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					      UNIT 4

 Policies                                GENERAL TABLE OF CONTENTS
                            Part    Subject                                 Page
 (Adopted Nov. 7, 1996)     1       Basic Concepts                          4.2
(Amended June 26, 1997
  February 1999, April,
  1999, Dec. 1999, Nov.     2       Operation                               4.3
2000, Sept. 2005, Feb. 09
       June 09` `)
                            3       Administration                          4.3

                            4       Directors                               4.5

                            5       Officers                                4.9

                            6       ACER- CART                              4.11
                                    (Canadian Association of Retired Teachers)

                            7       Committees - General                    4.11

                            8       Finance Committee                       4.13

                            9       Pensions & Benefits Committee           4.17

                            10      Postscript Committee                    4.19

                            11      Heritage Committee                      4.21

                            12      Membership Committee                    4.22

                            13      Nominations Committee                   4.22

                            14.     Social Concerns Committee               4.23

                            15.     Excellence in Public Education          4.23

                            16.     Health & Housing Committee              4.24

                            17.     Advocacy Committee                      4.24

                            18.     Personnel Committee                     4.25

                            Appendix A   General Background about Committees 4.26

       Page 4.1             19.     BCRTA Policies                                 4.28
  UNIT 4

              PART 1 ~ BASIC CONCEPTS
   and        1.1.0 Purpose

Procedures         To provide a ready reference to policies and procedures
                   established by the Association from time to time.

                   1.1.1 Policies and Procedures should be read in conjunction
                         with the BCRTA Constitution and Bylaws, and BCRTA
                         Rules of Order.

              1.2.0 Definitions

                   1.2.1 Policy:

                         (a)   a course of action or principle of action adopted or
                               proposed by the Association;

                         (b)   the values, rules and standards of the Association.

              1.3.0 General

                   1.3.1 The date of a Policy or Procedure shall be recorded at
                         the time of listing.

                   1.3.2 Terms of reference for Committees may include both
                         Policy and Procedure.

              1.4.0 Formulation and Review of Policies

                   1.4.1 The AGM is a policy approving or determining body.

                   1.4.2 The BCRTA Bylaws give the Directors all the powers to
                         conduct the affairs of the Association. Accordingly,
                         Policies and Procedures are established in accordance
                         with the Bylaws.

                   1.4.3 Statements in Policies and Procedures remain in force
                         until they are amended or deleted.

                   1.4.4 Policies and Procedures shall be reviewed regularly.

   Page 4.2
  UNIT 4
             PART 2 - OPERATION
             2.1.0 The BCRTA maintains a non-partisan policy in matters both
 Policies          economic and political.
             2.2.0    The BCRTA co-sponsors the BCTF/BCRTA retirement seminars.
             2.3.0 The BCRTA will assist in the formation of a Branch and advise
                   in the conduct of its affairs.

             2.4.0    Annual General Meeting (AGM)

                     2.4.1 The business of an AGM shall be limited to the items
                           listed in the Agenda.

                     2.4.2 (a)   An item considered by a member or a Branch to be
                                 of interest to the general membership and germane
                                 to the purposes of the Association may, by May 31st,
                                 be presented to the Directors for inclusion in the AGM
                                 Agenda. The member or Branch shall be informed
                                 of the decision.

                           (b)   In the event of an adverse decision of the Directors,
                                 the member or Branch shall be informed that the
                                 Agenda of the AGM may be amended by a
                                 resolution passed at the AGM pursuant to rules 4
                                 and 5 of BCRTA Rules of Order.

                     2.4.3 Distribution of printed materials (other than those included
                           in the folder issued at the time of registration) shall be
                           permitted if approved by the President or a Committee or a
                           Committee Chair. In the case of disagreement, the
                           President’s decision shall apply.

                     2.4.4 The inclusion of printed material in the AGM folder
                           from a member or Branch shall require prior approval
                           of the Directors.

                     2.4.5 The expenditure of funds for an AGM must have prior
                           approval of the Directors. (other than transportation,
                           housing, food, meeting rooms and coffee service)

             PART 3 ~ ADMINISTRATION

             3.1.0    The Office Administrator of the Association is responsible for
  Page 4.3            its management, operation and all activities proper to it.
 UNIT 4      3.1.1 The Office Administrator reports to the President or
                   the President’s designate.

 BCRTA       3.2.0 In all instances, requests for information or assistance will be
 Policies          directed to the Office Administrator.
             3.2.1 A request for information not approved by the
Procedures         Office Administrator will require the approval of
                   the President or his/her designate.

             3.3.0 Special services to individual members and to Branches shall
                   be charged at the cost of materials plus a handling charge of

             3.4.0 Employees of the association will respect picket lines that may
                   involve premises of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation.

             3.5.0 Roles of the Office Administrator are:

                  3.5.1 to establish and implement basic administrative policies
                        and procedures with regard to the operation of the
                        office, including maintenance of day-to-day financial
                        records and membership records;

                  3.5.2 to maintain day to day financial records and books of

                  3.5.3 to establish and maintain a close liaison with offices
                        such as the Teachers’ Pension Plan, Medical
                        Services Plan, Pacific Blue Cross, Canada Pension
                        Plan, Old Age Security and Pharmacare, in order to
                        be able to inform, explain or assist members in
                        matters of individual concern;

                  3.5.4 to maintain close observation of relationships between
                        committees and branches and communicate any
                        significant problems to those concerned first and then
                        to the President;

                  3.5.5 to advise on operating procedures of committees;

                  3.5.6 to evaluate performance of staff;

                  3.5.7 to assist in the formulation of Association policies;

                  3.5.8 to assist in the production of The Postscript;

  Page 4.4

                  3.5.9 to inform members of current affairs of the association and
 BCRTA                  matters of common interest;
   and            3.5.10 to guide and interpret long-term planning;
                  3.5.11 to support the Directors’ decision-making and the work
                        of committees; and

                  3.5.12 to provide advice to the Directors and keep them informed.

             PART 4 ~ DIRECTORS

             4.1.0 Responsibilities

                  4.1.1 To carry out the directions of the AGM and take the
                        initiative in furthering the aims of the Association.

             4.2.0 General

                  4.2.1 Directors must have a clear recognition of their
                        responsibilities as distinct from the responsibilities of

                  4.2.2 Every Director should be knowledgeable and respectful
                        of the wide role of the Office Administrator, and
                        recognize the need to maintain open communication
                        with the Office Administrator in all matters and affairs
                        of the association.

                  4.2.3 The Directors will establish for the Office Administrator
                        clear expectations and definitions of general
                        administrative responsibilities.

                  4.2.4 The Directors will establish a procedure for evaluating
                        the performance of the Office Administrator.

                  4.2.5 Annually, the Office Administrator’s term of employment
                        and those of the office employees with respect to remuneration
                        working conditions and duties will be reviewed by the

                  4.2.6 A Director may be appointed the intermediary to:

                       (a)   facilitate cooperation by acting as a link between
                             management and the Directors and, if required,
  Page 4.5                   between staff and management.
 UNIT 4           (b)   provide for the Office Administrator a ready source for
                        consultation on any matter or concern arising in
 Policies    4.2.7. In the event of disagreement after due consultation between
   and              the Directors and the Office Administrator in respect to the
Procedures          terms of an employment agreement, or any particular issue or
                    matter arising from the performance of duties, an appeal by the
                    Office Administrator may be made to another intermediary
                    named by either party and acceptable to the other, to assist in
                    the resolution of the issue or matter in question.

             4.3.0 Re Bylaw 28

                  The Greater Vancouver Region includes the areas of West
                  Vancouver, North Vancouver, Port Moody, Vancouver,
                  Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, White
                  Rock, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge
                  and Langley.

                  The Fraser Valley Region includes the areas of Mission,
                  Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kent, Agassiz and Hope.

                  4.3.1 Re Bylaw 28

                  (a)   Each Director is representative of all members of
                             the Association.

                  (b)   The concern of any member or any Branch shall be
                        the concern of every Director.

             4.4.0 The Directors shall review all proposals and resolutions for
                   changes in the existing medical/dental plans and advise the
                   BCRTA pension representatives regarding priorities and
                   strategies with respect to pursuing any revisions in those

             4.5.0 The Directors shall, in reviewing prospective changes and
                   priorities in the medical, extended health, and dental plans,
                   consider and respect:

                  (a)   The principle of equity in ensuring that proposed
                        changes are in the best interest of a majority of the
                        retired plan members;

                  (b)   The impact of any plan change upon the Inflation
                        Adjustment Account, ensuring that a prudent assess-
  Page 4.6              ment is made of the cost impact of any change upon
                        the long term interests of all the plan members;
                        (c)   The wishes of the retired plan members as articulated
                              at BCRTA Annual General Meetings, Branch meetings,
  BCRTA                       and the Delegates’ Conferences.
   and            4.5.1 The Directors shall review annually the terms of reference
                        for each committee.
                        Committee goals for each fiscal year shall be recommended to
                        the Board by the Committee Chairs.

                   4.5.2 Role of Director at Large/CART

                      To participate as a prudent and responsible
                      representative of the association at national meetings, in
                      the fulfilment of the mandate of CART, as defined in
                      PART 6.
             4.6.0 AGM

                  4.6.1 A Branch may send its allotted number of delegates or
                        fewer than entitled. The Branch may make rules regarding
                        distribution of its voting cards or may leave it up to the
                        delegates attending.

                  4.6.2 Delegates are free to vote as they see fit on questions at the
                        meeting, unless they have been specifically instructed by
                        their Branch’s General Meeting.

                  4.6.3 All voting (except for elections) shall be conducted solely by
                        show of voting cards. There shall be no roll call votes.

                  4.6.4 Delegates may vote only the cards of their own Branch.

                  4.6.5 Each delegate shall be guaranteed the right to hold at least
                        one voting card, but no delegate may hold more than four
                        voting cards.

                  4.6.6 All counts of voting cards shall be taken by the assigned

                  4.6.7 Attendance at general meetings be open to the media, except
                        when meetings move into committee of the whole.

             4.7.0 Election of Officers & Directors
                   4.7.1 Elections shall be by secret ballot.

                  4.7.2 Ballots shall be distributed on entry to the AGM by the
                        Office Administrator and staff.
  Page 4.7
                  c)    2nd Vice President
                  d)    Treasurer
  BCRTA           e)    Directors for Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Region
 Policies         f)    Directors for rest of B.C. outside of (d)
   and            g)    ACER/CART representative
Procedures   4.7.5 Further nominations for any position may be made from the
                   floor during elections.

             4.7.6 All nominees shall be introduced at the close of nominations.

             4.7.7 A ballot for elections shall be valid if marked for at least one
                   candidate but shall not be valid if marked for more than the
                   number of vacancies to be filled.

             4.7.8 The validity of a ballot shall be the sole responsibility of the
                   Chairperson of the Nominations Committee.

             4.7.9 No candidate shall be declared elected unless he/she receives
                   more than 50 percent of the valid ballots cast. Blank ballots and
                   those ballots deemed spoiled by the Chairperson of the
                   Nominating Committee shall not be valid ballots. If at the time
                   of balloting for a particular office there is a sole nominee for that
                   office, that person shall be declared elected.

             4.7.10 Following an indecisive ballot and before a second vote, the
                   candidate with the fewest votes shall be dropped from the
                   next ballot.

             4.7.11 Candidates defeated in an election for an office shall be deemed
                   to have been nominated for the office next to be filled. At any
                   time prior to the conducting of a ballot, any candidate may, by
                   giving notice to the meeting, withdraw from that election. Such
                   candidate(s) may exercise his or her right to be nominated from
                   the floor for other positions further on in the elections.

             4.7.12All Directors’ terms are two years.

             4.7.13 Should a Director, part-way through his/her term of office,
                   accept a nomination for a Table Officer position, his/her
                   position as Director shall be declared vacant as of the following
                   July 1, and the AGM shall fill the position for the unexpired
                   portion of the term.

             4.7.14    Ballots from Annual General Meeting elections will
                   automatically be destroyed unless there is a motion to retain
  Page 4.8

             4.17.15    No speaker shall, without the consent of the delegates, speak
 UNIT 4      more than once or for longer than four minutes on each motion, main or
             secondary. This rule shall not deprive the mover of the right to close
  BCRTA      debate provided there has not been a procedural motion to close debate.
             PART 5 ~ OFFICERS
   and       5.1.0 President
             5.1.1. The President, together with the assistance of the
                    Office     Administrator, shall propose an agenda for all Directors
                    and General meetings. BCRTA Rules of Order will be used
                    in the conduct of all meetings.

             5.2.0 Duties of the President are:
                   5.2.1 to monitor Committee activities and initiate action
                         required by motions passed at Directors’ or
                         General meetings;
                   5.2.2 to travel to regional or Branch meetings when requested;
                   5.2.3 to ensure effective communication with the membership,
                         Branches, Committees and professional organizations with
                         similar interests.

             5.3.0 Duties of the First Vice-President are:
                   5.3.1 to assist the President in the purposes of the Association;
                   5.3.2 to establish a good rapport with the Office Administrator;
                   5.3.3 to be aware of all Directors’ tasks;
                   5.3.4 to be aware of aspects of all Committees;
                   5.3.5 to understand the role and responsibilities of the Office
                         Administrator and office staff;
                   5.3.6 to travel to Branches when requested by the President.

             5.4.0 Duties of the Second Vice-President are:
                   5.4.1 to carry out duties assigned by the President;
                   5.4.2 to Chair the Delegates’ Conference on the day
                         prior to the AGM;
                  5.4.3 to contact Branch Presidents for items to be included in
                        the Agenda for the Conference;
                  5.4.4 to prepare the Agenda and programme for the Delegates’
                        Day Conference; and
                  5.4.5 to facilitate the operation of the Delegates’ Day Conference

             5.5.0 Duties of the Treasurer are:
                   5.5.1 (a) to be knowledgeable of the day-to-day financial
                              operation of the Association and report to the
                              Finance Committee as required;

                       (b)     to recommend, in consultation with the Finance
                               Committee, policies and practice intended to ensure
  Page 4.9
                               sound financial management;
                        (c)    to utilize the following categories when reporting to
 UNIT 4                        the Finance Committee on the disposition of the
                               BCRTA monies:

  BCRTA                        (i) the Operating Account
 Policies                      (ii) the Reserve Fund
   and                         (iii) the Capital Fund
                   5.5.2 to attend the office on a weekly or regular basis to meet with
                         the Office Administrator;

                   5.5.3 to ensure that sufficient funds are in the Operating Account
                         for normal operations;

                  5.5.4 to be a member of the Finance Committee.

                  5.6.0 Duties of the Immediate Past President are:

                       5.6.1 to offer assistance and counsel when requested by
                             the President; and

                       5.6.2 to Chair the Nominations Committee.

              PART 6 ~ ACER-CART ~ Canadian Association of Retired Teachers

                  6.1.0 The BCRTA supports the maintenance of a national
                        organization of retired teachers.

                  6.1.1 The BCRTA ,as a founding member, endorses the Constitution
                        and Bylaws of the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers,
                        as adopted in June 1994 and its mandate, namely:

                       (a)    to facilitate and promote liaison and mutual
                              assistance among its member organizations;

                       (b)    to promote the interests of its member

                       (c)    to develop strategies for joint action on matters of
                              common concern to member organizations;

                       (d)    to cooperate with other seniors’ organizations on
                              matters of common concern; and

                       (e)    to promote excellence in education.

                  6.1.2 Director At Large/ACER-CART
                        The ACER-CART Director shall:
  Page 4.10
 UNIT 4                  (a)   participate as a prudent and responsible representative
                               of the Association at national meetings in the fulfilment
                               of the mandate of ACER-CART; and

  BCRTA                  (b)   take an active and constructive part in ACER-CART
 Policies                      activities.
Procedures     PART 7 ~ COMMITTEES

               7.1.0 General

                    7.1.1 The Association may establish Standing Committees that exist
                          year-round and/or Ad Hoc Committees that exist to accomplish a
                          goal and then cease to exist to serve the various functions of the

                    7.1.2 The term of office of all Standing Committees shall be one year.

                    7.1.3 Each committee shall consist of the Chair who shall be a Director
                          of the Association appointed by the President following the AGM.
                          And a slate of 3,5, or 7 members recommended to the Directors by
                          the Chair. Only in extraordinary circumstances shall a committee
                          have more than seven members.
                          Notwithstanding the above, the Board of Directors may appoint a
                          member who is not a Director to Chair a Committee, where the
                          member’s particular expertise makes this desirable.

                    7.1.4 In finalizing the composition of the Committee the Chair shall first
                          consider the others Directors, members with particular back
                          ground/interest in the miission, responsibilities and objectives of
                          the committee, geographic representation, and the committee
                          work as a trianing ground for potential Directors.

                    7.1.5 It is expected that non=Directors will serve on two committees to
                          maximize use of committee travel funds

                    7.1.6 Committees will meet normally as a preliminary to the regular
                          Directors’ Meeting; but may vary meeting arrangmeents beyond
                          the normal format e.g. tele-conferencing, electronic meetigns,
                          email and regular mail correspondents, reaction groups within a
                          branch et al.

                    7.1.7 At its first meeting of the year a committee will:
                          a)    reviews its mission statement and responsibilities and
                                develop a set of objectives and an action plan for the year,
                          b) review current policy re: travel and expense allowances and
                                expense vouchers, and
   Page 4.11              c)    prepare a working budget which attaches appoximate dollar
                                figures to the elements of its action pla.
 UNIT 4      7.1.8 If the working budget exceeds the AGM approved amount by
                   more than 10% the additional expenditure must be approved
                   by a two-thirds majority of the Directors.

 BCRTA       7.1.9 The Chair of each committee is expected to work with the Treasurer
 Policies          and the Office Administrator and monitor the expenditure of the
   and             budget monies.
             7.1.10 If, in the Chair’s opinion, the Committee needs the assistance of the
                   Office Administrator to advise on established procedures, the his-
                   tory of the committee, and to provide office support for a particular
                   project, the Chair should invite the Office Adminstrator to attend an
                   appropriate committee meeting.

             7.1.11 Committee Chairs and members are not dissuaded from
                   communication independently with other parties, but shall not have
                   the authority to do so in the name of the BCRTA.

             7.1.12 If a committee wishes to communicate with another party in the
                   name of the BCRTA the substance and intent of the communication
                   must be debated by the Directors and must go forward over the
                   signature of/or with the express approval of the President of the

             7.1.13 If a committee wishes to have the President write a formal letter to
                   another party it is incumbent upon the Committee Chair to provide
                   the factual content to be embedded in the communication.

             7.1.14 Communications for general distribution to members or branches
                   shall be handled by the BCRTA office once approved by the

             7.1.15 Committee Chairs may request priority consideration from the
                   Editor of the Postscript for the inclusion of materal that is of such
                   significance that all members should receive it; but the committee
                   must give timely warning to the Editor and observe the policy of the
                   Postscript Committee.

             7.1.16 A Director or member who feels that the mission or responsibilities
                   of a Standing Committee no longer supports the mission of the
                   Association significantly may request that the Committee be
                   disbanded. Such a request must be made in writing to the President,
                   and must make specific reference to the mission and/or the respon-
                   sibilities of that Committee.

 Page 4.12

            8.1.0      The mission of the Finance Committee is to review the Associa-
            tion’s income and expenditures regularly, oversee a cost-efficient organiza-
            tion, and review the investment of monies that are surplus to immediate

                      8.1.1 The committee shall consist of the Chair, the Treasurer and
                            two members appointed by the Directors. At the discretion of
                            the Board of Directors, the number of committee members
                            may be increased.

                      8.1.1 The Finance Committee shall meet as often as
                            necessary to carry out its duties.

            8.2.0     The committee shall be responsible for:

                      8.2.1 developing an Annual Budget for the forthcoming year and
                            present same to the Directors at the last regulary scheduled
                            meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

                      8.2.2 recommending the Annual Budget for the forthcoming year to
                            the AGM for debate and ratification.

                      8.2.3 advising the Directors re: changes to the budget, and their
                            implications during the budget year;

                      8.2.4 reporting the current status of all funds regularly to the

                      8.2.5 reviewing requests from and making recommendations to the
                            Directors with respect to income and expenditures;

                      8.2.6 reviewing income and expenditures and making
                            recommendations to the Directors to help ensure a
                            cost-efficient organization;

                      8.2.7 following the Investment Policy and the financial operation
                            of the Assocation; and

                      8.2.8 reviewing the investment of monies which are surplus to
                            immediate requirements in consultation with the Investment
                            Sub-Committee and the Financial Advisor.

            8.3.0 Accounting

                      8.3.1 The accounting records shall be maintained electronically
Page 4.13                   in the BCRTA office.
 UNIT 4       8.4.0 Budget

                        8.4.1 A budget shall be submitted to the Directors annually
                              prior to the start of the next business year.
  BCRTA       Capital Fund
   and        8.5.1 The Capital Fund shall not exceed 30% of the annual
Procedures          budget of the Association. These funds shall be expended
                    at the discretion of the Directors for equipment, fixtures
                    and furniture as required.

              8.5.2 When the Capital Fund falls below 30% of the annual budget, the
                    interest earned by the fund shall be retained in the fund until
                    the 30% of the annual budget of the Association is achieved.

              8.5.3 All interest earned by the fund in excess of that required by policy
                    8.5.2 shall be transferred to the Operating Account.

              8.454 All expenditures from the Capital Fund shall be made through the
                    following procedures:
                    (a) Any equipment, fixture or furniture that has a life
                         expentancy of three or more years and a capital value in
                         excess of $500 shall be purchased from the Capital Fund.
                    (b) The request for capital expenditures shall be presented, in
                         writing, to the Finance Committee for consideration.
                    (c) The Finance Committee shall present its recommendations
                         to the Directors.
                    (d) On approval of the Directors, the Office Administrator shall
                         be responsible for the purchase.
                    (e) The Office Administrator shall seek three competitive bids
                         prior to making capital purchases.
                    (f) Emergency requests shall be made to the BCRTA Officers
                         (through the Chair of the Finance Committee) for
                         immediate approval.
                    (g) Emergency approvals shall be presented to the next
                         Directors’ meeting for endorsement. (Directors, Dec. 1998))

              8.6.0 Petty Cash Fund

                   8.6.1 The Office Administrator shall be issued a credit card in the anme
                         of the Association . The credit card shall have a limit of $2000 and
                         shall be kept secureed in the office.

                   8.6.2 The Office Administrator shall keep an accounting of the money
                         expended from the credit card.

  Page 4.14        8.6.3 The Treasurer shall ensure that the limit of the credit card not
                         exceed $2000.
                                                        (Directors, Dec. 1998))
              8.7.0 Reserve Fund

 BCRTA            8.7.1 The purpose of the Reserve Fund is to meet expenditures
 Policies               which were not foreseen when the annual budget was
   and                  approved.
                  8.7.2 The Reserve Fund shall be maintained at not less than 30%
                        of the annual estimated revenue.

                  8.7.3 Expenditures from the Reserve Fund shall be authorized either
                            (a) a general meeting; or
                            (b) 75% of the full Directorship.

              8.8.0 Operating Account

                  8.8.1 Membership fees will be deposited into the Operating Account.

                  8.8.2 Administrative fees collected from Johnson Inc. from the
                        MEDOC travel,Home Insurance Plan and the Long-Term Care Plan
                        will be deposited in the Operating Account.

                  8.8.3 Grants, interest and Branch monies will be deposited into the
                        Operating Account.

                  8.8.4 Operating expenses of the BCRTA will be paid from the
                        Operating Account.

                  8.8.5 Any surplus as determined at the end of the fiscal year shall be
                        transferred into the Reserve Fund.
                                                   (Directors, Nov. 2000)

  Page 4.15
 UNIT 4       8.9.0 Insurance
                    8.9.1 A BCTF insurance policy provides indemnity to
                          members of the B.C. Retired Teachers’ Association while
                          on official business, excluding everyday travel to and
  BCRTA                   from work.
                         a) Commercial General Liability, which covers for legal liability to
                         third parties arising from injury sustained while on BCTF property;
                         b) Umbrella Liability, which provides additional coverage for the
                         above policy;

                         c) crime, covering for forgery counterfeit currency, etc.

                         d) group travel, which covers staff and members for injury caused
                         by an accident while travelling on RTA business.

                   8.9.2 “official business” means on the business of the insured,
                         or while on assignment by or at the direction of the insured,
                         for the purpose of furthering the business of
                         the insured.

              8.10.0      Special Events
                    8.10.1      All special events which do not relate to or are not part of the
                                overall operation of the BCRTA must be self-supporting.
                    8.10.2      Any surplus funds from a special event which is of an
                                ongoing nature, e.g., golf tournament, shall be retained
                                for future events.
                    8.10.3      Any surplus funds from a special event which is not of
                                an ongoing nature, e.g., anniversary, shall be
                                transferred to the Operating Account.
              8.11.0 Travel and expense allowance
                    8.11.1 Approved costs of members and staff for travel, meals
                          accommodation and miscellaneous expenses while
                          attending to BCRTA business will be reimbursed upon
                          receipt of a BCRTA expense voucher.
                    8.11.2 BCRTA expense rates/items will parallel those paid by the BCTF.
              8.12.0 Expense Vouchers
                    8.12.1 Expense vouchers are reviewed and approved by the
                    8.12.2 If an expense is in question, the Treasurer will request
                          further explanation from the person submitting the expense.
                    8.12.3 If the Treasurer still questions the expense, the matter will be
                          referred to a review committee for final decision.
                    8.12.4 A review committee shall consist of a member of the Finance
  Page 4.16               Committee, an Officer and one additional Director.
                                          (Directors, December 1998))
              9.1.0 The mission of the Pensions & Benefits Committee is to safeguard the
 BCRTA              economic security of the membership, and to recommend policy affect
                    ing the Pension Plan, Health Benefits and other benefit and insurance
Procedures    9.2.0 The Directors shall appoint two members of the Pension & Benefits
                    Committee to the BCTF Pension Committee and the Teacher Pension
                    Plan Advisory Committee (TPPAC).

              9.3.0 The Copmmittee’s responsibilities are to:

                   9.3.1 participate in formulating policy affecting the pension plan and
                         medical/dental benefits and report regularly to the Directors
                         for input and guidance;

                   9.3.2 report regularly to the membership with respect to the pension
                         plan and the medical/dental benefits;

                   9.3.3 review other benefit and insurance programs e.g. travel, house
                         hold, auto, etc, to determine if there is sufficient member interest
                         to warrant the development, implementation and.or continuation
                         of the program; and

                   9.3.4 be responsibile for implementing, monitorying and reporting on
                         the status of all BCRTA approvied benefit and insurance

              9.4.0 The Pensions & Benefits Committee shall consist of a
                    minimum of three members appointed by the Directors.

                   9.4.2 The Directors shall appoint the Chair of the Committee.
                   9.4.3 The Chair shall select the committee members and inform the
                   9.4.4 The selected committee members should have a background in
                         pension and benefit plan policy development and


              9.5.0 That the BCRTA maintain a continuing and recognized role in any
                    decision-making that leads to changes in the Teachers’ Pension Plan.

                   9.5.1. That one of the BCRTA members of the TPPAC be appointed to
                          the Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees.

  Page 4.17        9.5.2 That the Pension & Benefits Committee and other members of
                         the British Columbia Retired Teachers’ Association appointed
                        by the President act as delegates to the British Columbia
 UNIT 4                 Teachers’ Federation Annual General meeting and vote,
                        pursuant to Bylaw 8.2 of the British Columbia Teachers’
                        Federation Constitution and Bylaws, on recommendations and/
                        or resolutions concerning pensions and retiree benefits.
 Policies          9.5.3 That the Pension & Benefits Committee review the BCTF AGM
   and                   penison recommendations/resolutions with the Directors or
Procedures               Officers to receive voting instructions.

                   Policy - Pension

              9.6.0 That the Teachers’ Pension Plan remain a defined benefit pension

                   9.6.1 That the Teachers’ Pension Plan become a fully-funded pension

                   9.6.2 That changes in the pension plan be based on the principle
                         of equity so that the majority, if not all, of the active and retired
                         members of the plan benefit from any change in the plan.
                   9.6.3 That changes in the plan which benefit a minority of members
                         be made only under special circumstances and for reasons
                         most members would agree are sound and compelling.
                   9.6.4 That pensions be protected against inflation through an annual
                         increase reflective of changes in the Canadian cost of living.
                                                           (Directors, Dec. 1999)

                   Policy - Health Benefits

              9.7.0 That the schedule of dental and EHB plan benefits be determined by
                    the Teachers’ Pension Board in consultation with the licensed benefit

                   9.7.1 That the health benefits be available to all persons who are in
                         receipt of a BC teacher pension.

                   9.7.2 That the cost for the health benefits, paid from the Inflation
                         Adjustment Account (IAA), not exceed 80% of the employer
                         contribution to the IAA.

                   9.7.3 That any proposed changes to the schedule fo health benefits
                         take into consideration:
                         (a) the wishes of the members as expressed through AGMs,
                               Branch meetings and Branch President’s Conferences;
                         (b) the long-term interest of all members; and
                         (c) the long-term cost impact.
  Page 4.18
              9.8.0 Other Benefit and Insurance Programs
                   9.8.1 That the BCRTA may utilize the services of a broker to investi-
UNIT 4                   gate, implement, monitor and report on any or all benefit and
                         insurance programs.

 BCRTA             9.8.2 That benefit and insurance programs designed by and for
 Policies                BCRTA members be administered by an outside agency or
   and                   agencies with the BCRTA role resticted to making the program
                         available, monitoring its applicability and publicizing its
Procedures               existence.

                   9.8.3 That as of February 11, 1999 and until revoked by a motion of
                         the Directors, Johnson Inc. be the BCRTA Broker of Record for
                         the investigation and implementation of insurance programs.
                                               (Directors, June 2005)


              10.1.0     The mission of the Postscript Committee is to communicate with
                         the members of the BCRTA as the official publication of the

                   10.1.1     The Postscript Committee shall consist of a Chair, Editor and
                              at least one additional member approved by the Directors.
                              From amongst the Committee members, an Assistant Editor
                              shall be appointed.

              10.2.0      The Committee’s responsibilities are to:
                    10.2.1     be supportive of the goals, objectives, policies and
                               procedures of the BCRTA;

                   10.2.2     place the interests of the membership as a whole before those
                              of any individual, body or interest group within the BCRTA;

                   10.2.3     present information comprehensively, accurately and fairly,
                              and acknowledge mistakes when they occur;

                   10.2.4     publish material (with the author’s permission), and present
                              various sides of the issue when reporting information on
                              social issues;

                   10.2.5     provide a forum for the exchange of members’ views;

                   10.2.6     report regularly on matters of importance in the areas of
                              pensions, benefits, and other welfare issues;

                   10.2.7     comply with the normal restrictions imposed by any
                              responsibile publication as to brevity, clarity, legality and
  Page 4.19

                   10.2.8     assist in the development and clarification of guidelines for
                   editorial policy; and
              10.2.9 distribute copies of the current issue to the membership at the
                    end of November, February, May and August of each year.
              10.2.10The Postscript may report on issues concerning BCRTA
 Policies           activities,but need not report routine committee work
   and              regularly.
              10.2.9Articles printed in the Postscript shall bear the name of
                    the author or identify the source of the material.

              10.2.10No BCRTA member shall have unlimited access to
                    the Letters to the Editor section.

              10.2.11All print materials shall conform to the normal
                         restrictions imposed by any responsible publication as
                         to brevity, clarity, legality and taste. Any submission
                         that does not meet these standards may be edited to
                         conform or it will be returned to the author for

              10.2.12    If the Editor decides not to publish a contributed
                         article submitted by a member or to change it signi-
                         icantly, the writer and the Postscript Committee shall
                         be so notified.

              10.2.13    Any BCRTA group, staff person, or a member within
                         the BCRTA, who is criticized in the Postscript, shall have
                         the opportunity to respond in a subsequent issue.

              10.2.14    When the Editor decides that a particular issue has been
                         discussed sufficiently in the Postscript, he or she shall
                         exercise closure and so inform the Postscript Committee.

              10.2.15    The Editor shall be knowledgeable about the budget
                         for the Postscript and shall consult regularly with the
                         Office Administrator and the Postscript Committee con-
                         cerning the layout and materials used to make the
                         Bulletin attractive and cost effective.

              10.2.16    If the Editor is unable to be present at the time a
                         Postscript is being prepared his/her duties shall fall to
                         the Assistant Editor.

              10.2.17    The Editor shall receive copies of the Minutes of the
                         Directors’ Meetings and, when appropriate, other
  Page 4.20
                         print materials relating to the operation of the BCRTA.
              10.3.0    The Editor and/or the Committee will:

 BCRTA             10.3.1    review materials submitted for publication;
                   10.3.2    give preference to Canadian content;
 Policies          10.3.3    check the source of previously published material;
Procedures         10.3.5    assist in the development and clarification of guidelines
                             for editorial policy;
                   10.3.6    approve all submissions to be published in the Postscript; and
                   10.3.7    assist in proofreading.

              10.4.0    Advertising

                   10.4.Paid advertisements are not accepted for the Postscript.

              10.5.0    Publication

                   10.5.1     Materials prepared by the Editor will be submitted,
                         along with the original documents, to the Office
                         Administrator who will prepare the mock-up Bulletin.

                   10.5.2    Deadlines for submissions to the Postscript shall be
                         October 31, January 31, April 30 and July 2 of each year.

                   10.5.3     The Postscript will be issued to the membership at the end
                         of November, February, May and August of each year.

                   10.5.4      The August issue shall include the Summary of Reports
                         to the AGM.

                   10.5.5      Copies of the BCRTA Postscript shall be sent to the
                         membership, the BCTF Pensions Committee, the BC
                         Pension Corporation, CART and other associations of
                         retired teachers across Canada.

                   10.5.6     Original copies of materials published shall be kept in
                         the BCRTA until the next issue is published, and then recycled.
                                              (Directors, Oct. 2000)

              PART 11 ~ HERITAGE COMMITTEE

              11.1.0    The mission of the Heritage Committee is to encourage the
                        preservation of educational heritage in BC.

              11.2.0    The Committee shall consist of the Chair and three or more
                        members recommended by the Chair and approved by the Directors.

  Page 4.21
              11.3.0    The committee’s responsibilities are to

  BCRTA            11.3.1    stimulate interest in developing local heritage projects;
  Policies         11.3.2    to encourage and assist Branches that are initiating a heritage
                   11.3.3    maintain a registry of current heritage projects, publications
Procedures                   and collection sites;
                   11.3.4    identify a heritage contact in each branch;
                   11.3.5    adjudicate the Heritage Grant Applications; and


              12.1.0    The mission of the Membership committee is to recruit all persons
                        eligible for membership in the BCRTA, and to assist members in
                        the formation and operation of branches.

              12.2.0    The Committee shall consist of a Chair and three or more members
                        as recommended by the Chair and approved by the Directors.

              12.3.0    The committee’s responsibilities are to:

                   12.3.1    encourage all persons eligible for membership in the BCRTA
                             pursuant to Part 2 of the Bylaws to become members of the
                   12.3.2    encourage and assist in the formation of new branches, and to
                             maintain a close relationship with branches and assist them
                             where possible;
                   12.3.3    prepare and distribute information showing the benefits of
                             BCRTA membership;
                   12.3.4    communicate with branches through regular Director-Branch
                             contact to emphasize information on inportant issues and to
                             enhance partnership;
                   12.3.5    ass ist branches in recruiting and retaining their executive
                             members.                                    (dir mtg. oct/05)


              13.1.0    The mission of the Nominations Committee is to ensure that there
                        is a full slate of candidates for the offices to be filled by election at
                        each Annual General Meeting (AGM).

              13.2.0    The immediate Past President will Chair this Committee and be
                        assisted by other members as selected by the Chair and
                        approved by the Directors.
  Page 4.22
              13.3.0    The committee’s responsibilities are to:
 UNIT 4                13.3.1 Notify the membership, by April 30th, of the vacancies to be filled
                             by election at the AGM, and further to indicate that the curriculum
                             vitae of nominees must be received in the BCRTA office by July 31st
                             for inclusion in the Fall Postscript and the Summary of Reports.
                       13.3.2 Prepared for presentation at the AGM pursuant to Bylaw 28.
 BCRTA                       a list of nominees for offices to be filled by election
   and          13.4.0      A member seeking nomination will be required to complete a
Procedures                  nomination form of the Association.


              14.1.0   The Committee shall consist of the Chair and three or more
                    members recommended by the Chair and approved by the Directors.

              14.2.0      Its purposes are to:

                   14.2.1      review seniors concerns by which is meant current
                               or potential social issues relating to our members, both
                               as retired teachers and as seniors per se;

                   14.2.2      provide information to the Directors on these issues; and

                   14.2.3      prepare information and communicate with the
                               membership as authorized by the Directors.


              15.1.0      The mission of the Excellence in Public Education Committee is to
                          recognize and publicize excellent educational practice in BC pub
                          lic schools, and to encourage and support retired teachers in
                          maintaining an interest in the K-12 public education system.

              15.2.0      The Committee shall consist of the Chair and one or two members
                          recommended by the Chair and approved by the Directors.

              15.3.0      The Committee’s responsibilities are to encourage and support
                          retired teachers to

                   15.3.1      continue to be involved in the public educational system;

                   15.3.2      share their expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the K-
                               12 public education system;

                   15.3.3      maintain currency in matters pertaining to public education;
  Page 4.23
                          15.3.4     exercise their franchise in the best interests of education;

  BCRTA       15.4.0      And further, the committee’s responsibilities include
   and                 15.4.1   communicating with, and supporting other groups having a
Procedures                      vested interest in public education;

                       15.4.2   identifying and recognizing the activities of teachers,
                                administrators and others who promote excellence in public
                       15.4.3   identifying and recognizing programs and undertakings that
                                promote excellence within the BC K-12 public education
                                system; and
                       15.4.4 providing input to any review by the BC College of Teachers
                              of standards for education, competence, and professional con
                              duct of educators in British Columbia
                                                          (Dir. Mtg. Oct/08)


                   16.1.0      That the purposes of the Seniors’ Health & Housing Committee
                         are to:

                          •     review seniors’ concerns in health and housing issues
                                relating to our membership both as retired teachers and
                                as seniors per se;
                          •     provide information to the Directors on these issues; and
                          •     prepare information and communicate with the
                                membership as authorized by the Directors
                                                     (Dir. Mtg. Oct/02)

              PART 17 - ADVOCACY COMMITTEE

                   17.1.0       The mission of the Advocacy Committee is to develop materials and
                                strategies that inform members and encourage them to take a pro-
                                active position in support of issues affecting their well-being.

  Page 4.24
            17.2.0 The Committee’s responsibilities are:

                         ·   To respond to issues referred by the BCRTA Directors, committees,
                             branches and individuals and to make recommendations.

                         ·   To maintain a watching brief on various developments in society
                             that may impact on the well-being of members.

                         ·   To provide advocacy leadership and support for public policy
                             initiatives affecting the well-being of members.

                         ·   To create position papers on identified issues that advocate specific
                             public policy changes in areas affecting the well-being of members.

                         ·   To advise the BCRTA Directors on advocacy strategies that can be
                             used by branches and individual members to advocate on specific

                         ·   To consult with kindred groups on issues pertinent to the health
                             and well-being of members.

            Objectives of the Committee for the current year are posted on the RTA website


            18.1.0 The mission of the Personnel Committee is the recruitment and evaluation
                   of staff, and the negotiation of terms of employment with the Office Ad-
                   ministrator and the Administrative Assistant.

            18.2.0 The Committee shall be comprised of the Past President, President, 1st Vice
                   President and the Treasurer.

            18.3.0        The Committee’s responsibilities are to

               ·      monitor the performance of the Office Administrator and the
                      AdministrativeAssistant in terms of the current job description for each

               ·     review the above job descriptions regularly and make such changes as are

               ·     maintain currency in the procedure for evaluating the performance of the
                     Office Administrator,

               ·     conclude a formal written appraisal of the performance of the Office

               ·     negotiate the renewal of the individual contracts with the Office Adminis-
                     trator and the Administrative Assistant, as necessary and
Page 4.25
               ·   act as the initial arbitrators, on behalf of the Association, in the resolution of
                   any dispute respecting the interpretation, application or alleged violation of
                   the terms of the individual contracts .

            Objectives of the Committee for the current year are posted on the RTA website

                                       APPENDIX A

                   Establish committees when it’s apparent that issues are too complex and/or
                   numerous to be handled by the entire board.

                   For ongoing, major activities establish standing committees that exist year
                   round; and for sort-term activities strike ad hoc committees that cease when
                   the activities are completed. Standing committees should be included in the

                   Committees recommend policy for approval by the entire board.

                   Committees make full use of board members’ expertise, time and commit-
                   ment, and ensure diversity of opinions on the board.

                   They do not supplant responsibility of each board member; they operate at
                   the board level and not the staff level.

                   Committees may meet monthly (this is typical to new organizations, with
                   working boards), every two months, or every three months; if meetings are
                   not held monthly, attempt to have committees meet during the months
                   between full board meetings.

                   Minutes should be recorded for all board meetings and for Executive Com-
                   mittee meetings if the Bylaws indicate the Executive Committee can make
                   decisions in place of the board when needed.

                                           DEVELOPING COMMITTEES

                   Ensure the committee has a specific charge or set of tasks to address, and
                   ensure board members understand the committee’s charge.

                   Have at least two board members on each committee, preferably three.

                   Don’t have a member on more than two committees.

                   In each board meeting, have each committee chair report the committee’s
                   work since the last board meeting.

                   Consider having non-board volunteers as members of the committee.

Page 4.26          Committee chairs are often appointed by the board chair; consider asking
                   committee members for a volunteer for committee chair.
            If committee work is regularly effective and the executive committee has a
            strong relationship with the chief executive, consider having board meetings
            every other month and committee meetings between the board meetings.

Page 4.27
                                  BCRTA POLICY


            19.1.0    Indemnification                      4.29
            19.2.0    Health Benefits                      4.29
            19.3.0    Genetically Altered Products         4.29
            19.4.0    World Trade Organization (WTO)       4.29
            19.5.0    For Profit Health Services           4.29
            19.6.0    Natural Gas Increases                4.30
            19.7.0    BCRTA Delegates to the BCTF AGM 4.30
            19.8.0    Regulatory Bodies                    4.30
            19.9.0    Pharmacare                           4.30
            19.10.0   Water                                4.30
            19.11.0   BCTF Collective Bargaining           4.30
            19.12.0   Common Pension Policy                4.31-34
            19.13.0   Commercialism in Schools             4.34
            19.14.0   Privatization of BC Hydro            4.35
            19.15.0   Branch Resolutions to the AGM        4.35
            19.16.0   BCRTA Investment Policy              4.36-41
            19.17.0   Health Care                          4.42
            19.18.0   Auto Insurance                       4.43
            19.19.0   Expense Vouchers                     4.43
            19.20.0   Donations “In Kind”                  4.44
            19.21.0   Branch Requests to Provincial Office 4.44
            19.22.0   Committee Member attendance at AGM 4.44

Page 4.28

               The following are the stated policies of the BCRTA on:
 Policies      19.1.0    Indemnification
   and                That either directly, or through a policy of insurance, the Association
Procedures            will defend and indemnify all Branches, all members and employ-
                      ees against any corporate or individual liability arising from ap-
                      proved activities of the Association or of its Branches.
                                                                (Directors, April 1999)
               19.2.0    Health Benefits

                  1.    That the RTA supports the concept that the cost of health benefits
                        not exceed 50% of the employer contribution to the I.A.A.

                  2.    That the RTA continues to support the provision of MSP, EHB and
                        dental plans to at least current levels for retired teachers, even if
                        support requires cost sharing.
                                                                   (Directors, April 1999)

               19.3.0      Genetically Altered Products

                  1. The BCRTA strongly supports the mandatory labeling of all foods
                     which have been subjected to genetic engineering.
                  2. The BCRTA recommends that until a government-established food
                     and drug laboratory has proven a particular genetically altered food
                     product safe for human and/or animals, use of that generically
                     altered product be restricted to experimentation only.
                                                         (Directors, Oct. 1999)

               19.4.0      World Trade Organization (WTO)

                  1.    The BCRTA strongly opposes the inclusion of trade in services in
                        the WTO agenda because such action could result in the loss or
                        diminishment of democratic control over the determination of the
                        kinds of services offered in this country and how those services are
                        administered.                             (Directors, Dec. 1999)

               19.5.0      For Profit Health Services

                  1.    The BCRTA strongly opposes for-profit provisions of any health
                        services.                       (Directors, Feb. 2000)

   Page 4.29
            19.6.0      Natural Gas Increases

               1.  The BCRTA strongly opposes the continual increase in natural gas
                   prices emphasizing the detrimental effect of not only monetary loss but
                   also on the impact on the health of our senior citizens.
                                                                   (Directors, Nov. 2000)
            19.7.0    BCRTA Delegates to the BCTF AGM

               1.    That the BCRTA Officers be authorized to appoint the BCRTA del-
                     egates to the BCTF AGMs.
                                                                 (Directors, Jan. 2001)

            19.8.0      Regulatory Bodies

               1.    The BCRTA endorses the Council of Canadians’ stance that regulatory
                     bodies considering matters of significant public concern follow a se-
                     quence of public consultation before making any final decision re the
                     concerns.                                Directors, May 2001)

            19.9.0      Pharmacare

               1.    The BCRTA opposes any actions of the BC Government to limit
                     Pharmacare benefits or to reduce access to health care in BC through
                     the imposition of user fees.

            19.10.0 Water

               1.    The BCRTA urges the federal and provincial governments to recognize
                     that water is a human right and that they carry out the following poli-
                        a.    Enact legislation prohibiting water exports.
                        b.    Open negotiations to exempt water from International Trade
                        c.    Develop a broad national water policy that ensures owner-
                              ship and control of Canada’s fresh water remains in public
                        d.    Join with other countries and non-governmental organiza-
                              tions world-wide to promote more efficient use and conserva-
                              tion of local fresh water.            (AGM, Sept. 2001)

            19.11.0 BCTF Collective Bargaining

               1.    The BCRTA supports BCTF efforts to maintain free collective bargain-
                     ing in the education sector.              (AGM, Sept. 2001)

               2.    That should extracurricular activities be deemed “essential services”,
Page 4.30            the BCRTA advise our members not to take part in any school, district,
                     or provincial extracurricular activity.       (Directors, Oct. 2001)
            19.12.0 Common Pension Policy

                 The BCRTA adopts the following as its policy:

                     A.     Pension Goal

                      That the goal be the attainment of a pension plan that is fully
                     funded, jointly trusteed, service based, fully indexed and main
                     tains the relative economic status of members of the pension plan
                      and/or their designated beneficiaries following retirement,
                      disability or death.

                     B.     Pension Design

                     1. Plan Members

                          That all members of the BCTF bargaining unit, administrative
                          officers, and superintendents in the BC public school system, and
                          all recipients of a BC teacher pension be members of the pension
                          plan (hereinafter referred to as plan members).

                     2. The Pension Plan
                        a. That the pension be:
                           i.   vested after 20 months of contributory service;
                           ii. based on service and on highest average salary
                           iii. defined on a two percent formula integrated with
                                the Canada Pension Plan;
                           iv. indexed fully to the Canadian Consumer Price
                                Index; and
                           v.   payable at age 55, or later;

                          b. That the pension plan recognize, as contributory service,
                          up to five years of child rearing time.

                          c. That contributions, when vested, be locked-in to the plan,
                          to another registered pension plan, or to a locked-in RRSP.

                          d. That subject to spousal waiver, the plan member may
                             name a beneficiary eligible to receive a refund, a guaran
                          tee of pension payment, or a pre-retirement death benefit.

                          e. That there be no discrimination on the basis of gender or
                          marital status in the eligibility for, or the calculation of,
                          single life pensions or their equivalent.

Page 4.31
            3. Purchase of Service

               That there be provision for:

                    a.       reinstatement of refunds taken prior to January 1,

                    b.       purchase of periods of leave of absence;

                    c.       purchase of service in other jurisdictions; and

                    d.       purchase of service by plan member who were em-
                             ployed in a less than 50% assignment prior to Janu-
                             ary 1, 1993, provided that the plan member had not
                             signed a waiver declining participation in the pen-
                             sion plan.

            4. Portability

                    a.       That there be portability between pension plans
                             provided that:

                             i.          transfers of service be cost neutral to the
                                         pension plan;

                             ii.    all service in the exporting plan be credited
                                    for eligibility in the importing plan; and

                             iii.    credited service for pension calculation be
                               determined by the ratio of the actuarial
                               liability in the exporting plan to the actuarial
                               liability in the importing plan.

                    b.       That, if the actuarial liability in the exporting plan is
                             less than the actuarial liability in the importing plan,
                             the plan member be permitted to pay the difference
                             to receive full service credit.

            5. Pre-Retirement Death Benefit

               That, upon the death of a plan member prior to retirement, a
               benefit be payable to a spouse, the named beneficiary or estate.

            6. Group Disability Plans

               That a plan member in receipt of benefits from an approved
               group disability plan be credited with service for that period,
               and that salary for pension calculation purposes be indexed.
Page 4.32
                 7. Pension Options
                    a. That the normal form of a pension be single life 10-year

                    b. That the following further options be available:

                      i.         single life no guarantee;
                      ii.        single life five-year guarantee;
                      iii.       single life fifteen-year guarantee;
                      iv.        joint life and last survivor;
                      v.         temporary annuity in the amount of the Old Age
                                 Security; or
                      vi.        a combination of the above.

                    c. That a plan member who has a spouse be required to
                       select at least 60 percent of the pension on a joint life and
                    last survivor basis, unless the spouse signs a waiver.

            C.   Governance

                 1. That the pension plan be managed through a joint trust agree-
                    ment between the BCTF as the plan member partner, and the BC
                    Government as the plan employer partner.

                 2. That the Pension Board of Trustees be at least 20 persons repre-
                    senting equally each of the plan partners, with the provision that
                    an outside person may be appointed as a non-voting chair.

                 3. That the plan member partner trustees be nominated by and
                    from the Teachers’ Pension Plan Advisory Committee and ap-
                    pointed for three years by the BCTF Executive Committee as

                            a.      three active plan members who are members of the
                                    BCTF and/or BCTF staff;
                            b.      one excluded plan member; and
                            c.      one retired plan member.

                 4. That a plan member trustee shall remain a member of the Teach-
                    ers’ Pension Plan Advisory Committee throughout the term of
                    his/her trusteeship.

            D.   Fund Financing

                 1. That the pension plan be fully funded to provide a basic pension
                    and indexing.

                 2. That contributions required to maintain a fully funded pension
Page 4.33           plan be shared equally by the plan members and the employer.
               E.       Plan Changes

                        That the following principles be followed in pursuing improve-
                        ments to the pension plan:

                        1.     improvements shall be equitable in that they apply or are avail
                         able to a broad range of the plan members;
                        2.     improvement shall be affordable in that they can be fully
                        funded            within the established contribution rates, or within
                        increased         contribution rates acceptable to the plan member
                        3.     accrued pension for plan members and retired plan members
                         shall be protected; and
                        4.     social policy, as endorsed by the member organizations, shall
                        be           taken into consideration.

                        F.     Early Retirement/Severance Plan

                        That any early retirement/severance plan be on a non-cost basis to
                        the pension plan.

                        G.Health Benefits.

                        1. That the BC government fund the Medical Services Plan of BC for
                           retired plan members.

                        2. That Extended Health and Dental Plan benefits be provided for
                           retired plan members.

                        H.   That the administration of the Pension Plan, including services
                        and communications, be the best of any pension plan in Canada
                                                        (Directors, April 2002)

            19.13.0 Commercialism in Schools

                    The BCRTA believes that:

                    •   business partnerships should not violate the integrity of public
                          schooling or take advantage of students as a captive market;

                    •        any business/education partnership must not exploit the school
                             or the student for material, ideological, or other advantage, and it
                             must have a positive impact on a student’s school and personal

                    •        corporate logos should not appear in any educational materials
                             or school buildings and grounds; and

Page 4.34           •        resources provided by education/business partnerships should
                             complement, not replace, public funding for education.
               The BCRTA urge the federal government not to include any aspect
               education in the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS).
                                             (Directors, April 2002)
               19.14.0 Privatization of BC Hydro

                    The BCRTA supports:

                    a)     publicly-owned and administered electric power facili
                           ties as the most effective way to develop, control and
                           distribute electric power in British Columbia, and there
                           fore opposes privatization or deregulation of BC Hydro
                           or transmission lines;

                    b)     continuous review of BC Hydro to improve its structure,
                           operation and/or administration, believing that this can
                           be done effectively without the introduction of more
                           private for-profit elements;

                    c)     policies and actions which enhance BC Hydro’s ability to
                           provide the lowest-cost energy consistent with environ
                           mental sustainability and meeting the social needs of the
                           public as a whole;

                         d) strongly opposes any elements of legislation, regulation
                            or policy which could have the effect of diminishing that

                         e) strongly opposes any further creation or expansion of
                            private for-profit facilities unless they satisfy a public
                            process of needs analysis, environmental and social
                            impact analysis; and

                         f) calls for a public referendum on any government plan to
                            change the ownership structure or price regulation of
                            BC’s publicly-owned electric utility.
                                              (Directors, April 2002)

            19.15.0 Branch Resolutions to the AGM

               1. Branches shall have the right to submit resolutions to the AGM.

               2.        A Branch resolution must be submitted to the BCRTA office not
                         later than August 15.

               3.        Branch resolutions shall be placed on the proposed AGM
                         Agenda by the President.

Page 4.35    4.     A Branch resolution may be submitted by the Branch Executive
                    Committee or as a result of a motion at a Branch General
                  5.     Branch resolutions shall not call for reaffirmation of present
                         policies or procedures.

                  6.     Resolutions which seek to amend the BCRTA Constitution and
                         or Bylaws must be received in the BCRTA office not later than
                         July 1st.

                   7.      Resolutions should be accompanied by supporting argument(s)
                           and evidence (including any financial implications).

                  8.     The adoption by the AGM of a resolution does not imply adop
                         tion of any supporting material.        Directors, April 2001)


            1.1  To invest surplus funds and any special funds of the Association, sub-
                 ject to the approval of the Directors, as follows:

                   a)      At least 50 percent of the funds to be invested in Guaranteed
                           Investment Certificates, Term Deposits and/or Treasury Bill
                           Accounts, and
                   b)      No more than 50 percent of the funds shall be invested in ve-
                           hicles which qualify for RRSP investment purposes.

            SECTION 2 – GOVERNANCE

            Governing Principles

            2.1    The investment management of the investment account will at all times

                   comply with BCRTA Policy, the BC Trustee Act, the BC Society Act and

                   any other applicable legislation.

            2.2    External resources for the operation and management of the investment

                   account’s investments may be used when the use of such resources is

                   warranted and cost effective.

            Responsibilities for Investments

            2.3    The Directors of the BCRTA have the responsibility for the investment

                   of the fund, pursuant to Part 10 (51 & 52) and Part 11 (54 & 55) of the

                   BCRTA Constitution that states “
Page 4.36          51.     Funds of the Association shall be deposited in accounts of the Association
                           at any chartered Canadian bank, credit union or trust company.

                  52.      All withdrawals, transfers, redemptions and investment of funds

                           shall require the signature of two Signing Officers.

                  54.      The Association shall administer special funds called the Operating,

                           Reserve, and Capital Funds: and, by resolution of an Annual Gen-

                           eral Meeting, may create other special funds.

                  55. The regulations governing the operation and administration of all special

                        funds shall be determined by the Directors.

            2.5   Under Part 11 (54) of the Constitution, the Directors can delegate

                  certain investment responsibilities for the investment account to the

                  Finance Committee. The responsibilities of the Committee for the

                  investment account are set out in the Terms of Reference of the

                  Finance Committee.

            2.6   Under Part 5, 5.5.4 of the Bylaws, the Directors can delegate certain

                  responsibilities for the investment account to the Treasurer.

            2.7   The Directors’ responsibilities in connection with the investment

                  account include:

                  a)       appointing a sub-Committee composed of three (3) members

                           of the Finance Committee with the Treasurer as Chair;

                  b)       giving annual approval of the investment account policy;

                  c)       appointing external financial investment manager(s), upon

                           the recommendation of the above committee to assist with

                           the investment of the investment account.

                  d)       receiving and reviewing recommendations from the Finance

                           Committee on possible changes to the investment account

                           policy, and on the investment management and operation of

                           the investment account.

            2.8   Pursuant to its Terms of Reference, the Finance Committee’s respon-

                  sibilities include:
Page 4.37
                   a)    reviewing the investment fund policy annually;

                   b)    recommending to the Directors, the selection, termination or

                         replacement of the Investment Manager(s), consultants and

                         any other independent experts;

                   c)    reviewing the investment performance of the investment

                         account and the Investment Manager(s) semi-annually.

            2.9    The Treasurer’s responsibilities include:

                   a)    those stated in the Part 5,( 5.5.0) of the Bylaws, and the follow-

                         ing :

                         *       meeting regularly with the Investment Manager(s) to

                                 review the performance of the investment fund portfo-

                                 lio; and

                         *       providing information on significant cash flow changes

                                 to the Investment Manager(s).


            3.1.   The primary investment objective of the investment account is to

                   earn an annual rate of return that exceeds the annual rate of increase

                   in the Consumer Price Index by at least 3.0%, after deduction of

                   investment management and custodial expenses.

            3.2.   The risk objectives for the investment account are to:

                   a)     ensure that the operating costs are met, benefits will be paid,


                   b)     avoid having to increase the annual membership fee.


            4.1.   This Section describes the principles to be applied to the investment

                   management of the investment account.

            4.2    The investment account is to be invested in investments that a pru-

                   dent person would make, in accordance with Section 2.1.
Page 4.38
            4.3 The selection of investments in the investment account should be made
                  in the context of the total portfolio, with a reasonable expectation of a fair

                  return or appreciation.

            4.4 The investment objectives can best be achieved by investing in a mix of low

                  risk, diverse asset classes with varied investment characteristics.


            Investment Managers

            6.1      Except as otherwise specified, the Directors, upon the recommendation

                     of the Finance Committee, will appoint one or more external profes-

                     sional investment managers (“Investment Managers”) to manage the

                     assets of the investment account. For the purposes of this Policy, the

                     Treasurer is also considered an Investment Manager.

            6.2      The Directors, upon the recommendation of the Finance Committee,

                     shall develop an Investment Policy. The Investment

                    Management Structure shall be attached to the Policy as Appendix 1.

            6.3      The selection of an external Investment Manager will be made in a

                     prudent manner, applying fair and reasonable identification, evaluation

                     and selection standards for a potential Investment Manager.

                     The selection shall take into account the following criteria:


                             a.     relevant experience and expertise

                             b.     suitability of investment style

                             c.     investment performance record, including consistency of

                                    performance and risk


                             d.     structure of the organization

                             e.     turnover of personnel

                             f.     capacity and servicing capabilities

                             g.     fees

Page 4.39
            6.4   An Investment Manager, in performing his/her duties, shall: exercise

                  the care, diligence and skill of a prudent investment counselor and shall

                  at all times act on a basis that is both fair and reasonable;

                     a)    adhere at all times to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Pro-

                          fessional Conduct adopted by the CFA Institute and to the inter-

                          nal conduct guidelines established by the Investment Manager;

                     b)    manage the investment account in accordance with the terms of

                          its Investment Management Agreement with the BCRTA, its

                          Investment Management Mandate and the specific guidelines set

                          out herein.

            6.5   The responsibilities set out for an Investment Manager in the Invest-

                  ment Management Mandate shall also apply to any sub-advisors re-

                  tained by the Investment Manager,

            6.6   Each Investment Manager shall be responsible for choosing brokers to

                  execute transactions in the best interests of the investment account.

            6.7   The Committee, shall monitor and review the performance of the Invest-

                  ment Managers, in accordance with Section 7, and shall recommend to

                  the Directors any changes in Investment Managers as deemed to be in

                  the best of the investment account, and the Association.


            7.1   The Treasurer shall conduct an evaluation of the performance of the

                  external Investment Managers semi-annually. Such evaluation will

                  include both quantitative and qualitative measures, including an evalu-

                  ation of the rates of return, an analysis of the areas where the Investment

                  Managers have added or subtracted value, an evaluation of the degree

                  of risk taken in the pursuit of stated objectives and an assessment of any

                  changes in each Investment Manager’s firm.

            7.2   The Finance Committee shall review the reports prepared by the Invest-
Page 4.40
                  ment Managers and by the Treasurer. It shall review:
                              a.      the investment returns of the investment account;

                              b.      the level of risk within the investment account overall;

                              c.      the acceptability of the performance of the Investment

                                      Managers and of the investment account overall;

                              d.      the economic conditions that may affect future perfor-

                                      mance of the investment account and the potential

                                      impact on the investment account;

                              e.      the recommendations made by the Treasurer for

                                      changes relating to the performance or management of

                                      the investment account. [**this needs clarification]

            Review of Policy

            7.3   The Committee shall review the Statement of Investment Policy at least

                  once each year. It shall:

                         a.        assess the Fund’s investment objectives and the impact of

                                   any changes in the investment account’s cash flow;

                         b.        examine the target rates of return for the Investment Man-

                                   agers and for the investment account overall, and deter-

                                   mine if such targets remain appropriate given the prevail-

                                   ing economic conditions;

                         c.        examine the cash flow levels, and determine the likelihood

                                   of any changes in those levels and their impact, given the

                                   prevailing economic conditions;

                         d.        consider the impact of any changes in legislation.

            6.3   The selection of an external Investment Manager will be
                  made in a prudent manner, applying fair and reasonable iden-

Page 4.41
            19.17.0    HEALTH CARE
                                 BCRTA POSITION PAPER

                  The British Columbia Retired Teachers’ Association is an organization of
            retired educators who formed an association to speak with one voice about their
            common interests and concerns. One such major concern is Health Care for
                  The BCRTA made a submission to the Romanow Commission on Health
            Care in November 200l. It strongly supported the final recommendations of the
            Royal Commission and felt that they should be        implemented as soon as
            possible. The implementation has not occurred.
                  The Advocacy Committee of the BCRTA has developed a position paper to
            reflect the common       concerns and issues the membership has with health care
            in B.C.
                  The BCRTA will continue to advocate for the restoration of quality health
            care services for retired teachers and seniors. The following issues for health care
            in B.C. are:

            The BCRTA believes that:
                 ~     Care is a continuum that includes home support for independent
                       living, primary and acute care, assisted living, long term and end
                       of life care.
                 ~     Care must be timely and affordable, including travel subsidies
                       from remote/rural       areas, and as close as possible to where the
                       senior lives.
            Therefore: There must be an increase in the number of long term care beds,
                       including intermediate and extended care beds.
                       There must be an increase in the level of home care and home
            The BCRTA believes that:
                 ~     All federal transfer payments for health must be targeted for
                       health rather than going to general revenue.
                 ~     Public input at the local/community level is essential in any aspect
                       of health care service.
            Therefore: There must be transparency in federal, provincial and health
                       authority spending on health care costs.
                       There must be annual, independent, audited statements by the
                       Auditor General.
            QUALITY OF CARE
            The BCRTA believes that:
                 ~     Every individual should be guaranteed quality health care.
            Therefore: The number of health care personnel must be increased to provide
                       home support/care as well as acute care.
                       Wait lists must be reduced.
                       All government funding for private health care must be reversed.
                       Respite service for in-home support workers/family, and end of
Page 4.42              life care must be provided.
                       The Fair Pharmacare program must be eliminated.
            The BCRTA believes that:
                 ~     Physical, and social well-being is a critical part of a healthy
            Therefore: Preventative programs focused on physical, social and mental well
                       being, must be available at the local level. There must also be an
                       increase in mental health services at this level.
                       There must be an increase in services for people with disabilities.

            19.18.0   Auto Insurance
                 The BCRTA calls for:
                      a.   BC public ownership, control and administration of auto
                      b.   Universal compulsory coverage;
                      c.   Nondiscriminatory rates, based on the individual driver’s
                           record, not on age, sex, marital status;
                      d.   Public accountability through government and public advisory
                      e.   Investments to be made in projects which reduce the accident
                      f.   Maintenance of ICBC’s role in the optional insurance area.

            The BCRTA opposes expansion of private “competition” in auto insurance
                 a.  private insurance systems tend to develop features such as:
                     i.    costliness, because of duplicated and competitive business
                           expenses and the pressure for increased profits;
                     ii.   diversion of surplus or investment income away from the
                           public, and into private corporations;
                     iii   transfer of money from BC to corporations based elsewhere,
                           including many foreign companies;
                     iv    excessively high rates;
                     v     discriminatory rate-setting based on age, sex, marital status,
                           and postal code, not on an individual’s driving record;
                     vi    absence of accountability and control by the public;
                     vii problems with uninsured drivers (eg police in Ontario estimate
                           anywhere between eight and thirty percent of motorists drive
                     viii possible cancellation of policies unilaterally, and without notice;
                     ix    little public power to rectify any flaws in the system, unfair
                           operating or administration;
                     x     opportunity and incentive for collusion between companies.

                 b.    international agreements such as FTAA and NAFTA and the WTO
                       rules could prevent any return to the public system.
                                                                     (Dir. Mtg. April 2002)
            19.19.0    Expense Vouchers
                       The BCRTA expense voucher items will be paralleled with the rates
                       paid by the BCTF effective July 1, 2004       (Dir Mtg March 2004)
Page 4.43
            19.20.0      Request for Donation “In Kind”

            The business of the office and the staff of the BCRTA is to perform the work
            which derives from actions to serve the Mission Statement of the Association, and
            from the work of the Directors and the Standing/Ad Hoc committees.

            PROBLEM:       From time to time the BCRTA receives requests from its Branches
            and from kindred organizations for unpaid assistance with:

                  *       Organization;
                  *       Registration;
                  *       Clerical assistance;
                  *       Photocopying and collating;
                  *       Mailing etc.
            In essence   the requests ask for “donations in kind”.

            The BCRTA would like to assist for the foregoing requests for “donations in kind”
            provided that such assistance does not:
                 *     Inconvenience or limit the day to day work of the Association.
                 *     Incur overtime charges or “donated labour pressure” on the office
                 *     Create a conflict within the Office Administrator’s and/or the
                       Administrative Assistant’s job descriptions, and further, provided that

                         *the assistance has the full support of both the Office Administrator
                         and the President/Directors;

                         *Is defensible because there is clear linkage and a common purpose
                         between the mission of the association and the mission/purposes of
                         the requesting organization.

            Notwithstanding, the intent of the foregoing is that the Association reserve the
            unfettered right to deny such requests without explanation.

            19.21.0      Branch Requests to the Provincial Office            (dir mtg. march09)

            1.   Branch requests to the Provincial Office for labels, lists etc, must be received
                 3-5 business days prior to when the information is required by the Branch.

            2.   The BCRTA office staff is an information source for Branch Presidents and
                 members, but there are not responsible for keeping a record of branch
                 activities nor are they expected to complete secretarial duties for the Branch

            19.22.0      Committee Members attendance at AGM

            Whe a committee member is asked to help out on Delegates’ Day he or she will be
            invited to attend the AGM at BCRTA expense.

Page 4.44