quality service
     to your stakeholders—the public inside the                      ◊ Business Process Improvement/Reengineering
     agency and other government agencies. Likewise,                   (BPI/BPR)
     Catapult’s Program Management Support services                  ◊ Change Management
     can bring uniform management to multiple inter-                 ◊ Leadership Development and Training
     dependent projects and ensure compliance with                   ◊ Strategic Planning
     government mandates and legislation.                            ◊ Knowledge Management

     Management Consulting Services:
                                                                     Program Management Support Services:
     Catapult’s experts apply repeatable principles
     customized to your agency’s specific needs. We                  Our experts will work with project sponsors
     develop the plan that will improve operations                   and stakeholders to identify program needs
     across the board.                                               and determine the most effective methods for
                                                                     managing program activities.
     Business Process Reengineering (BPR) begins with
     an assessment of your agency’s current state. We                We will develop a plan that integrates information
     review your internal processes, performing a gap                from multiple initiatives and identifies relationships
     analysis that determines how to reengineer those                and dependencies among projects.
     processes. We also develop future state processes               We develop Standard Operating Procedures
     that more efficiency accomplish agency objectives.              (SOP), principles, tactics, techniques, procedures
     We implement change management strategies that                  and training materials to support the program.
     assist you in setting clear goals and performance               Then we verify the plan to ensure that it adheres
     measures that guide and support business                        to established standards and aligns with
     processes before change happens.                                organizational objectives.

     We develop a roadmap that includes the strategic                Program Management Support Services deliver:
     and tactical decisions required to move the agency              ◊ Project Management Office (PMO) Support
     forward. Objective short-term and long-term                     ◊ Quality Assurance and Control
     recommendations enable decision-making on how                   ◊ Developing/Defining Service Level Management
     and where resources—both capital and people—                      (SLM)
     should be allocated.                                            ◊ Program Portfolio Management
     To ensure the consistent availability of intellectual           ◊ Enterprise Architecture
     capital, Catapult’s Management Consulting team                  ◊ Development and Documentation of Standard
     also establishes a method for the knowledge                       Operating Procedures (SOP)
     management to implement organizational routines
     that support fluid knowledge sharing within and                 Process Is Important.
     across divisions or departments. This mitigates the
     interruption or loss of intellectual capital due to             Catapult has been appraised at Software Engineering
     attrition.                                                      Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration
                                                                     (CMMI) Maturity Level 3, is International Organization
     Catapult also implements leadership development                 for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 registered, and
     programs that align individuals’ professional                   possesses Lean Six Sigma, Project Management Institute
     objectives with wider agency objectives.                        (PMI), and Information Technology Infrastructure Library
                                                                     (ITIL) certifications; and is a member of the Helpt Desk
                                                                     Institute (HDI).
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