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 Microsoft PowerPoint 2007                                                                       1 day
 EXPERT                                                                                         Course

Course Objectives This course offers an understanding of the capabilities of PowerPoint
                          giving delegates the confidence to integrate the software effectively and
                          efficiently into their own environment. On completion of the course,
                          delegates will be familiar with the operating techniques of PowerPoint
                          and be able to produce all types of slides to suit their individual needs.
                          This course offers the skill sets and activities required to attain Expert
                          Specialist level in the Microsoft Office End User Exam.

Pre-requisite             A basic knowledge of Powerpoint is required, although Windows
                          experience is essential.

Course Content
Module 1      Bring in Data From Other Sources - Create charts. Insert an Excel chart. Insert
              Excel data. Create a table. Create an organisational chart. Connect shapes.
              Import from Word. Add sounds and movies.

Module 2      Views and Master - Slide, outline, sorter, notes page and slide show views.
              Change the sequence of slides in a presentation. Insert slides from other
              presentations. Create a summary slide. Expand slides. Master slide view.
              Modify the slide masters. Insert new slide masters. Insert placeholders. Delete a
              slide master.

Module 3      Customise a Presentation - Create a custom background. Customise a colour
              scheme. Edit object fills. Apply design templates. Apply a template from another
              presentation. Add links to other slides within a presentation. Hide slides. Create
              custom animations and timelines. Triggering and timing animations. Use
              animation schemes.

Module 4      Prepare for Distribution - Spell check a presentation. Use find and replace.
              Change and replace text fonts, style checker. Print slides in a variety of formats.
              Create handouts in MS Word. Add speaker notes. Set slide transitions and
              timing. Rehearse timing.

Module 5      Deliver Presentations - Start a slide show on any slide. Use on-screen
              navigation tools. View speaker notes. Package for CD. Mark as final. Publishing
              a presentation to the Web.

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