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              Collect more, Spend less and Live better   TM

A new kind of billing and collections solution    TM

        Being a “New Kind of Billing and
           Collections Solution” means
         providing an enhanced level of
          service by leveraging today’s
           technology. It also means
       employing the best people utilizing
       the best processes. This is how our
        clients "Collect more, Spend less
                and Live better."

               Albert Santalo - President & CEO
“Avisena has been a part of our team
since we opened our office. They have
always provided tremendous support
and education. Their experience and
knowledge continue to contribute to
the success of our practice. Our
Account Manager is one of the main
reasons that this partnership continues
to grow. Her commitment to her job is
evident and her active interest in our
practice is greatly appreciated.
Through hard work and diligence,
Avisena has increased our collection
rate to 96%! They make it happen!”

Dr. Stephen J. Miller
Stephen J. Miller, M.D., P.A.
Specialty: Orthopedic Surgeon


                                                    Collect More, Spend Less,
                                                    and Live Better
                                                           Has it become difficult to run a successful and profitable medical practice, without neglecting your
                                                           personal life? Do you feel like you are spending less time with your family? If you answered “yes” to
                                                           any of the above, then read on.

                                                           Running a successful practice in today's highly complex healthcare industry is extremely challenging.

                                                           • Managed care companies continue to impose pricing pressure on practices.
                                                           • Adjudication mistakes and underpayments decrease practice reimbursement.
                                                           • Payers are constantly changing the rules and making it more difficult to obtain appropriate payment for services.
                                                           • Fixed costs of traditional billing and collection infrastructure place a heavy financial burden on practices.
                                                           • Practices are very busy, and don't have the time to follow-up on problem claims (estimated to be 30% of all claims).
                                                           • Expensive software packages lack the functionality needed to run an efficient and effective operation.
                                                           • A large percentage of claims are still filed on paper, leading to increased cost and cash-flow delays.

                                                           At Avisena, we believe that your time is valuable and your personal life is precious. With the right
                                                           tools and support, you don't need to sacrifice your quality of life to enjoy a successful practice.
                                                           Our goal is to help you Collect More, Spend Less, and Live Better! We're not just a software
                                                           company or a collections company, we are the best of both worlds and more. Avisena is a New Kind
                                                           of Billing and Collections Solution!

                                                    What makes us different?
                                                    Compare for yourself
                                                           Through the use of advanced technology, we deliver comprehensive practice and revenue management
                                                           services to healthcare organizations of all sizes. We've spent millions of dollars and tens of thousands
                                                           of man-hours developing the Avisena Platform. This highly advanced information system utilizes new
                                                           and innovative approaches to maximize revenue for our clients; in short, we challenge third-party payers
                                                           through better technology. Our approach combines industry leading technology, highly efficient back-
                                                           office processing services, and experienced medical professionals. Our approach to medical billing and
                                                           collections enables us to optimize the way you run your business by improving collections, dramatically
                                                           reducing A/R balances, and increasing visibility and control.

                                                           Cutting-edge Technology (with no up front cost)
                                                           • Web-based practice management system which provides universal accessibility
                                                           • Powerful Practice Dashboard for true control

• Real time access to practice information
• Patent-pending Reimbursement Management System (collections)
• Scanning of forms, insurance cards, & other ID's
• Interface with other solution providers (EMR, Appointment Confirmation, Labs, etc.)

Complete Revenue Management:
• Healthcare Billing: Electronic and paper claims are submitted daily
• Coding: Certified, specialty-specific coding staff
• Collections: Every claim line is pursued until resolved
• Payment posting: EOB's posted & scanned with full adjudication information
  and denial data
• Underpayments are assessed and pursued

Technology Infrastructure
•   Software applications hosted at a secure site
•   Redundancy and fault tolerance
•   Daily data and system back-ups
•   Hardened facility is monitored 24/7 and resistant to all weather conditions              "I want to focus my
                                                                                             attention on treating and
World Class Customer Service                                                                 healing my patients, not
                                                                                             on the tasks of running my
•   Experienced, specialty-specific professionals                                            practice. Avisena’s system
•   24/7 support from a dedicated Avisena Account Manager                                    and people are exactly what
•   Monthly practice scorecard                                                               I needed. They are consistent
•   Complete training and support for your staff                                             and dependable.”

                                                                                             Dr. Carlos M. Ramirez-Calderon
                                                                                             Carlos Ramirez-Calderon, M.D., PA
Avisena is the best of both worlds...                                                        Specialty: Neurology


                                        • Advanced practice management
            In-House                      technology
     • High up-front capital            • Full visibility into the billing and            Billing Service
       investment in software and         collections process
       hardware                                                                         • Non-standard, manually
     • Limited access to data &         • World-Class Customer Service
                                                                                          intensive processes -
       poor reporting functionality     • Continuous technology                           informal at best
     • Rarely able to remain              upgrades at no additional cost                • Limited access to data &
       current with payer
                                        • Posting of full adjudication from               management information
       adjudication rules
     • Unable to post denials &           remittance (including denials)                • No front-office software
       identify no-response claims      • Patent-pending Reimbursement                  • Poor customer service
     • Significant time investment        Management Methodology                        • Inconsistent billing and
       analyzing E.O.B.s                                                                  collections efforts
     • Overstaffed billing and          • Real-time, 24x7 access to your
       collections groups.                practice's information
                                        • Dedicated expert assigned to
                                          your practice


                                                    Our Approach
                                                           We're in this together.
                                                           Have you ever felt like your software provider didn't respond to your needs? Do they provide weak
                                                           reports and then charge you for creation of a custom report? Have you been frustrated by your
                                                           inability to access information from your billing company? Are they inconsistent in following-up with
                                                           denied and no-response claims?

                                                           In addition to developing industry leading technology, we center our approach to business on the
                                                           importance of partnership and world class service. When you join the Avisena family, our activations
                                                           specialists, collections and revenue management professionals, and account managers all become
                                                           part of YOUR TEAM. We dedicate a lead Account Manager to coordinate the team of professionals
                                                           committed to streamlining your business needs from beginning to end. Your Account Manager will
                                                           meet with you on a monthly basis to review the current state of your practice, provide guidance,
                                                           and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Their sole purpose is to attend to your
                                                           practice and ensure its success.

                                                           Our goal is to provide you with the kind of information that puts you in complete control of your
                                                           practice. Our web-based system makes that goal a reality.

                                                    Our People
                                                           Trust is earned, not given.
                                                           Our commitment to your success is instilled in each of the Avisena team members. They reflect the
                                                           energy and passion that has made us the premier business solutions provider for the healthcare industry.

                                                           Just like you, we strive for excellence in every facet of our business. For this reason, we recruit only
                                                           the best professionals.

                                                           •   Certified coders/billers
                                                           •   Six SIGMA experience
                                                           •   Average 8 years industry experience
                                                           •   Expert specialty-specific account managers
                                                           •   Specialized revenue and collections experts
                                                           •   Specialty-driven reimbursement expertise
                                                           •   Continuous industry and skills training

                                                           We understand that success and excellence is dependent upon each of our employees. For this
                                                           reason, the Avisena Employee Ownership Program was established to ensure that our employees
                                                           benefit financially from the success and growth of our company.

  "Maintaining steady cash flow
was one of my biggest concerns.
  Since we hired Avisena, I have
   been able to sleep again. I no
  longer have to worry about our
              money coming in!"

Jayme Kosar, Practice Administrator
 Center for Ophthalmology & Laser
      Specialty: Ophthalmology


                                                    Practice Manager
                                                           The tool you need.
                                                           Could you ever be expected to make a decision or recommendation about a patient's medical
                                                           treatment without fully understanding their condition? The medical industry has created equipment
                                                           and tools, such as the MRI, to give you insight and a clear understanding of your patients' condition.
                                                           These tools help you save lives. The same is true for your practice. In order to make an informed deci-
                                                           sion, you need to have clear visibility into the business functions of your practice.

                                                           Our technology makes this possible. Practice Manager was designed from the ground up to maintain a
                                                           strong information base that can deliver invaluable business information in the form of option-rich reports,
                                                           dashboards, text messages, etc. It provides you with advanced tools for capturing and analyzing all of
                                                           your relevant data.

                                                           Features include:

                                                           •   Front-desk management with end-of-day close
                                                           •   Patient registration information system
                                                           •   Appointment scheduler
                                                           •   Accounts receivables management
                                                           •   Easy-to-use billing and encounter management system
                                                           •   Visibility into collections process
                                                           •   Powerful document scanning capabilities
                                                           •   Easy-to-use reports

                                                           Practice Manager functions as the link between your practice and the Avisena Revenue and
                                                           Collections Team.

                                                    Revenue Management Services
                                                           Let our experts take over.
                                                           How much time do you spend worrying about your billing? Do you know if you’re collecting the
                                                           maximum amount available for the services you render?

                                                           With our Revenue Management Services, these concerns will be eliminated. Once your practice conveys
                                                           the encounter information to us (via on-line or batch billing), your specialized Avisena team takes over the

                                                           • Healthcare Billing: Avisena will submit your insurance claims electronically or on paper (when
                                                             necessary) to the appropriate payer.
                                                           • Remittance Posting: Avisena will post your insurance payment information (EOB's) with all of the
                                                             adjudication information (including denial data).

 • Collections: Avisena will pursue your insurance collections.
   Your managed care contract information is used to detect underpayments
   and other adjudication errors. Avisena's technology-enabled collections
   staff pursues your denials, underpayments, and ignored claims to the
   fullest extent possible.
 • Patient Call Center: The Call Center is staffed by customer service represen-
   tatives that will provide your patients with answers to their invoice questions.
 • Your Account Manager: Avisena assigns an account manager to your practice
   to ensure that your questions are answered and your needs are met.

Document Imaging
 Information in your reach.
 How much space and money do you spend on the storage, maintenance, and
                                                                                      "The one-on-one training
 retrieval of medical documents? You do have other options.
                                                                                      was extremely helpful! Our
                                                                                      Account Manager has been
 Our Document Imaging Service is tailored for your individual needs. With this
                                                                                      exquisite in her role to make
 service we will scan and index your medical and administrative records, while
                                                                                      this relationship a success.
 providing you with HIPAA compliant (128-bit SSL encryption) online access to
                                                                                      Our checks are flowing in
 your documents over the internet, anywhere, anytime. Avisena will:
                                                                                      smoothly and rapidly.
                                                                                      Working with Avisena has
 •   Receive and batch your documents
                                                                                      been delightful!”
 •   Scan the documents in bulk and verify quality
 •   Index the documents using your chosen fields and verify quality
                                                                                      Dr. Leon F. Hirzel
 •   Publish the documents for your use
                                                                                      Leon F. Hirzel, M.D., P.A.
 •   Dispose of the original documents per your instructions
                                                                                      Specialty: Urology
 •   Use our retrieval software at no cost to you.

 The best part of this service is that there is NO upfront investment for software
 licenses. Our complete online solution allows you to regain control of your
 records while reducing overall costs and improving accessibility to the
 information you need.


                                                    Getting Started
                                                           Although our system is highly advanced and technical, launching our service is painless. The Avisena
                                                           Activations Team will guide you through the entire process.

                                                           •   Technical Assessment
                                                           •   Coding and Pricing Audit
                                                           •   Credentialing assistance for Medicare & Medicaid (optional)
                                                           •   Practice Management Consulting
                                                           •   Data Conversion (optional)
                                                           •   System Integration with hospitals
                                                           •   Extensive System Training
                                                           •   Development of new forms including superbills
                                                           •   System Configuration
                                                           •   Capture of Managed Care Contracts

                                                           Within 30 days you will be on your way to increased efficiency for your practice!

                                                           We're changing lives, one doctor at a time.
                                                           As you can see, with Avisena you get much more that just a billing and collections service. It's all
                                                           the advantages of big-company resources and systems tailored to meet your very unique needs.
                                                           Our clients have found that they can enjoy their personal life without the constant business worries.
                                                           Our revolutionary approach to medical billing and collections is a new way of life, for you and your
                                                           business. With Avisena you will Collect more, Spend Less, and Live Better!

                                                    Contact Us Today.
                                                    Don’t Waste Another Minute.
                                                           Avisena, Inc.

                                                           Tel: 877-Avisena




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