F. Procumbens Wirral (Breary 1996) Variegated form of Procumbens by Noodlezs


									Hardy Varieties continued
David *                  (Wood 1949) Single, S cerise, C rich purple. Low growing but bushy, small single flowers.
Display                  (Smith 1881) Single, S deep rose pink, C deep cerise pink. Bell Shaped. Excellent show hardy. 4ft.
Dollar Princess          (Lemoine 1912) Double, S cerise. C deep purple, a real eye catcher in the garden. 18 – 22”.
Dorothy Hanley *         (Carless 1997) semi-double. S dark red/aubergine, C dark aubergine. 2ft 6”.
Edith *                 (Brown 1980) Semi double, S rose, C lilac. 3ft or more.
Eva Boerg *              (Yorke 1943) Single/semi-double. Bush or trailer. S pinkish-white, C pinkish-purple. 18”.
Flash                    (Hazard and Hazard 1930) Single, S magenta. C light red, vigorous. Grows to 3ft.
Foxgrove Wood            (Stiff 1993) Single, S bright pink. C soft lilac pink, vigorous grower. 3 – 4 ft.
Fred Hansford            (Hansford) Semi double. S deep rose. C violet. Variegated sport of Margaret.
F. Mag Alba              (syn. F. Molinae) Single, S white. C pale lilac pink, pretty dainty flowers freely produced, very hardy.
F. Mag Aurea             (Unknown) Single, S Red, C purple, Long thin flowers. Foliage bright golden yellow.
F. Mag Riccartonii       (Young 1930) Single, original red and purple hedging fuchsia, a good specimen bush, very hardy. 4–5 ft.
F. Mag Variegata         Single, S red, C petals purple. Foliage pale green, cream-edged and has a red hue. 18”.               .
Garden News              (Handley 1978) Double, S rose pink, C bright pink, free flowering, strong grower. Grows to 2 ft.
Genii                    (Reiter 1951) Single, S red, C rich violet, gold foliage. Grows to 2 ft.
Graf Witte *             (Lemoine 1899) Single, S bright red, C violet. Yellow tingle to foliage and crimson veining. 24-36”.
Grumpy *                 (Tabraham 1974) Single, S deep pink, C navy blue. Small flowers, but profuse. 9-12”.
Hawkshead                (Travis1973) Single, S white flushed green, C white, lots of small flowers, hardy as you like!
Heidi Ann               (Smith 1969) Double, S rose, C lilac.
Lady Thumb               (Roe 1966) Double, S red, C white, small flowers, dwarf growth. Grows to 12-18”.
Lottie Hobbie            (Edwards 1839) Encliandra single, S light crimson, C light purple, train around any shape. 12-18”.
Margaret                (Wood 1937) semi double, S carmine, C violet. 4ft.
Margaret Brown *         (Wood 1949) Single, S rosy pink, C light rose. Superb for the hardy border. 24-36”
Mrs Popple               (Elliott 1899) Single, S scarlet, C purple violet, up to 3ft for a hedge.
Nicola Jane             (Dawson 1959) Double, S cerise pink, C pink. Height 12” – 18”.
Phyllis                  (Brown 1938) Single, S rosy red, C deeper shade of rosy red. Tall and vigorous, 4ft.
Pixie *                  (Russell 1960) Single, S short carmine, C mauve/ purple. Yellow-green foliage, reddish veining. 24-30”.
Prosperity               (Gadsby 1974) Double, S crimson, C pale pink flushed and veined rose red, grows up to 3ft.
Rememberance             (Gubler 1995) Semi-double, S Rose, C pale pink veined rose. 4ft.
Rose of Castile          (Banks 1855) Single, S white, C purple pink. Free flowering, excellent hardy. Grows to 2` 6”.
Rufus *                  (Nelson 1952) Single, S and C bright red. Excellent for the hardy border 24-30”.
Snowcap                  (Henderson 1880) Double, S bright red. C pure white, very free. Grows to 2`6”.
Son of Thumb             (Gubler 1978) Single, S cerise, C lilac pink, bushy dwarf growth. 12-18”.
Tom Thumb                (Baudinat 1850) Single, S carmine, C mauve veins carmine. Small flowers, suitable for rockeries. 12-18”.
Tennessee Waltz (Walker and Jones 1950) S Double, S pink, C lavender lilac splashed pink.
Tricolor        (Potney 1840) Single, S Red, C Purple. Grows to 4ft or more.
Waldfee                  (Travis 1973) Single Encliandra. Small pink flowers, small foliage, willowy growth good for Bonsai.
Wharfdale                (Unknown) Single, S pale pink, C purple, attractive bushy growth. Grows to 2`6”.
Whiteknight’s Pearl      (Wright 1980) Single, S pale pink small green tips, C Pink with roundish Petals. Upright tall growth.

                                                   Triphylla Types/ Species
Arborescens *                (Sims 1826) Bush, very small lilac blooms, foliage large. Know as the lilac Fuchsia.
Billy Green                   (Hopwood 1966) Single, S and C salmon pink.
Boliviana *                   (Carr 1882) Single, S and C light red to deep crimson. Foliage very large mid to dark green hairy leaves.
Boliviana alba *              (Lamark 1768) Single, S white, C light red to deep crimson. Climbing bush, foliage as above.
Coccinea *                    (Kew Gardens 1789) Hardy bush. S red, C violet and purple. Foliage dark green. 3ft.
Coralle                       (Bonstedt 1905) Single, S and C salmon orange.
Denticulata *                 (Ruiz/Pavon 1802) Single bush, S green, pink tipped, C red. Very large, dark green foliage.
F. Fulgens gesneriana *       (unknown) Single, S pale red/green tips, C small, red. Very large foliage. Upward vigorous growth.
F. Glazioviana                (Berry 199?) Single species, S deep pink, C violet. Short jointed strong spreading growth.
F. Procumbens                 (Cunningham 1834) Single, S green tipped purple, C small yellow, large red plums, good rockery plant.
F. Procumbens Wirral        (Breary 1996) Variegated form of Procumbens, flowers the same as parent.
F. Speciosa *                 (Unknown) S dull red, C vermillion. Large olive green foliage.
F. Splendens *                (Unknown) S green/reddish, C green. Growth is upright and bushy. Stems and branches greenish/red.
Insulinde                     (de Graaff 1991) Single, S and C red/ orange
Mary                          (Bonstedt 1894) Single, lovely scarlet long tube flower, dark green foliage.
Orient Express *              (Unknown) S pastel pink, C rose pink. Bush.
Space Shuttle *               (de Graaff 1985) Single, S red/crimson, yellow/green tips. C pale yellow/ orange. Flowers whole year.
Stella Ann *                  (Dunnett 1974) S coral tipped with green, C Indian orange. Large leaves with serrated edging.
Thalia                        (Bonstedt 1905) Single, S and C orange. Dark Foliage.
Trumpeter *                   (Reiter 1946) Trailer, S and C pale geranium. Foliage bluish-green, good for baskets.

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